Herb - just another roleplaying enthusiast :)


Oct 5, 2019
Goslar, Germany, Good old Europe
My name is Herbert ("Herb"), I am a 55 years aged, living near Goslar in the middle of Germany, being a retired software engineer and spending a lot of time online. With role playing for about ten years, in real life a switch between genders and roles, history fan from picky/pedantic to pure fantasy, loving building of worlds, but also short (and dirty) stories. I am not as fast with writing (if I want to create elaborated posts), but can deliver more then a sentence * smile. Liveng in a family of four generations, I love to be out to the woods with our dogs (a black short-haired dachshound and a sheepdog lady, who is the boss). Another kind of world building I is another hobby of mine - creation of virtual worlds around model railways.

That's it, folks. I am curious to meet interesting people and their characters in amazing, thrilling, or horrible and dangerous worlds of fantasy. I was told to create a request thread - and will do so soon. At present I am a little overload by all the stuff presented here and reading :)


PS.: My avatar is taken from a picture of the artist Frans Hals - "Portrait of a Man in a Slouch Hat", created around 1660
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