Hi all!


Oct 24, 2019
I'm excited to meet you all. I understand anonymity is the name of the game here, so I'll keep this general. I am a male from Scotland.... And I am not ginger. Damn, gave myself away there xD I'm a pretty laid back guy to my friends but what they don't know, or probably do but are too polite to mention (they're British, you must excuse them), is that I have a well of creativity that bubbles just under the surface of my relaxed demeanour threatening to ejaculate forth in a mighty sea of... Umm, creativity? I apologise for that whole sentence by the way. There were several crimes committed against the English language. So, without further ado, let's change the subject!

I roleplayed rather prolifically for about seven years; however, work and college got the best of me and I had to put it on hiatus. It's been brutal. I've for both SFW and NSFW sites before but I'll admit to having mostly wrote for SFW sites that run the gambit from fandom-based to original works. However, I've been reading erotic stories for far longer than this and, with a few changes at work recently, I've got some actual free time. I want to give erotic roleplaying a real shot. I haven't quite made a K-List yet as that requires a good hard think but notably, I prefer to play straight males in erotic scenes. I guess that would be my main category. To further narrow it down I would say I'm looking for mostly Dom roles with no preference as to consensuality. I have to have a real think about the mix of smut to story for, as I mentioned previous, my main experience lies in writing SFW. I think I'll need to feel my way around this one to see how I would prefer it. Please be gentle with me!

In my heyday I averaged 1,000 words per post but honestly, I might need a little time to get back into the swing or when I tap this dam you might not be able to stop me. Apologies in the latter case. My schedule puts me comfortably in the range of one post per two days minimum. Obviously, some days will be far better than this and occasionally I might need to duck out for three or four days. I believe in a three-day warning. If I foresee, I might not be able to reply for three consecutive days I will PM you ahead of time. Don't worry, this won't be often.

Oh, wow, this post is a little all over the post. Try not to judge me by this 2am post. I'd just like to say once again: hey, nice to meet you!

PS What is the difference between the NSFW Creative Writing and NSFW Roleplays section? I thought at first the creative writing section was for short stories by one author but I have seen a few threads with multiple authors. I'm curious.


Jan 4, 2019
Welcome! And to answer your last question, I feel creative is for stories, but some people have made RPs there as well for some reason. There isn’t a set of rules saying only stories go there, so it’s whatever. :)
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