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Feb 17, 2019
f-list. Please look at it. Sometimes people send me really long thought out ideas but they're based on a kink that I hate and I think we both come away feeling bad after that exchange is over.
WHAT I SEEK: I'm looking for a literate partner who can spell properly, understands grammar, and can give me enough to work with. Preferably someone who can write at least two paragraphs or more, because I think it's important to be able to put enough detail into the posts. If English is your second language just let me know ahead of time!
OTHER: Please know that I may not be able to post every day, thanks to work.

Please don't post here, send me a PM instead!
means craving
■ means like it, happy to do it
means I'm not really actively looking, but if my partner brings a good plot/character I'll be interested.

I don't have much interest in setting main era character pairings outside of Hogwarts unless I specify as such. I prefer to AU Hogwarts so that students start at 14, making it a high school + college instead of middle + high school. This allows us to start using most of the cast year 4 as that's when they'll be 18. I would prefer not to use a canonical year 7 for the golden trio because book 7 can fight me.
I haven’t seen the second Fantastic Beasts movie, but I’ve heard a whole lot of spoilers.

■ Tina Goldstein x Newt Scamander
■ Lily Evans x James Potter
■ Nymphadora Tonks x Remus Lupin
Nymphadora Tonks x Charlie Weasley
xx • Hogwarts Mystery
■ Penny Haywood x Bill Weasley
xx• Hogwarts Mystery
Penny Haywood x Talbott Winger
xx• Hogwarts Mystery
■ Fleur Delacour x Bill Weasley
■ Hermione Granger x Harry Potter
■ Hermione Granger x Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger x Draco Malfoy
xx• Not completely opposed but the pairing doesn't really do anything for me without a great plot
■ Hermione Granger x George Weasley
xx• post-Hogwarts
■ Hermione Granger x Credence Barebone
xx• 1920s setting - AU
■ Luna Lovegood x Harry Potter
Luna Lovegood x Neville Longbottom
■ Ginny Weasley x Neville Longbottom
xx• preference for it to be set in Neville's 7th year, since interesting shit is happening at Hogwarts during that time.
■ Ginny Weasley x Harry Potter
xx• thought their relationship was clunky and awkward (and not in a cute 'first romance' way) so let's make it better!
■ OC x Newt Scamander
xx• plot involving a half-veela who is exasperated by his disinterest
OC x Credence Barebone
xx• plot involving a sweet but isolated witch for a post-FB&WTFT
OC x Bill Weasley
xx• Hogwarts Mystery
OC x Talbott Winger
xx• Hogwarts Mystery. Plot incoming
■ OC x Barnaby Lee
xx• Hogwarts Mystery
OC x Remus Lupin
xx• pre-his hiring at Hogwarts or post-firing: plot involving a fiery potions maker who's looking for a shop helper
xx• open to (but not quite as enthusiastically seeking) Marauders Era

■ OC x George Weasley
xx• post-war plot involving a graduated Hogwarts students who needs to rent a room
■ OC x Fred Weasley
OC x Fred and George Weasley
xx• plot incoming - general preference for it to be post-Hogwarts, but I think they'll work when they're at school as well.
■ OC x Neville Longbottom
xx• Sort of a plot that's a little Hogwarts: A Mystery-ish, set after he's a professor
xx• just some cute shit where Neville gets a tutor

■ OC x Draco Malfoy
■ OC x Harry Potter
■ Professor x Professor
xx• I'd like to use some of the general themes of Hogwarts Mystery - a missing sibling (or friend) and MC on a quest at the school to figure out what happened. Instead of a student though, she's a professor who took the job for this very reason. I would prefer the male professor be teaching herbology, charms, care of magical creatures, or something like that because I enjoy soft smarties.
Hufflepuff x Slytherin
xx• I'm not.... really invested in student relationships in OC x OC, and would need an amazing, adventure & mystery packed plot along with the stereotypical house dynamic for me to want to write this.
■ obscurial x reclusive herbologist/magizoologist/insert other slightly reclusive job for YC
■ auror x criminal informant
■ half-veela x magizoologist/herbologist/insert other slightly reclusive job for YC
■ potions maker x werewolf
something where I play someone who joined the Death Eaters and is trying get out
xx• what I want is a gal who joined the Death Eaters for... more the same reason some teens end up joining gangs? Like "what was I supposed to do my whole family is in jail and nobody trusted me and one of them offered me a place to live and they're the only ones who looked out for me". This would probably be happening at the same time that Harry is in school so that we can have the return of Voldemort as a thing that shakes her and makes her realize how fucked up the whole organization is and how she needs to get the hell out. I imagine she would start at age 17 or 18.
■ suggest. I feel like I'm definitely missing some solid pairings. no professor x student.
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Feb 17, 2019
so I messed up and forgot that I had even had a search thread in this section before - it got merged and since I didn't want to have the the Buffy stuff at all, I deleted it and moved the original stuff into the main body

which means it all slid down to having been last bumped in August
so I'm bumping it again and I apologize if that's going to count as like, bumping twice in a recent time but I didn't know how else to go around making sure my thread was freshly bumped AND only contained the stuff I actually wanted to write
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