"How to Pleasure Multiple-Partners"and "Overcoming your Sexual-Turn-offs/Fears"

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Feb 8, 2019
In the same exact-classroom that Professor Jenny Hilliard teaches her "Sex toy and Devices" class, she was now suggested to combine both of her other courses into one due to her busy schedule off-campus. It was fine since she was well-enough trained and eager to spread her attention amongst two different yet-similar subjects as they could be graded together or separately.

As the clock soon struck Six-in-the-evening the shorter-half-Japanese woman who had recently turned thirty-years-old now awaits the arrival for any and all students interested in either teachings of group sex ranging from threesomes all the way up to mass orgies, as well as the desire to overcome ones sexual turn-offs or fears. She then takes a seat upon one of the many beds/mattresses located in the center of the long-rectangular room. Along the walls were the same sex-toys and machines/devices that were also used in her previous class.

Not open for further replies.
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