Hierarchy, Slavery, Laws & Citizenship

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May 9, 2019
Terahearts and Cerabuhm Purebloods - Stand at the very top in power. Although presently the reigning Emperor is of the Teraheart bloodline. Teraheart heirs and those of Cerabhumn purebloods traditionally rule large territories of their own. Still all pay homage to the Emperor.
Demons - Demons are on top of all social ladders, unless something may force them into a lesser degree of lifestyle(slavery.) Some demons are blessed to rule areas as well, but these areas are often divisions underneath that of a Teraheart or Cerabuhm Pureblood.
Half-Demons - Half demons are usually on the bottom of the demon bloodlines totem pole of hierarchy. They are still more important than lesser races and aren't much of a rarity given the various inter-species breeding among demons and the other races. The only significant difference that would make a half-demon more important than a common demon is if their bloodlines is of one of the Terahearts or offspring to a Cerahubm tribal leader.

Orcs - Within the Horde, the orcs come first before all other species. They are also the second considerably largest force in number. They still bend the knee out of fear from the power of demons along with many others beneath them in rank. Some Orc Chieftains reign over lesser lands under that of a minor demon.
Ogres - These dumb brutes come next, they are few in number, although their sheer strength is more than enough to command respect from many races.
Trolls - Next in line given it is the third largest force within the horde, plus the value of their regenerative capabilities and endurance makes them a prized asset.
Half Ogres - Sometimes smarter than the average ogre, these creatures have been the results of many breeding; often that of unfortunate captives that may become impregnated them. Their strength is still above that of an orc and given their smaller faction, they still possess plenty of authority.
Gnolls -The hounds, these tribal beasts are treated as they are, animals to use to hunt and track prey. Their only use is that, although they are still treated far better than the next species down the list.
Half Trolls and Half Orcs -The bastards of the horde, unless they are blessed with demon blood, they will hold little to no respect. The only regard for them that they are next to better than that of the lowly goblins.
Goblins - The riffraff of the horde, these stupid creatures are on the bottom of the food chain, just slightly better than known slaves. Their only asset is their large numbers, easily capable of overshadowing the horde as a whole; however, their combative abilities and physique is a weakness in itself. The only threat they may possess is if they swarm and thus many are used a suicidal pawns in war.

These races are treated as outsiders, though they may hold positions of power as masters/mistresses themselves, the Horde will never fully acknowledge them.
Fallen - Placeholder
Drow - Those that are not enslaved are that of former slaves or lesser creatures of their people. Now many men within Drow society possess power along with lesser priestesses that may of sought an opportunity with the prior invasions.
Barbarians/Amazonians - The primitive human races that may of recognized the power of the invading forces and quickly decided to bend the knee instead of facing a fate that many other species endured.
Vampires - The undead, many have followed their masters and now either serve under them or became individuals with pets of their own.
Dullahan - Placeholder
Wolfmen - What of those that did join the horde hold little power, few are masters or mistresses.
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May 9, 2019
Ranking and Titles - Terahearts


The ruler of the world. Presently Xaiver Teraheart(ill/death bed.)
Second highest sovereign rank. These are the individuals that rule over various heads of states/realms. They are also Teraheart bloodlines, Xaiver's 'children.'
Heirs to whatever realms of the Kings/Queens. They are also naturally the 'grandchildren,' of Xaiver.
A member of nobility, these are usually relatives to whatever reigning Kings/Queens.
Lords and Ladies responsible for guarding border areas, known as "marches." These roles are generally appointed by distant, descendant, Teraheart bloodlines.
The highest title attainable by an nobleman who was not of royal blood; usually by that of those who had pledge and proved service to merit them bestowed land and prestige.
Viscount/Viscountess are either lieutenants/deputies of a Count/ess or that of those that may naturally inherit Count/Countess rank or that of Marquess/Marchioness title as heirs.
One of a class of tenants holding his/her rights and title by military or other honorable service directly from a royal nobility.
The holder of a rank of honor below a baron and above a knight.


Knight (Sir/Dame)

Mounted warriors that pledge themselves as vassals to a leading sovereign in exchange for land.
A person entitled to bear heraldic arms, Individuals who serve a knight.
Those who are not members of the nobility but are entitled to a coat of arms, especially those owning large tracts of land. Upper class citizens.
The wealthiest class of peasant, they usually cultivated 20-40 acres of land, often in isolated strips.
Small Holder
Middle class peasant, farming 10-20 acres of land.
Peasant of lower status who owned a cottage and little or no land.
Lowest class of people. A person who has a right in or over common land jointly with another or others.
Farm laborers of low social rank.
Individuals who have no rights.
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May 9, 2019
Ranking and Titles - Cerabuhm Tribe
Tribal Leaders
Warlord & Warmaiden

The primary leaders of the Cerabuhm Tribe. They also act as the generals.
Guardians oversee border protection and serve as leaders over a brigade of troops.
Warmaster & Warmistress
The battalion leaders, they possess large amounts of territory and had actively lead their troops during times of conquest.
War Chieftain:
Individuals who lead companies. Their purposes vary and usually they are sent out by the Warmaster/mistress for raiding goals.
Chieftains rule over a platoon of units.
War Leader
Squad leaders, they have a few troops and the majority of them make up the ranks of the rest of the military.



Beings who are believe to be able to communicate with the God/Desses. They also are experienced in medicine and healing which makes them more valuable.
Famed fighters who earned their title through grand feats of prowess. It isn't rare to see Champions serving as personal bodyguards to the higher tiers of military leaders. Some even become Warmasters and Warmaidens.
Individuals who excel through the chaos of battle. They often are promoted as the Chieftains and War Chieftains in the military.
The seasoned fighters who earned their rank through battles. They commonly are War Leaders as well.
The lowest of the class of soldiers, often seen as 'fresh' meat.
The more 'witty' individuals who serve as negotiable tact in dealing with outside forces. Most of which have little or no combat experience, making them an easily disposable aspect and 'reasoning' to wage war.
Individuals that excel in the training and/or capturing of others and breaking them into 'faithful' slaves.
Usually the main groups to gather and secure food.
Individuals who are often used to gather information, be it from lays of the land, to enemy troops or camps, to valuable minerals and just about anything of importance.
Often seen as the 'weak' free individuals. They make their ends meet by labor.
Slaves have no rights.
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May 9, 2019

Master/Mistress Races:
Horde Species
Barbarians / Amazonians

Slave Races:

All really.
Demons (Restricted, should be sensible why they are enslaved.)

Slave Types:

Arena: Those used in the arena solely for entertainment.
Personal: Various creatures that are sold to an owner( or owners assuming if couple buys slave,) and thus the sole property of that/those individual(s.)
Public: Slaves that possess public use, meaning any one within rank is free to make use of their bodies and they belong to no one. They are not free however and killing them or disfiguring them is often considered a crime. These are individuals commonly made sport of for the less fortunate to be able to afford a slave of their own and a means to keep morale usually of soldiers up and sometimes to award the service of common working citizens.
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May 9, 2019

Demon Laws
Demon Laws are universal rules primary established between the two treaty agreeing factions. These laws are absolute to ensure the peace and reign of the Empire. Sovereigns and other rulers may have their own core set rules and laws as well where they are residing, but they still must include the core fundamentals of the created Demon Law. Those who are accused of crimes are brought to trial, though different cultures may have different rules of proving innocence. Also, despite such laws, it is possible for those of higher status to often get away with crimes targeting the lesser beings in society, normally those of the actual citizens. Severity and punishment of offenses also vary, mostly on the scales of how important and unimportant the victim is in question compared to the accused. (Bare in mind these are merely in character laws that come second to the actual OOC laws. )

Punishable offenses vary; mainly execution, imprisonment, rank drop, or even exile.
I. Murder does not apply to non-citizens of the Empire.
II. Murder does not apply to a duel to the death agreed upon by two contestants(as long as there were witnesses and signed agreement to said duel.)
Punishable offense vary; mainly execution, imprisonment, rank drop, or even exile.
I. Does not apply to non-citizens of the Empire.
II. Does not apply to owned slaves.
III. Does not apply to agreed duels between individuals.
Punishable by imprisonment, rank drop, or even exile.
I. Does not apply to non-citizens of the Empire.
II. Taking someone else's slave is considered theft and not kidnapping.
Mostly subjected to imprisonment, rank drop, or exile for punishment.
I. Rape does not apply to owned slaves.
II. Rape does not apply to non-citizens of the Empire.
Imprisonment or rank drop.
I. The violation of another's property is considered theft if it was not agreed upon.
II. Theft does not apply to non-citizens of the Empire.
III. Kidnapping another individual's owned slave is also considered theft.
Rank drop offense or punishable(ironically) with imprisonment.
I. Keeping citizens of the Empire locked within an area against their will is considered imprisonment.
II. Preventing citizens their 'freedom' is also considered imprisonment and punishable if discovered.
III. Does not apply to natural criminals being punished by the law.
IV. Does not apply to non-citzens.
V. Does not apply to slaves.
Punishable by death.
I. Anyone caught plotting against the Empire, regardless of their rank will be executed if sufficient proof arises.
II. It is also considered treason to conspire against other leaders and factions subjugated under the Empire's rule.
III. Unauthorized military presence within another's territory governed by the Empire is considered an act of aggression and treason if the individual was requested to leave.
IV. If another(non demon) faction was granted immunity and its leaders found out to be conspiring, that entire faction will lose its right to citizenship and be enslaved.


Naturally all demons and their offspring would be considered citizens under the rule of the Empire, unless they done something to be completely stripped of that social status and plummet into a 'slave' or 'exile' state. For other races, obtaining citizenship varies and is not as easily to come by, especially if they were conquered by the Empire. The easiest and quickest alternative way to obtain citizenship is if another faction peacefully submits to the Empire and then they are granted immunity from being enslaved under severe guidelines. As for ways to gain citizenship.
I. It can possibly be obtained through years of service or presentation of good and valuable deeds within the Empire.
II. Rulers can automatically free and grant citizenship to people within their territory if they wish.
III. Citizenship is granted to those whose birth parent can be proven as an active citizen of the Empire.
IV. An owner of a slave can make a request to whichever sovereign to grant citizenship to their merchandise; but afterwards that individual is a free person and not obligated to serve said owner anymore.
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