Dark Gay Lesbian Original IceTea's plots (Mostly ProShip™, Share of roles, Multi chara, MXM and FXF)


Jul 19, 2021
Hello! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

I'm new here!

I’m Icetea! I have been RPing on and off for around 17 years.

If you would like to RP with me (thank), please read the below!

❀My usual wordcount is around min 500~ max 6k+, unless it’s a sex scene and it can be a bit shorter >>;; I am generally looking for someone with around same range.
❀English isn’t my first language but I am decently OK at it I think…?
❀Usually I will at minimum reply once a week if not more, but it isn't a post in order I get them cycle! Also depending on my work load I may be a bit slower. Thank you for your understanding!
❀Please read my writing sample and make sure you like my writing style, it is a monologue heavy style that I know is a love or hate thing :')
❀ I can most confidently say that I can write/enjoy both smut AND plot, (Heavy on either end is fine by me) though either way I do like a stimulating story that evolves! I personally don't think a porn plot is necessarily boring, as long as it doesn't plateau!
❀ My kink list will be listed below, easy cos it's p short.
❀I use animanga FCs only! And pref you do same. Realistic art is fine!
❀I can be reached on Discord (pref) #Ramune6091 or you can PM me here! ( ᐛ )و

Things to know about me as an RPer:
❀ I am hard pro shipper and like or can RP most pro ship troupes and dynamics.
❀ I generally enjoy sharing roles, aka having an RP with at least 2 ships, and me and you playing a dom and sub each, unless stated on plot.
❀ I would like to plot RPs quite extensively rather than freestyle. If you like freestyling, I am probably not very suitable for you D=

Kink list:
I will just list my nos:

Parental Incest aka Parent-child (Or any play that imitates this like DDLB) (Other types of incest is fine.)
Bestiality as a main thing (if some small scenes idm actually)
Full furry aka Kemonobito
Old ppl (like 50yrs+/appearance of)
Excessively young looking FCs- As much as idc about people if they like lolishota, thats cool I have no issue with it, but I do not want. Please ensure your FCs look and are legal :')

Everything else is fine as far as I know. If you really like something, lmk as there is a mountain of kinks that aren't my fave BUT I can enjoy writing as part of a story. (Such as Gore, watersports, NTR, etc)

For detailed kink lists my flist is here

What I am looking for atm!☜(˚▽˚)☞
Random plot proposals from you: CLOSED!

I am currently only looking to thread these plots/concepts below! If you like the look of any let me know! _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):

Story plots I've sort of written up:(ؑ⸍⸍ᵕؑ̇⸍⸍)◞✧

MXM Plots:

1- The Inner Chambers

Period, ofc I default to some part of Muromachi period of Japan cos that’s easiest for me BUT can do pan oriental random asian period or even Western I suppose but then it would be more made up-jrpg style as I dunno much about it accurately :’)
Contains: Harem situations, non/dub con, aboose, and so on, usual pro ship™ stuff from me.
Optional (but recommended for the plot to make sense): ABO
TL;DR: Royal (all male?) harem dramu
Story: In some kingdom in some fantasy AU (probably) somewhere, it is customary for the Emperor to have many (male) brides, and have them all reside in the inner part of the imperial palace, known as the inner chambers. It is large and vast (a bit like the Forbidden palace in China) and like a small city of its own, and once inside the brides will never leave. There is no “queen” per se, however of course the Emperor is only human and so he has his favourites, and everyone knows the best life to be had there is when you are in his favour, and so the competition is pretty fierce with much back (and front) stabbing, bullying and general toxic shit™.

The ABO prob is most likely necessary for it to make sense as...how else this guy gonna make a heir with just men HAHAHAHA I think it could be like the manga Ooku but genderbent and ABO, so females hardly exist due to a disease, and possibly at the same time ABO traits started to show in men.

Emperor is Alpha (obvs), and concubines Omega, but I was kind of thinking there is two rank systems, so there’s both the secondary sex ranks and also social standing. So a noble omega is still > a commoner alpha.

So that’s the setting, story wise I just wanna write lots of cliche period harem dramu crap with angst and stuff.

Characters I want to play:
C1- A concubine who has been spending pretty much all his life preparing for the role and managed to get into the Inner Chambers when he came of age, only to never actually be favoured at all by the Emperor. Even though he was treated decently by him, he could tell the man did not like him and it only made him more and more determined to capture his heart. After a few years of neglect, he had become a rather twisted and thorny, quite crazed individual who a lot of the other concubines try to avoid, as if someone gets on his bad side, then he maliciously and totally harasses and bullies them to no end so really he has no friends either.

Has a personal servant, C2 (could be a eunuch commoner Alpha) who is in charge of tending to his daily needs and seems to be the only person who actually enjoys the job and seems to genuinely like C1, as even the servants dread being assigned to C1’s palace due to his awful temper and sadistic nature.

One day, C3 a new war trophy/peace offering marriage/whatever arrives to the Inner Chambers, and the Emperor is smitten with his new toy. He drops every other concubine, stopping all nightly visits (that he is technically meant to do equally to seed each omega for a chance at pregnancy every month) to all the others to play with C3.

However C3 (I was thinking maybe is a foreigner, not from the default place the Inner Chambers is at) hates the system and hates the Emperor and keeps rejecting him, and is subjected to dub/non con constantly from the Emperor which is of course hell for him. And to make things worse, all the concubines are not very happy with the situation and start to blame C3, starting to bully him also. Of course C1 is one of the ringleaders of this behaviour, hoping to drive C3 to suicide or something similar to get rid of him.

A few weeks or months pass (and depending on the ship we go with for C3, either abuse carries on from Emperor or they actually start getting on a little more as C3 starts to give up and submit) it’s tradition in the Inner Walls for the Emperor to, for certain, spend the night with a concubine when it’s the anniversary of their “marriage”. It usually coincides with the concubine’s heat cycle too, and often an unfavoured concubine's only chance at bearing the Emperor’s child (and gaining more favour). And it’s C1’s turn and of course he’s been looking forward to it all year.

The special night comes, and C1 waits for the Emperor to come to him but he doesn't, and C1 finds out the man has gone to see C3 again. Beyond upset and angry, C1 goes into a fit of rage with noone to really take it out on, as C3 is with the Emperor so he can’t do anything to him right now. Its then that C2 appears before him and tells him he could simply vent out all of his frustrations on him instead, and is insistent even after C1 rejects him, and finally they end up starting a very twisted relationship. I want stuff like heavy and hard humiliation, maybe forced fem and that kind of stuff.

As for C3, we can either go route of their ship being w the Emperor, or I can make another character who could be their eventual “ship”. I also have another ship in mind possibly.

What I’m looking for: Someone to play C2 and either C3 or their ship partner.


2- So now I got to be in a reverse harem plot, but why am I the bad guy?
I am p flexible about this, but most likely Fantasy either Western or Eastern with the prologue part in a modern setting.
Contains: Maybe some pining, prob some yandere, maybe a bit guro idk we can have a lot I think…
TL;DR: Yes, that “Person is reincarnated into Villain and has to survive” plot that works like Overlord, SVSSS, HameFura, This Villainess Wants a Divorce etc have. But uh...BL I guess. :’)
Story: C1 is really into a BL game/web novel/mobagae (idm we can uh decide) and plays/reads it religiously. S/He (The original incarnation’s gender dun really matter tbh) knows extensively about it, and pours all their money into the franchise. They also have a crush on the main love interest of the story, because they look just like their RL crush (C2) that they probably will never be able to confess to, so instead has fun playing out their fantasies in the game/daydreaming while reading the novel etc.

But then, out of the blue C2 confesses to them, and they go on a date, and it all seems to be going extremely well, and they start a relationship together. So busy with the new RL love, C1 forgets all about the game/novel and stops obsessing over it as they are so busy spending time with their new lover. A blissful month later, the happy couple decide to go on an excursion together and board a luxury long distance train, and after a nice meal both of them fall asleep…

...Never to wake again as the train is involved in a horrific derailing accident and both of them die immediately.

However, when C1’s eyes open, they realise they are somewhere they think is a little familiar but not at the same time- and soon they realise they are in the world of that game/novel they had been so obsessed over before their love life rocketed, but the only issue is… they are the villain of the series who gets killed by the hero. Though flanked by many loyal followers and servants, if C1 carries on like the story they read, the villain will die for sure...

C2’s eyes open too, around the same time as C1 but they find themselves in the body of the hero. While they don’t know what is going to happen, a quick lowdown by people around him and soon they realise that they have to defeat a faceless villain and save the world. He starts to gather friends and supporters so he can stand up against the villain, not knowing it was his lover in a different life…

Looking for: Okay this one is incredibly plot heavy. Like depending, it’s totally possible to add some smut very early on but generally this is plot focused, and I mean it! Also, for this story, I would like shared roles, one each. Meaning you will play either C1 or C2, and the reverse position will be one you play for the main sub character for the other character’s plot. (E.g: So If you want to play C1 as Sub, then I would like you to play some kind of possible love interest for C2 who is Dom etc and I will do reverse.) As C1 and C2 probably won’t meet for a while in the fantasy world, they will have many interactions with their friends/minions etc and there will be a sub pairing out of those. I am also 100% open to more ships in both factions.

A system mechanic like in Overlord or SVSSS is possible, or not is ok too whichever you like. Ideally I would like you to have at least watched/read one of these types of Isekai Tensou genre works to get a general gist of the troupe.

3- WishStar
Modern- Probably Japan lel
Contains: Mild amount of gore I guess? Angst, more angst, DARK THEMES LOL, er...yeah. Usual edgy mahou shoujo themes.
Optional: Non con fest™
TL;DR: A mish mash of Mahou Shoujo Site/Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Kikaku/Madoka but uh genderbent :|
Story: When someone lives in despair, anguish or intense suffering, and they feel they can’t take it anymore, a strange app appears on their phone called “WishStar”. Upon opening it, a single question is asked on the screen.

“Would you like to make your wishes come true?”

“If you do, wish upon a star.”

With that, a single star appears on the screen with the words “Tap To Accept” written below it. And if one happens to touch it…

...Nothing seems to happen. Or so that person thinks. There seems to be a chatroom feature also, where small avatars sit in a room and some talk to each other. Are they real people who also have the app? Who knows. When they next fall asleep, they have a strange dream they could barely remember and wake up. During the course of that next day, they will find a strange object in the midst of their belongings that wasn’t there before. The object could be anything, depending on the person but the moment they pick it up, their phone would vibrate and they would see the app has booted up again, even if they had deleted it prior for whatever reason.

“Congratulations! You are now a wishseeker, and have the power to make your wishes come true, should you want them to!”

That would be what would display on the screen, and after that instructions for the magical item would appear, giving the person a rough idea of how to use it. The person would end up using it once, probably not even believing it at first.

At which point they realise it’s the real deal. It works.

But a few moments after they use it for the first time, a strange feeling radiates from their back, and if they were to check, it looks...like a strange gem-like object is embedded into their skin, just above their tailbone. It...seems to be stuck there, shining brightly.

That’s when the app opens itself up again, and another screen glows, getting their attention.

“Disclaimer: Please note, using this stick may decrease your lifespan! You can check your remaining life by seeing your soul gem located on your tailbone. Please replenish by…”


This is where we can go for regular or non con route, normal involves being told they have to kill “monsters” that appear at set times, places and dates. However it seems these announcements aren’t just to YC, it’s to...many more people who have magical items too. And from what you can tell, everyone is male. Soon it becomes a huge fight to be able to be the one who defeats these monsters and obtain the crystals they leave behind, which seem to in turn replenish the meter. However due to some incident, people realise that killing other wishseekers can transfer their remaining lifespan onto yours, replenishing your jewel also. Some start to actively hunt others, while some group up together for protection.YC by some chance ends up meeting MC and eventually end up forming a duo, and getting closer to eachother. They also realise that through intimate touch (AKA SEX) they can transfer the gem glow between eachother, should the giver (whichever, bedroom position isn’t important) wish it to.

But the future isn’t all that bright even with the power others don’t have…

The non con route/addition will be you can forcefully take a part of someone’s gem “glow” and take it in as your own if you rape them. And ofc, thus some people do that also.

What I am looking for: Anyone really, we can hash something out if you fancy this plot \o/ I uh...hope I made sense this is starting to get all muddled even in my brain lel

4- Heavenly curses, Hellish Blessings
Asian Fantasy Historical, I would like to say Japan (Shinto/Buddhism mix) as I can write that with least heavy research (LOL) but if you really like we can cross with China of the same sorts of eras as they seem to have very close gods/deities/belief rules about worship etc (idk don’t quote me on this one it’s what I gathered reading TGCF) we could even do a pan asian fantasy realm that’s a mix of asian countries kinna smooshed into 1.
Contains: Er idk tbh but prob high drama, a lot of plot and lore build for this RP pls! This one will also be a multi character, minimum 2 main pairings, maximum maybe 5 main pairings with unspecified amount of side characters.
TL;DR: A Gods/Demon gods/ Yokai and other supernatural beings story, much like Noragami or TGCF/Heaven’s official blessing.

General lore:
(That can be added to ofc)

Not all gods are good, not all demons are evil.

In the land the story is set in, humans worship both light and dark deities (Gods and Demon Gods) depending on their needs and beliefs. The two kinds generally do not get along between themselves as they fight for both territory and believers, there is only so much faith humans can give out, after all, and everyone wants more power. It was once said all gods and demon gods existed in pairs and shared responsibilities as light and dark sides of the same existence, but that was only a fairytale now as conflict made it so that even the most courteous beings avoided each other, and the more aggressive confrontations resulted in injury or death.

Characters I want to play:
Jizo, the god of children, especially of those aborted or deceased. Responsible for ferrying dead children to Hell and collecting them from Yomi when they were ready to be reincarnated, he often is seen in Hell and is one of the few gods to actually not be in direct conflict with his demon lord counterpart, the lord of Hell, Enma. Is normally a mild and gentle person but is rumoured to be scary if crossed.

Position: Could be anything tbh I think.

Sort of chara I am looking for: Human (possibly someone who has lost their child and wife in childbirth and keeps praying to him) or demon/demon lord (could have seen him when he is in hell)

C2- MC is a human who is constantly plagued by bad luck ever since he was born. Nothing ever bad enough to kill him, but bad enough that he is rather miserable and would do anything to make the bad luck go away, and now he is an adult he is determined to get rid of whatever it is that is running his life. He manages to scrape together enough money to go to a famous temple to get his exorcism, and so one day sets out to do so, though it’s quite far from where he lives and so would have to travel.

Position: I like sharing evenly so would be the opposite of C1.

Sort of chara I am looking for: Probably either: The actual “bad omen” aka a demon/spirit/god of misfortune who is favouring this human/in love with him and doesn't want to leave him, and now he has realised MC is going to actively get rid of them, they have to reveal themselves.


A god who has taken pity in them


Some kind of holy person at temple idk like a (male) kannagi or something

I will add more if we do more than 2 ships :3 We can also put a spirit weapons system like Norgami with sentient weaponary if you wish that may be cool

5- Sacred Altar
Contains: Initial non con
Story: Character A is a living deity that has been living in a temple all their life. He is aware of the outside world, but as long as he could remember, he had only known of the large but almost empty temple, there seemed to be a few aids to help him but for the most part, he was always alone. The aids seemed to limit their physical interaction with him, leaving food (strictly fruit and vegetables only) and clothing where needed and anything he asked for, but no one seemed to speak to him much, only a tutor and mountains of books to learn how to speak, read and write and be taught ceremonies he was expected to conduct. The only time he saw any of the outside world beyond his temple was when he was taken out for yearly ceremonies to bless the small, independently ruled village he lived in, and the high walled outside baths that he used. Little did he know, since he was younger, someone had been watching him, waiting for the perfect time to make him theirs.

Character B is an army general from a nearby nation, one of the largest in the lands. He is a little strange in that unlike his peers, he specialises in assassination, but he worked his way up the ranks and had a strong team of men under his command. Since he was younger, he enjoyed sneaking out of the fort to explore the nearby area and came across the village character A lived in, and saw him bathing one night and fell in love with him, returning to watch him from the shadows every chance he got. The boy started to plot on how they could be together, and once he was an adult and had enough influence, he went to retrieve his “beloved”.

Really this meant raiding the village and killing everyone in it. Character B makes his way to the temple, letting himself in to find it empty apart from a terrified Character A who has no idea what is going on outside but can hear the screams and smell the fire of the outside. Character B ends up raping Character A there and then, which in itself wasn’t anything unusual as a practise (though Character B himself never usually did this to others) and he goes to kill Character A, only to have a change of heart and instead take him out of his temple and back with him to his home nation to live in the fort with him.

Once there, that is when Character A starts to feel changes within their body- they feel far more hungrier, and for the first time they crave meat, even though they have never had it before. As he gets exposed to more sex and things he was not allowed to have before (like meat), it’s clear Character A wasn’t a normal human...but instead a heavily weakened incubi who now was starting to get back their strength...

Character I am looking for: As I have run this plot a few times already as B, I am only looking to do this RP with me being Chara A

6- Bishoku

Based kinna loosely on Tokyo Ghoul concepts/verse but tbh nothing canon in the story so even if you dunno it’s fine :3

TL;DR: Cannibal humanoid creatures

Setting: Modern Japan

A world where mutants referred to as ghouls exist among human society who can only live on human flesh. As it’s ofc a crime to randomly eat people they live in hiding away from the government and the special national force that operate to curb and capture them. Notable ghouls are known by an alias name given to them by the special task force once infamous enough.

MC is a ghoul who is rather famous in his community as a charitable, charismatic, just generally nice guy. He fosters many children, mainly under 1s and is known to be a very caring individual. However, in actual fact he is a ghoul who only consumes children, known as the “Child eater” and uses his network to find ones who won’t be all that missed if they get taken.

I also would like to either play a human civ or a member of the special task force.

Characters I am looking for:
YC for my main plot can be either someone who needs some shelter and somehow comes across MC’s home and learns too much, or a member of the special task force who has taken interest to this apparent Good Samaritan. Or fellow ghoul idc much tbh we can discuss.

I also would like a secondary pairing where you play a ghoul and I’ll play something else.

Positions: my first choice is to evenly share top/bottom. (One pair each) Or can do switch if you pref. :3

7- Le mal sorcier
Probably a shorter “one shot”, inspired by song by Amatsuki of same title
Setting: Can do western fantasy orrrr modern setting (East or West idm)
Contains: Probably a lot of menhara/yandere themes, eventual non con/dub con idk, possible very unclear sexuality of C2
TL;DR: Low laying unhinged guy falls in love with someone close to him and yan/menhara ensues.

If you are the knight that protects her,
Then I’m something clan in human skin
Lock the doors, I’ll take off that skin,
So look at only me
With those hands that tease her softly,
Why don’t you strangle me?

C1 is a social hermit, always has been, and now he is an adult, he makes money all while holed up at home, rarely venturing outside. He has one friend, however, a childhood friend he had since he was very small, who seems not to mind his strange ways and still treats him like a normal person. And C1 thinks it’s all he needs, aslong as he has C2, he doesn't need anyone else. Optional: They made out/kissed/messed around a bit when they were younger, but now it seems his friend dosen’t even remember such a thing.

However one day, C2 starts talking of a girl he’s fallen in love with. This is C2’s first love, and as his best friend, he tells everything to C1. As time goes by, C2’s crush becomes an actual girlfriend as he manages to confess to the girl and they start to see eachother, and while C1 and C2 still spend time together, all C1 hears about is C2’s girlfriend, who soon becomes his fiancee. C1 keeps making excuses to buy more of his friend’s time, but the wedding is impending and it seems his friend isn’t getting the hint. C1 ends up calling him out the night before C2’s wedding, and kidnaps him, locking him in a cage in his basement and telling people next day who are looking for him that he has no clue where he is.

What I’m looking for: Idm which character I play, though track record wise I suppose I am better off playing C1 but if you want to play an extreme yan, feel free!

8- The brightly lit stage
Modern day asia, Japan or Korea prob best.
Contains: Bullying, harassment, all sorts of pro ship food
TL;DR: Idols and idol industry being their worst. Pretty much a pro ship porn plot.
A new J/Kpop idol all male unit is taking the world by storm, consisting of 6 members that range from cute femme boy to tall buff types and everything inbetween. They are famous for their perfect dance formations and amazing vocals, and they are constantly travelling around the globe. They also live together in a big idol “house” when they are in their home country, which is streamed online and fans can see how they live everyday- and from what it looks like, they all are really good friends.

But it’s not all as nice as it seems, as within the group there is power struggle, fights about everything from who has the most fans to who is most “likeable” in the group, and there are even some who are rumoured to be sleeping his way into more fame, which seems to be the case with how he acts around industry big shots.

The conflict has of course ended up with a victim, one of the members is constantly bullied by the other members. We can discuss what kinds of things happen but well we can have all kinds of fun I think

What I’m looking for: IDEALLY, I would like us to play 3 members each and NPCs. But if that’s too many I am willing to do 1 main (pro)ship (the victim and bully) and NPC rest of the members and staff

9-Within the Four walls
Modern day Dystopia
Contains: ABO, Human Livestock, Non Con/Dub con (whichever you wanna spin it) Kind of just a porn plot™ my usual multi chara (2+ ships)
Optional: Hucow elements like lactation etc Animal ears/tails/whatever also optional
TL;DR: Kind of cliche dystopia dark angsty porn plot that may or may not have some semblance of an actual plot who knows up to you on that bit tbh idm :’)
In some random future humans get some random thing (probably perma changes to genetics for some reason, look it’s pseudo science, let's not look too hard into this.) everyone is rendered intertile (and if Hucow element put in then all farm animals died too) and so that humankind doesn't die out, scientists splice humans with animals, creating ABO (and Hucow/other animals if you want this route) characteristics. Large percentage of the population is Beta, aka normal humans, aka (mostly, like 90%) infertile. However, two Beta can sometimes produce offspring as they ARE sexually functional and even rarer, produce one of the other secondary genders. But tbh it’s so rare it cannot be relied on to any degree. Second largest are Omega, and least in number are Alpha.

As it’s a dystopia, lower class humans got the worst of it, and low class Omega are basically just breeding animals. The have a duty “by law” to enter Omega houses (that are basically just breeding farms) for their most fertile age (18-32) and pop out babies, some that are retained and reared till they are old enough so they can be put into the whole system too, while others not seen as prime baby machines but are aesthetically pleasing sold/distributed to upper class betas as “children” and brought up that way. Low class Alpha are housed elsewhere, if you wanna explore that may be fun too. There is technology that can guess with around 80% certainty of what a person will present as at birth, and this is how they sort them when they are born.

As a side business, these Houses operate like basically brothels, where wealthy Beta/Alpha can have fun. Also probably guards sneak their turns too for favouritism/favours, and politics within the Houses is dramu.

Upper class wise, Omega are treated like property, like functional fashion accessories while Alphas tend to be spoiled AF by their parents since they are small, as all upper class families want an Alpha head.

Now one story I would like to do within this verse is C1 who is a “wild” Omega (somehow managed to avoid being caught all the way till now) finally gets caught and put into a House. He’s put into a room with only one other Omega in it, C2 (usually the Houses have horribly cramped living conditions) and it’s that House’s role model, “Princess” Omega who was born and reared within the system and seen as a perfect specimen in terms of temperament and behavior. He sees nothing wrong with the system, and has already had quite a few children that were all taken away from him but due to this, like many other Omega who go through the whole Omega House system he’s experiencing mental illnesses caused by being baby machine, and being not paired or having an actual mate which are things Omega are meant to have. But he thinks this is normal as it is “normal” there. Of course their norms and values differ quite a lot, but they do bond rather fast due to the situation. We can discuss how their relationship goes from there depending on how we want the story to go ultimately I think.

C3 and C4 are Alphas (or Alpha and Beta) who are very good friends. C3 is from quite a wealthy family, and while he has had a crush on C4 for a long time he knows it probably won’t go anywhere and so is content in being “friends”, and visiting Houses together and basically jerking off together “but look no homo we just bros” type thing :’) C4 falls for C2, and C3 is kind of enjoying using C1 but also this whole crush thing and yeah well I think we can discuss how we want this plot to carry on it can go few ways LOL

Also we can do all sorts with guards or lower class slums or upper class world if we wish with other ships.

And if we add the Hucow element, ofc there will be all the usual favourites like milking and whatnot in the mix. Would be a dairy farm as well as a brothel.

Characters I want to play:
C2 and C3.

Looking for:
C1 and C4
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Jul 19, 2021
FxF Plots

1) Candied Poison Apple
Modern day, with possible supernatural elements if you take route 2 :3
Will include: Non con, Dub con (later on when YC is caught) drugging etc

YC is a police investigator looking into an apparent unsavoury business in the red light district that is rumoured to be a place catering to wealthy female clients that have all sorts of fetishes and kinks that can be satisfied by the female workers there.

While this in itself is rather common, the tip offs suggest things are far less legal than your average brothel, and it’s suspected that the establishment may be holding some workers there by force, using some kind of mind altering drug among other things.

YC volunteers to go undercover and apply to work there, and she is hired. The front of the place is simply a soap land, a place where girls give their clients massages and wash downs just in the nude. YC opts to go for the lodging scheme they have, and befriends MC, a cute, sweet looking girl who seems oddly out of place in the luxurious but slightly unnerving establishment.

As YC spends more time there, most of it seems decently harmless, though clearly some “extra services” are happening sometimes, it’s nothing like the information YC received. She also gets closer to MC, possibly even starting to develop some romantic feelings for her.

Until one day YC happens to stumble upon one of the occupied rooms and what was going on inside it.

(Not too sure what that is, but this is up for discussion:3)

And what’s worse, she is caught by the establishment’s security and taken to the office of the mysterious owner of the “spa”. It turns out to be MC, who seemed to know they had a undercover in their midst the whole time and was just waiting to reel them in.

Now from here we can either just go realism route and have YC tortured and used sexually in normal ways, or could go fantasy supernatural route and have it so MC is some kind of demon and go for more monster/tentacle/etc route. Idm either way!

Character I am looking for: Well as you probably can tell by now, YC will be on the receiving end of the later parts :3 Everything else is up to you!

I am also happy to gender swap any of my MxM plots to be FxF!


Jul 19, 2021
Writing sample!
While the fight Tharis put up was admirable, it was simply no match for the sheer force and might of the Rostrolean army. But it seemed when a nation was threatened with the annihilation of all their women, and a “curse” put upon them, they were willing to fight to their last soldier to try and protect their livelihood.

But it simply wasn’t enough.

With the fell of a mage who had been holding the barrier formation around their capital city gates, the magic that had been the last stand against the invaders fell, and streams of men poured into the city, led by one figure in full black armour, his dark blue stallion bearing the coat of arms of the Rostole royal family. The stream of soldiers must have simply looked like a funeral procession to the locals there, but rather than start to raid or pillage the city they went straight for the castle, and once there, the small handful of remaining soldiers that guarded the place seemed not to wish to fight- and surprisingly, in turn the invaders seemed not to wish to do harm to them either.

The black armoured figure threw open the royal throne room door, striding up to where the King sat, clearly waiting to die. Before the man could get a word in, however, the armoured figure pulled off his helm, revealing a young man with sharp features and an arrogant smirk on his lips- for how “peacefully” they had entered, he did not look at all like he was here to show mercy.

“I assume you are ready to die, Corentin. Have you said your goodbyes?”

Ainir asked with a light chuckle- he had seen many great men in this moment, where they are facing death and it never failed to amuse him, their terrified expressions marred by humiliation and regret was something exemplar.

“Well what would you say, if I was to come bringing good news- I do not wish for you to die, nor any more of your people. I am sure you all have wives, sisters, mothers who you know you will lose soon, and my heart aches to think of how much waste of precious lives that would be.”

His words may be sympathetic, but his expression was anything but. It was clear he came with one motive in mind- to get whatever it was he wanted.

“And so I am willing to let you carry on the way you are, oversee the ruling of your fair country, you can even keep your soldiers, I am happy to simply send a few of my Beta overseers to be stationed here to ensure Tharis is being a good sister nation to our own.”

It was common knowledge that while infected with the “curse”, Betas seemed not to be able to spread the “Curse of Rostole” for some reason unknown to the outside world. There was a lot of speculation about exactly what the curse was, but the Rostoleans were so secretive about it and any information regarding it, that there was not too much information available to other nations regarding it, so it was feared greatly.

“All I ask from you in return for this agreement, is one thing.”

The dark haired man waved his hand, as if to show it was such a trivial thing in return for this very gracious offer he was giving to the falling nation.

“That mage of yours, the one from Sagarus...Mathias was it? I will take him back to Rostole with me, and he will spend the rest of his days there. Do not worry, I will not harm him, I will even have him live in my inner palace.”

While it sounded extremely merciful that the King of Rostole was only asking for a single man in return for so much freedom, it was clear what he meant, and with the look on his face it was clear he knew what that certain mage meant to the king. It was all rumours along the grapevine, but with the look on the other man’s face it was clear those rumors were indeed true.
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