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Jun 8, 2019
I'm Syrchalis and I'm from House Eros,

Currently I am in my mid twenties, I've been roleplaying since I was very young and I still do so regularly. It takes less and less of a role in my life but I'm not ready to give up on it entirely, simply due to the things I like. While I tried doing SFW roleplays I didn't really enjoy those, as there is simply better ways to live out that particular way of roleplay, especially for a gamer like me.

My characters tend to be male, but are not exclusively so. Sometimes I just want to portray a specific canon character or a female serves the plot better. Either way, my roleplays usually involve at least one male. I tried F/F before but it isn't for me. Roleplays with more than one other person are also something I had little success with. It's hard enough to find a single long-term partner, let alone two.

I'm very much into dragons, so roleplay is my only way to really enjoy that on a personal level. There is more than enough porn, but as I hinted at, that's not something personal. I tend to get dragged into the furry community due to that, but I have trouble really connecting with anyone there, as people are just a little too weird for me - I don't judge, and the kinks and stuff I encounter are no problem, but I mean weird as in "socially awkward", some are outright autistic and while I myself am not a great example of the opposite, minus and minus does not equal plus in every case. I rather need open, social people as my environment to encourage me out of my room.

Anyways, I'm here for smutty NSFW roleplays and to have some dragons jump on me and train me. I'm very submissive and I can't dom at all, it makes me laugh and giggle, which kills all arousal. Since I've been roleplay for way over 10 years I've also grown to enjoy a lot of kinks, including some more extreme.
Not open for further replies.
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