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Jul 10, 2021
The Kingdom of Lucaerus and The Kingdom of Ceva have been at war for months now. Ceva finally get's the upper hand and the recently crowned King of Ceva negotiates a treaty. The King and his subjects will continue living as they always have if the king gave away his youngest son as a war prize. The two had a past of being lovers once. The prince of Lucaerus broke their relationship off worried about the responsibilities of having heirs in case anything happened to his older siblings. Furious the now king of Ceva swore to get him back one day one way or another. Now with this war he found a way. If he couldn't have him as a lover.....he'll have him as a lowly sex pet/slave.

Laws for war prizes are very strict. It dictates that should someone become a war prize they cannot wear clothes of the same manner as normal people or even most other slaves. For a prince for example who is male will never get to have a shirt. War prizes will also be barefoot so they can't get very far away from the kingdom who now owns them. For they now bare the humiliation of defeat of their kingdom they came from. More often than not at a noble party you can find war prizes wearing nothing but jewelry all over their bodies or sheer translucent loincloths. It is custom that the new owner of the war prize will put a collar of their choosing around the person's neck.

A Top is wanted. I'm pretty much up for anything except scat and vommitting and such. Anything else goes.

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