Straight Humon's Het Thread (both genders welcome - I will play the opposite)


Jan 3, 2019
Let's call this thread... :cool: humonsexual...


Some general factoids:

1. I am male, as my avatar implies, but I like to write both male and female characters. I like to write with both male and female partners, and my partner can write characters of whichever sex they prefer. In some cases, we could be playing many characters of both sexes, shipping them in different ways as the story progresses.

2. I marked this thread with the "Straight" tag because I prefer heterosexual pairings, but I can be convinced to write gay and lesbian and other (such as futa) pairings if the characters and story on offer are appealing enough. One thing I really don't like is effeminate men (my opinions line up with this norseman), so I will probably shoot down any request that involves characters of that type.

3. I like to use threads for my writing, as opposed to PMs or anything else. Threads are simpler, and if it's a good story, I will want to link to it in my profile, kind of like an artist's portfolio (if you don't want me to do that, please let me know!). I can usually be available once a day to write, but I might be as slow as one post per week, depending on how motivated I am, and how much time I have. I try not to let anything go more than a week without a reply, and never more than two weeks. I make the same allowances for my partners: It'd be nice to see a post once a day, but I'm fine with getting one per week, and I won't bug you about it unless two weeks have passed.

4. Story comes first, for me. I like smut, but it has to serve the story, and not the other way around. If a sex scene (or any kind of scene) doesn't make sense from the standpoint of what the characters would want in that situation, then I won't write it. I also believe that what makes or breaks a story is the strength of its characters, and so it should be the foundation of everything to have characters that are interesting and believable.

There's a guy on youtube I like to follow, named David Stewart, who makes videos about writing ("storycraft", as he calls it). I agree with everything he says on that subject, and I'll link here some videos that I particularly liked:


Many of the settings for my plot ideas are described in my world-building thread. Others may be derived from Group RPs, or fandoms, or they could just be so generic that no explanation is needed.

Below are my plot ideas, divided into two groups based on the gender of the characters I'd be playing (in the case where I'm playing multiple characters, this would be the gender of my main protagonist, if there is one, or the majority of NPCs if I'm in a GM role).

Plots where I would be playing a male character

The Dragon Prince
This plot uses World Fragment #1 (But What About Dragons) as a setting (see my world-building thread). My character is the handsome and stoic warrior prince of the mountain kingdom of Thracia, which trains dragons to be flown into battle by dragon-knights of the realm. He's in his mid-to-late 20s, as yet unmarried, although his father the king has been pressuring him to find a wife. The inspiration for this character comes from one of the Fire Emblem games.

There are two ways that this story could go:
- In one variation, based on the same Fire Emblem game, you could play MC's adopted sister, a badass dragon-riding warrior princess who was abducted as a little girl by MC's father, the king. There's a pseudo-incest sexual tension between prince and princess, as well as a fierce rivalry that one often finds between highly-competitive alphas, underneath which is strong foundation of familial love and camaraderie as fellow dragon knights of Thracia.
- The other variation is that you'd play a princess from another country, who has traveled to Thracia to attend a royal ball and be presented to MC as a potential wife. There could be all sorts of complications we could add, such as YC being forced against her will to be there, or YC being a lowborn impostor, or maybe someone with a secret vendetta against the Thracian royal house. We can talk it over in PM.

The Wizard's Estate
This plot uses World Fragment #2 (The Wizard's Estate) as a setting (see my world-building thread). My character is a middle-aged wizard named Lucas Caerth, who has been fighting and losing a war between humanity and an army of demons so powerful that only highly-trained wizards have a chance of stopping them. After a decisive defeat at the capital, Lucas was forced to teleport back to his home in the country. All central authority has fallen, and it's now every family for itself as the demons rampage across the continent.

There are two forms this story could take:
- In one version, the wizard's estate has been abandoned, except for a single elven servant who depends on the estate's arcane infrastructure to survive (see the world fragment details). This story would be something of a romance between the wizard and the elf as they try to survive the apocalypse together.
- In another version, the wizard's family and servants are still at the estate, and we would each be playing multiple characters. This version of the story would end up being some type of Walking-Dead-style drama, as conflicting personalities are forced to work together for mutual survival.

The Missing Piece
This plot centres around a synthetic raced called "Replicants" (also summarized in my world-building thread, under "Monsters and Aliens"). The story here is that a mad scientist, operating in a remote facility way off on the fringe of human-controlled space, had created a race of bio-engineered elf-like humanoids to assist with his research (kind of a similar dynamic with the elf servant in The Wizard's Estate above, but it's sci-fi this time). He made them all female and infertile, to prevent uncontrolled breeding, except for one replicant, which he made a fertile male, which was meant to be the equivalent of his son. Years ago, the authorities found out about the illegal experiments he was doing, and they raided his facility, and all of the replicants were wiped out in the ensuing battle. But the one male copy survived, and evaded capture, as the authorities were not even aware of his existence.

Much time passed, until one day a conspiracy theorist / ghost chaser / supernatural enthusiast (YC - female), is doing some research into rumours about surviving replicants, and is contacted by the surviving male, who has by this time repaired the facility's communications equipment and has hacked his way into the network of faster-than-light interstellar communication that functions as a futuristic internet. He lures her to the planet where he's trapped, and seduces her into taking him back to her home city on nearby Tau Ceti colony. From there, he escapes onto the streets, on a mission to rescue his replicant sisters who were sold to the mafia as sex slaves to fund his father's research. The rest plays out something like the Bourne series, with MC evading federal agents and knowing kung fu and everything, and YC along for the ride, possibly swearing in German a lot, and so forth.

Lair of the Incubus King
Just as described in my world-building thread (World Fragment #5). You would be playing one or more female characters (up to five) with magical powers, tasked with infiltrating the island-fortress of a powerful demon lord in order to save their home country, and possibly the entire world. Their magical powers and strength of character will be put to the test as they do battle with the Incubus King's minions and try to bring down his operation and free the women of the kingdom who have been enslaved to his will.

I will be playing all of the monsters, which are mostly male, and are mostly interested in raping and imprisoning your heroines. This is meant to be played as a dice game, for which I have a system already set up but haven't had a chance to try out. Success or failure will come down to a combination of smart decisions and the luck of the dice.

Plots where I would be playing a female character

My female plots are more focused on specific characters I want to play.

Farah's Adventures

MC = Busty redhead, athletic action girl, Lawful Good classical-liberal, age: varies between 25 and 33
YC = Could be anything really, as long as he isn't lame

Farah is a character I've been playing since 2011 in various forms, originally inspired by a smutty flash game called Furry Fury: Legend of the Twin Orbs (she's the human option, heh -- a busty redhead warrior). I started out playing her on a MUD called Ring of Power, where she became the town's only bartender, and sort of a fixture of the community. I also played a version of her on a more popular MUD called Shangrila, where she was a 14th century English knight equipped with some 19th century and futuristic weapons, and she worked as a bounty hunter. On House Eros, she was at one point a space ranger, patrolling the fringes of the galaxy. In the Pax Terrana group, she's a uniformed cop who patrols the streets of a tropical paradise metropolis called Sapphire City. In a recent D&D group, she was a level 1 paladin with a score to settle against the goblins who slaughtered her family and left her for dead.

Farah's eyes were turned to the goblins below while she listened to what everyone was saying. Her face was pallid with apprehension, especially as Wilfire suggested she should be the one to give the signal to attack. It felt like responsibility for the life and death of everyone in the group had just been dumped on Farah's shoulders, and she was so not ready for that. This was going to be her very first battle, and she had severely hoped to have better numerical odds than this. Nevertheless, she knew what had to be done, and if it meant sacrificing her life here on this field for the chance to save some innocents, then Torm willed it so. That was the essence of yuusha!
The details always vary, but in every iteration, Farah is an athletic and busty redhead in her mid-to-late 20s (or in some cases, early 30s), sometimes with fair skin like a Celt, sometimes tanned like a Greek. Her personality is someone who stands up for what's right and isn't afraid of confrontation, but ultimately wants peace; in other words, a traditional action heroine like Princess Leia or Ellen Ripley. You could probably describe it as a projection of my own male perspective into a female body, or maybe it's just a fantasy of my ideal woman. Anyways, I've had a lot of fun playing variations of her over the years, so I'd like to keep doing that.

As far as potential plots she could get into, here are some possibilities:

- In the Pax Terrana universe, on the planet of Jewel, Farah and her rich alien boyfriend Andy are sailing back from an island beach party when Andy's yacht is hit by a missile and blown to bits, throwing both of them into the water. Being a natural swimmer, Andy pulls Farah onto the nearest shore and then goes back to the wreckage to get a weapon that he had kept on board the boat in a locked box. However, a shuttle swoops in while he's out there and he's taken prisoner, leaving Farah alone on some island beach, wearing only a bikini and a red hawaiian shirt, being hunted all over the island by a bunch of mercenaries who are guard a secret illegal facility. Essentially, this is Far Cry, but with a female protagonist and a male supporting character.

- Likewise, if you want to join the Pax Terrana group and get involved in her police adventures, that would also be cool. The group always needs more members, and I'm always ready to go bust some scumbags.

- Another possibility is a bit of FxF, using the space ranger variant, where she and her female sidekick travel around the galaxy and get into adventures in the style of Xena: Warrior Princess. Only this would be Farah: Space Ranger.

- As a fantasy story, I wouldn't be opposed to bringing back Paladin Farah and continuing her quest to defeat the goblin menace (alongside a strong male fellow adventurer -- the thing about a strong woman like Farah is that you have to be even stronger to catch her interest; that's hypergamy for you, it is what it is).

Zazi's Adventures

MC = Foul-mouthed sword-swinging half-orc rogue, age: late teens to early 20s
YC = Someone who can tame her, or at least is willing to put up with her

Zazi is another action girl type of character, but much less refined, more masculine, and rather abrasive until you get to know her. She's a half-orc who grew up as an orphan on the streets of a city called The Sharn, in the Eberron Campaign Setting. The reason she sticks with me is that I played her in a D&D campaign from 2012 to 2015, over an internet forum, where she went from level 1 to level 6 while simultaneously going on a visceral personal journey from innocence to experience. I'd like to continue her adventures with a suitable partner. I've made a couple attempts here and on House Eros, which were called Thranish Leather, and The Crimson Blades, but they did not last long. So I'm looking to try again.

I can PM you her extended backstory on demand (it's quite long), but the short summary is that around the age of 18, she decided that her life as a street urchin did not have a good future, and she needed to do something better with herself. She joined an adventuring guild and spent a period of about 6 weeks taking on quests of increasing danger and difficulty, until finally she reached the point where she had gotten in over her head, and her party was nearly wiped out while fighting against a vampire (for want of a warforged tank), with one of the casualties being her boyfriend, the only man she'd ever slept with. That was where the D&D campaign ended, and the rest is up to our combined creativity. She started out as a Level 1 Rogue, and ended up a Level 5/1 Rogue/Barbarian, with a melee fighting style that uses the Spring Attack feat to make it easy for her to get into flanking position and use her Sneak Attack (or she can just Rage out and play hack-and-slash until somebody runs out of hit points).

I have a loose idea of what might have happened after that, and my plot suggestions stem from that framework:

- After her defeat, Zazi and her last remaining companion--a male elf artificer--gathered their resources and buried their friends. They spent some time in a small city close to their last battle, trying to decide what to do. Zazi knows that there is still treasure to be had in the dungeon they had been exploring, and now that the vampire was long gone, they had an opportunity to go in and loot the place. But there were still threats there, and so they needed some new allies, particularly a fighter (possibly YC). It's time to get back on the horse.

- A sequence of harrowing events and a fundamental difference of opinion leads to Zazi and her elven companion parting ways. Her friend goes south, back to The Sharn, and Zazi goes north, to a city called Flamekeep, where opportunities for adventurers abound. Because some dangerous people are after her, she needs to seek a new group of friends for her own protection. This leads her to joining a squad of vampire hunters who are looking for a scout who has darkvision. YC might be the leader of the squad, who I imagined is an older man she can learn a lot from, when it comes to slaying vampires, while also indulging in her latent daddy issues.

- For one reason or another, Zazi can't stay with the vampire hunters, and so she heads west, to the Thranish back country (the country is called Thrane), where the crown has put out a call for mercenaries to help them deal with a gang of Shifter outlaws who are terrorizing the peasantry. This was the premise of Thranish Leather, and I'd be happy to reboot the story with different characters. YC should be someone about the same level as Zazi (level 7 at this point), ideally someone who can handle melee combat, and is tough enough that when their patrol is ambushed, YC and Zazi are the only ones left alive. They build a rapport while trying to survive behind enemy lines, and once they get back to base, Zazi is very much DTF.

- Zazi's adventures continue, maybe boosting her up to level 8, and then her past catches up to her. Some bounty hunters who are looking for Zazi are able to spring a trap for her, and they take her captive and bring her back to The Sharn, where they deliver her to the employer she and her friends had failed when they got wiped by that vampire at the end of the D&D campaign. The employer had been the intelligence agency of her home country, Breland, which is called the Dark Lanterns, and this was the reason she had avoided going home. Now that they have her in their custody, they spend several months breaking her down through torture and then remaking her as a secret agent, brainwashed to be fully loyal to the Brelish Crown. YC could be the agent in charge of training and conditioning her.

- After training with the Dark Lanterns for over a year, Zazi is sent on her first field mission, as a test of her abilities and conditioning. Her task is to infiltrate her old street gang in The Sharn, pretending to be a failed adventurer down on her luck and desperate for cash. The gang is believed to be involved in smuggling illegal goods into The Sharn. Zazi's mission is to get hired as an enforcer and take part in the receiving of smuggled goods and blow up the whole operation. Of course, as things would have it, the leader of the gang is a guy Zazi always used to butt heads with when they were growing up together. He's going to make sure to take full advantage of Zazi's apparent desperation in order to utterly humiliate her as revenge for all those years that she was a pain in the ass to him growing up. And Zazi will put up with it for the sake of the mission. For King and Country. Just lie back and think of Breland.

- With her first mission being a great success, Zazi is assigned a more difficult and sensitive mission, which is to infiltrate her old adventuring guild. The guild has rebuilt itself with new members after the debacle with the vampire. Although Zazi doesn't know any of them, they've all heard stories of her exploits, and they consider her something of a legend among the guild. Zazi will use this bank of political capital to work her way into a party that's going to be doing some things for an employer that the Dark Lanterns want investigated. Zazi needs to find out what this prestigious employer is really up to, and what impact this has on Breland's national security. This one is a bit fuzzy, because it's at the end of my speculation, and so I will need help from you, my partner, to fill in the details. There is a possibility that the targeted employer discovers that Zazi's a spy, and instead of killing her, tries to convert her into a double agent by partially undoing the mental programming the Dark Lanterns had put on her. This could lead to Zazi gaining more agency and finally going rogue and making her own way in life again (which then leads her to another mercenary group called The Crimson Blades, etc)


MC = Raven-haired leather-clad vampiress, handy with a whip, apparent age ~25
YC = The scion of House Belmont, a muscle-bound vampire slayer, also handy with a whip, age: late 20s

This is a small idea I had a while back, for a story set in the Castlevania universe. Simon Belmont (or some other Belmont -- YC) has to rescue his fiancée from Dracula's Castle after she was kidnapped from his villa while he was away fighting some other undead threat. When he confronts Dracula, he is at first held back because Dracula is holding his fiancée hostage as a human shield. Lord Belmont is then ambushed from behind by a vampiress named Venica (MC) who claims to be Dracula's daughter (not literally, but she was turned a long time ago, while in her early-to-mid 20s, and she treats her relationship with Dracula as if he were her father). She talks Dracula out of killing Belmont outright, and Dracula agrees to let Venica keep Belmont as a pet, so long as she takes responsibility for him and doesn't allow him to become a threat.

The basic premise of this plot is that YC needs to keep Venica placated long enough for him to build up his strength, get his bearings, and figure out a way to escape from captivity and rescue his fiancée before Dracula does something terrible to her. Venica, of course, is well aware that YC might be trying to do exactly that, and so we will end up playing a game of cat and mouse with each other. Venica does not want to have to kill YC, since that would be such a waste of good man-meat. She also doesn't want to just drain you and turn you into a thrall, because then you'd be no different from any of her other mindless puppets, and that's no fun. Her hope is that she can break your will and mold you into her obedient minion, who retains his humanity and his masculine allure, but lives only to satisfy his mistress. Your job is to keep stringing her along until she makes a mistake. You need to please her sexually so that she remains interested in you as a plaything, otherwise she'll just execute you or turn you into another mindless thrall. You can't let her see you as too weak and spineless, or she'll decide it's not even worth trying to preserve your humanity, and she'll just enthrall you. You also can't be too disloyal or violate her trust, or else she'll decide it's not worth the risk allowing you to stay human, and she'll just enthrall you.

So you need to balance those three constraints, all while the clock is ticking to the blood moon event where Dracula plans to force your fiancée to become his undead bride for eternity.

Some examples of femdom situations I had in mind were things like forcing YC to compete with another male minion of hers to win Venica's affection and respect; being punished severely for refusing (or failing) to sexually satisfy Venica; being forced to rape and deflower another prisoner of the dungeon who happens to be either your little sister or your best friend / apprentice, and if you refuse, you will have to watch while your rival does the deed; trying to gain the trust and support of Venica's maidservant in assisting with your escape, without spooking her or spurning her so much that she rats you out to her mistress.

Gha'alian Rhapsody

MC = A human from buttfuck nowhere who by accident consumes a great supernatural power and fuses with it; age: mid-20s
YC = One or more (fandom canon) elves of the militaristic nation of Gha'alia, which is seeks to use MC's power for geopolitical gain

This is based on a recently released Ren'Py otome VN called Ebon Light, which is one of the rare few visual novels out there to actually impress me with its writing and player choice. The story involves a powerful ancient relic--the preserved bone marrow of an ancient magical creature--falling into the hands of a human scavenger in a secluded coastal village, who accidentally drinks it in her tea. She is soon captured by a crew of elves from the island nation of Gha'alia who were seeking the ancient marrow, and when they find out that the heroine drank it, they bring her back to Gha'alia to study the effects it has on her. But cloak-and-dagger politics between rival factions puts a wrench in everything, and soon the nation is divided over this human while she has to struggle not to get assassinated or dissected in a lab. Through it all, the heroine comes to trust and rely on a small group of friends who help her navigate this dangerous situation and grow to have some affection for her as a person, and not just a vessel for ancient magic.

In this fandom RP, I'd like to deviate a little bit from the plot as written. There is a part close to the end, where the characters are at sea, which is when the player has to make a final choice of romantic partner. I want to change how things play out following that point, and take the story in a different direction with a broader scope, including new places and characters and plot twists that we can figure out as we go. My goal is to preserve the original story, setting, and characters, but expand the scope of the plot to add more twists and turns and sex (there is no sex in this VN, by the way).

I would like my partner to play multiple characters in this one, and I can also play multiple characters in addition to the human protagonist. At minimum, I'd want you to play the five love-interest characters, or at least the one guy I want to romance (his name is Haron). Or if you want to swap out some or all of these characters with OCs (including the primary love interest), that's okay, but then I'd want to vet his looks and personality first, to make sure he'd be compatible with my heroine. I can tell you what I like about Haron if that helps, and you can use that as a template. Much of this will have to be discussed over PMs anyways, because I want to treat this with the artistic integrity that it deserves.
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Jan 3, 2019
2021 Update:

These days I'm wanting to do something in a quasi-historical medieval or dark ages setting, with possible low-fantasy elements added. In particular, I want to write a story that pays a lot of attention to weapons and armour and fighting styles from European history. For the past few years I've been watching a bunch of youtubers who talk about this stuff--Shadiversity, Skallagrim, Metatron, Scholagladiatoria, Lindybeige, Tod's Workshop--and I want to put some of this detail into practice in an adventure story.

Related to that, I've gotten back into playing that old game, Diablo 2, and I also want to do something in that universe, or a similar type of fantasy-gothic-horror setting. I've got a set of character concepts for that, listed below. If you know nothing about Diablo, that's fine, these characters work just as well in an original setting.

The bastard son of an aging king and a traveling witch. He does the family's dirty work, including sniffing out coup plots and disposing of his father's enemies. He is self-taught in dark magic, based on a collection of old arcane tomes locked away in the castle library, and using the bodies of the people he's killed to practice his spells. He is grim and ruthless, and although he generally obeys his father, he has no love for the king, always doing things for his own personal reasons.

Prince Ulric may have a female apprentice, who follows him around like a toady and concubine, in exchange for him teaching her his craft.

He also travels with three mercenary henchman who have done work for him in the past and can be trusted to be loyal to him.

Plots involving Ulric can include being sent by his father to search for a legendary artifact in an ancient ruin (or in the Rogue Monastery). Or he can be sent out to find and confront a supernatural force that threatens the kingdom, because he is the only one with the right magical skills (and is expendable enough) to do it.

~~More details TLDR~~
While the tomes that Ulric studied call this school of magic 'necromancy', because of the emphasis on manipulating dead bodies, the root of this type of magic is in the manipulation of the human body more generally. It's just an order of magnitude more easy to magically manipulate matter that is already dead, rather than still alive. The focus on the human body traces to old shamanic rituals of self-insight, where one enters a trance and experiences the decomposition of one's self down to only the skeleton, and then a careful and detailed rebuilding, cell by cell.

Ulric's use of magic began small, with spells that manipulate the effect of different poisons on the body. First, he learned to train his body to resist a variety of poisons. Then he learned how to extract and distill poisons from natural sources, and then to create them from scratch.

During his research, Ulric also learned how to summon a Homunculus, which is a small spirit that inhabits a clay statue that he carries around, and when so possessed the statue takes on the form of a tiny man with twisted monstrous features, who assists him with the preparation of his spells and rituals, and provides advice on where to direct his further research. The Homunculus can only take form when no one else is watching, which has led many to suggest that it is not even real, but only a figment of Ulric's twisted imagination.

But the greatest spell that Ulric has discovered is one that can't be dismissed as mere psychosis. Ulric can animate the dead. It turns out that a human corpse is the ideal object to animate, because it already comes with a structure and range of motion that's well optimized to moving around and carrying out tasks for the summoner. The tome that Ulric studied advises that the corpse's flesh first be removed, down to the skeleton, as muscle does not move well when blood is not flowing through it. Instead, magic energy is used to simulate muscle action, based on the genetic information found in the bones. Thus, a skeleton is made to move as if it still had flesh, though the flesh is merely simulated by magical force.

The first stage in animating a skeleton for Ulric was simply getting the bones to self-align. For this, he practiced on the bones of a would-be assassin whom Ulric had intercepted before he could carry out his regicide. After much trial and error, where the skeleton would keep collapsing into a pile or having its limbs randomly drop off, Ulric was able to make the skeleton stable enough to stand up fully.

Moving a skeleton can be done one of three ways. The simplest method is to treat the skeleton like a puppet on strings, moving each limb with your force of will. But this is also very costly, both in terms of energy and concentration. The slightly more advanced method is to displace your consciousness so that you occupy the skeleton's perspective and move its limbs as if they were your own. This can be very useful for scouting or doing very specific technical actions, but it also renders the caster immobile and helpless during the whole process.

The most advanced method, therefore, is to use magical force to recreate not only the skeleton's muscles, but its brain stem as well, which then allows it to act on its own, according to the base instincts programmed into it by its genes. This way, the skeleton acts autonomously. But this also carries a risk that the skeleton, acting on instinct, will attack the caster. So the final piece of the puzzle is for the caster to imprint a part of his own genetic code onto the skeleton at the epigenetic layer, so that the skeleton will register the caster like a family member, and thus act in cooperation with the caster's intentions.

It took many years for Ulric to reach this final stage of mastery over his craft, and many more years for him to be able to manage more than one active skeleton at a time. But now he can bind up to three of them to his will. Three seems to be the limit, though, as creating more than that seems to weaken the imprinting and create a risk that any or all of the skeletons will break the caster's control and go rogue.

The daughter and only child of a wealthy merchant in Lut Gholein. Her family's weath afforded her a world-class magical education, under the tutelage of Master Drognan. In addition to selling her services as a spellcaster, Zephira also helps the family business by occasionally leading trade caravans to foreign kingdoms and negotiating on her father's behalf. She has gotten quite used to flaunting her body and using her feminine wiles to secure better terms in a trade, and this has earned her a reputation as being a bit of a slut, in addition to being arrogant and reckless due to her family's wealth and her elite sorcery skills.

Zephira travels with a lackey named Hadi, an orphan from the streets who has been working for Zephira's father almost his whole life. His job is to watch her back and stop her from doing anything too stupid.

In addition to seducing and sometimes fucking her business partners, Zephira might find herself getting involved with her caravan driver, Warriv, who has known her for years and has always been attracted to her, despite being much older. She also has some enemies in Lut Gholein who would be happy to gain some leverage over her, including a rival merchant, Elzix, as well as her own step-brother Samir, who is also training under Drognan, and holds the conceit that he will become far more powerful than Zephira.

A freshly-anointed paladin of Zakarum. After completing his training, he was sent on a quest to travel the world for a year, doing good deeds for those he encounters, so that he may gain wisdom and humility from his experience. Elijah can appear in any region at any time, either alone or with traveling companions.

Elijah could work well with characters like Zephira above (as a love-hate relationship filled with sexual tension), or Diana below (as a budding romance based on mutual respect between warriors on the side of light). He may also encounter Zephira's long-lost mother, a rogue sorceress-turned-necromancer who has become corrupted by her magic into a reclusive sexual deviant who travels the desert robbing tombs and raising undead minions.

The eldest daughter of the Amazon Queen, and a skilled warrior with spear and javelin. Diana was ordered by her mother to a foreign land to investigate rumours of demons walking the earth. She travels with three companions: Phoebe, a loyal handmaiden who squires for her in battle; Asteria, a veteran royal guard who served the queen her whole life; and Lydia, a famous mercenary and bounty hunter hired by the queen as a wilderness guide.

~~More details TLDR~~
True to the Amazonian tradition, Diana and her entourage travel and fight on horseback. They have four good warhorses for riding into battle, and several others for transport and carrying baggage. Diana is a skilled rider, and her preferred technique is to circle her enemies while throwing javelins at them from close range. On foot, she also fights with a javelin and small shield, but she cannot carry as many spare javelins on foot as her horse can carry, and so she also carries a high quality sabre as a backup weapon. And sometimes, when she needs to be especially mobile, she has Phoebe carry her quiver of extra javelins and hand them to her one at a time.

While Phoebe is trained in combat, she is very inexperienced, being only eighteen, and so her primary role is to carry Diana's extra equipment: javelins, spare shields, spears. Phoebe is also in charge of the baggage train, and organizing all their supplies. If called into battle, Phoebe prefers the traditional fighting style of spear and shield at distance, or sword and shield in close quarters.

Asteria is a tough old warrior who stands more than six feet tall and can put many men to shame. She prefers to fight on foot, where she has more stability, and she fights with a heavy shield and spear. Being a royal guard, Asteria has trained in the use of magic to enhance her fighting techniques, and she has the ability to charge her spear thrusts with lightning energy.

Lydia is famous as an archer. She has trained her whole life to develop strong enough back muscles to draw back powerful recurve bows capable of penetrating most kinds of armour. She shoots just as well from horseback as on foot, at least at close range. Her history as a bounty hunter has required her to at different times do both; either stalking her targets stealthily in the forest, or chasing them down over open plains. She has developed a keen sense for creatures who hide in the dark, and it is very difficult to escape her notice.

In terms of personality, Diana is a smart and capable leader, but as she is still in her mid-twenties, she lacks the experience of veteran warriors like Asteria. Thus, she often accepts Asteria's counsel on matters of strategy, though she is known to reject it at times in favour of a bold and unorthodox idea. When it comes to Phoebe, she is loyal to a fault, so much so that some suspect she is secretly in love with her mistress, although Diana does not seem to be interested in women. Lydia, on the other hand, is very open and brazen in her flirting with both Diana and Phoebe, in the sort of cocky manner that one might expect from a hotshot hired gun. Diana mostly ignores Lydia's attention, while Phoebe seems to find the bounty hunter far too intimidating to deal with directly.

Kull is the chief of a northern tribe, who is on a pilgrimage to an ancient magical site. Shortly after he left, there was a coup, and his daughter Anya barely escaped with her life. She is now trying to track her father down to tell him what happened. But soon both of them will be sucked into a much bigger adventure, where Anya will need to work hard and develop her fighting skills quickly, for her father won't always be there to protect her.

I imagine Anya as a cocky lesbian domme who goes around seducing women during her travels, like a female Captain Kirk. At least, until she meets her match.

A solitary ranger. A runner of the woods. A silent hunter. I'm using Flavie as a model for a set of plots I want to do involving the rogue scouts from the Diablo universe. I've got a whole set of ideas for how the sisterhood is structured, and how they train and operate, and I want to put some of that into a story.
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Jan 3, 2019
I'm also interested in bringing back a group idea I had in 2019, but for solo play (YC is male), called The Fighting Pits of Themyscira, where you will play a Greek sailor who is captured by Amazons and forced to fight for their entertainment, with great rewards to be reaped for being a winner; but for a loser the only reward is death.

This idea takes place in the Greek Dark Ages after the Bronze Age collapse of 1170 BC, which is also shortly after the Trojan War, and many centuries before the rise of Classical empires like Persia, Macedon, and Rome. In this period, the only great empire left standing is Egypt. All through the rest of the Mediterranean and Middle East are ruined cities, mass famine, pestilence, war, and death in the wake of what used to be the Mycenaen, Hittite, Assyrian, and Babylonian empires.

Following the Bronze Age collapse, the Hittite Empire dissolved completely, and their territory in Anatolia fractured into bloody tribal warfare for several generations. One of these barbaric warlike tribes that pops up in this period is unique in that it is ruled entirely by warrior women. They call themselves Amazons, and they control a stretch of Black Sea coast and inland hills that is known today as Pontus. Up in the hills overlooking the river Thermodon is their capital city, Themyscira.

Amazons are an Iranian people, related to the Scythians from across the Black Sea, and also to the Kaska people who used to make raids on Hittite territory during the time of the empire. The Amazons are developing a novel form of war-fighting, which is to ride directly on the backs of their horses--rather than relying on complex chariots as the Hittites did. Amazons fight in this manner with bow, spear, and sword, in that order. While not all Amazon women are warriors, the ones who do take up fighting are as tall as men, and very lean and muscular. Some hardcore individuals even ritually mutilate their right breast as a sacrifice to their war goddess, so they may pull a bowstring more easily, but most prefer to keep their bodies intact, and are typically fairly flat-chested to begin with.

In this period of history, the once-great Mycenaean Empire of the Aegean Sea has also been destroyed along with the Hittites. The great palatial cities of the Peloponnese were all burned to the ground, and the Achaeans who lived in them were forced across the sea by invading Dorians from the north. Many of the Achaeans settled elsewhere along the west coast of Anatolia, and in the lands of Thrace, north of the Dardanelles and Bosphorus.

Your character will be an Achaean sailor from one of these eastern diaspora settlements; a descendant of the great men who fought alongside Achilles and Ajax and Agamemnon. In this brutal post-apocalyptic world, one must be tough to survive, and food is always an issue. Thus, your character has joined with a merchant ship that runs a route across the Black Sea to trade for grain from the Scythians in the east. But during one of these journeys, a member of the crew manages to offend Poseidon, and so the sea god sends a sudden storm to blow your ship off course and wreck it upon the rocky shores of Pontus.

(The modern Turkish city named "Amasya" in the bottom left is the site of ancient Themyscira)

While the crew works to fell new timbers to repair the ship, they are accosted by a group of Amazon riders coming down from the hills. After a day-long battle, the Greek sailors in their phalanx are slowly whittled down by the agile horse-archery of their attackers, and the phalanx is finally broken, leaving the surviving Greeks with no choice but to surrender. The survivors are taken as slaves, and marched up into the hills to Themyscira, where they will fight for their lives in the city's fighting pits for the amusement of the Amazon queen.

Fight well, and your character may live long enough to make a name for himself, earn money, improve his fighting skills, and attract the interest of some of the high ranking warriors. He may find love among the Amazons, or just a series of casual couplings. The greater his reputation as a fighter, the more desirable he will become as a sexual partner. He may even get a chance to serve the queen herself, or even be granted his freedom, if the gods will allow it; that he might return to his homeland and tell the story of what he encountered.

Fight poorly, and your character will simply die as a nameless slave, discarded over a cliff and remembered by no one. There is no place in Themyscira for weaklings.
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