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May 15, 2019
Hello I'm Shaz, I've been a long time roleplayer on various sites and I'm looking to to make another expansion of my writing practice here. I had been on house Eros briefly, though I will admit I was a horribly inactive and somewhat flacky at time there. I intend to fix that this time around by trying to stay more in contact with any of my fellow roleplayers, probably through discord.

As for me as of this writing I am 27 years old with an ongoing fascination with fantasy settings, and I've been a regular player on the pathfinder/dnd scene (though I've recently started branching into exalted) that said though I'm open to anything. If I'm really interested in a roleplay I can get somewhat wrapped up in the world building so anyone joining me be ready to get dragged down the rabbit's hole with me. 😉

All in all I am looking to have fun here and hope to get to know all of you to some degree soon!

Sky Reed

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Jan 1, 2019
Under Your Bed
Welcome to the forum. There is a search thread where you can broaden your search for partners, there are two sections the SFW and NSFW, you can chat up with your partners and find the right one who is into the same thing as you are. Hope you have fun on your stay here. Welcome again!
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