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Feb 9, 2019
Been wanting to do a few groups, and thought I should post them and see if any one was interest:

Dragon Post


This one follows four beings that have become friends and fights evil. It would begin with them meeting and something trying to hill them. This one would be limited to four people, unless you want to be a side character. The four characters would have one of these powers of:
  1. Elemental powers (Earth, Air, Water and Fire and be able to combine)
  2. Enhancer (Ability to enhance ones own body/senses)
  3. Mentalist (Telepathic abilities, Telekinesis etc.)
  4. Energy (Control of Energy and is actions)

Just thought of doing a rp based on the tv series Grimm.

PM or reply if you are interested, I would be happy to talk any of these over with you.
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