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Jun 3, 2020

So I’m here trying to look for some new stories. I recently had a long-term partner dropping our stories and I’m trying to get over it a little bit, while I’m at it.

Now a few details about me:
*Versatile player
*Can play female or male roles against female or male roles
*Flexible post length
*Somewhat active player, especially during my days off
*Plays in third person, past-tense. I don’t mind it if you want to use first person and/or present tense for yourself though.
*Relatively experienced player.

Now, I’ll post a few things I’m interested in, regarding original stories:

*Fantasy/supernatural themes
*Darker/grittier/kinkier themes with angst hints every now and then, mixed or not with fluffy times
*Fluffy on its own or something in the middle works too!
*Historical and slice of life also welcome. Anything but sci-fi, actually!


*Alpha/Omega/etc stuff
*Harem/reverse harem
*Heroes and villains
*Werewolves, vampires, fairies, elves, shifters, ghouls...any and all welcome!
*Master x Slave (might require doubling up)
*Passive/submissive top x dominant bottom
*Likewise, small dom x big submissive
*Twisted stuff that’s not all that common or expected.
*Detective x criminal
*Incest only if they are cousins or siblings of the same sex
*Demons, angels...
*Witches, medieval fantasy, satyrs...and all of that fun!
*Friend x friend of course
*Professor x student (college only)
*Porn actor x porn actor (experienced and older x inexperienced and younger)
*Cult members
*Homosexual x homophobe
*Forced homosexuality
*Princess x princess/knight/queen
*...Pick your choice! Any and all ideas welcome!

I’ll also admit now...I’m slightly more interested in fandoms right now. I’ll lost a few below: (Bear in mind that all characters will be aged up and moved to college in order to fit in the forum rules, or anything of a similar nature!)

*Boku no hero/my hero academia(****): I’ll love you forever if you indulge a bit on this with me. Especially for MxM/FxF pairings although I accept anything!

*Twisted fairy tales (Disney) with darker and grittier stuff


*Voltron Legendary Defender

*Danganronpa (I’m a bit full on this right now though)

And probably more, feel free to ask, chances are I’ll say yes! (90/10 I’ll say yes anyways)!

Hit me up if you happen to be interested!
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