If you want to be nice and help support me!!!

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Jan 8, 2019
Please go to this link: https://dlive.tv/D-BOGG

It's my husband's live stream that's he's trying to get off and I would appreciate it so much if you could either make an account and 'follow' him to become a follower or sign in with your facebook and 'follow' him. I just signed in with my facebook to make it easier and then clicked 'follow' at the top of the stream on the right hand side.

The stream is of him doing artwork and drawing and anything related to art! I wasn't sure where to put the thread so I put it here!

He is currently streaming right now but intends on doing it every day from now on. I'll let you in on more details later on if you're interested! There are going to be lots of cool things happening with him but this is his first day right now!
Not open for further replies.
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