I Paint Models!... Sometimes... (Definitely SFW)


Sep 8, 2020
Castle Cool Guy, named it myself!
So, one of my hobbies is building/painting miniatures, as evidenced by the picture for my profile. My stuff is pretty simple, but I've got a few pieces I'm proud of. Here's some random shots of my past stuff; the good, the bad, and the passable, hehe.


But, in the last couple of years, I've drifted farther and farther away from this dear hobby of mine. As a New Year's resolution, I'm trying to get back into it, and make some more cool works of teeny tiny art. I'm posting this partially as a means to keep myself motivated (as I feel like sharing this with people, even if no one cares, helps keep me going, hehe), but also to let my RP partners know. I'm still committed to writing awesome stories with you people, and you've all been great to write with!

... But, my free time is gonna be a little bit more squeezed for at least a few months. So, if you notice I'm taking a bit longer to get my replies back out to you cool people, well, this is probably why. Thanks in advance for being understanding, you lot are da best!

I've got a fun, goofy project in mind, and I'll post updates of it on here. So, if you care, STAY TUNED! If not?... I'm sorry.
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