Introducing Psyche~

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Oct 18, 2019
Basic info
Hi, I'm Psyche. I'm not exactly new to rp but they've always been small, relatively private ones. Mostly fandom rps but I'm open to more than that. I prefer nsfw rp. Most of my rp has seen me as a submissive male but here I'd like to try rp as my own gender. I hope I can have fun here. ^_^

I'm willing to write about a lot of things (even if I wouldn't necessarily want to do them for real) and I prefer submissive characters. Some favorite scenarios include:
  • Non-con/dub-con
  • gags/blindfolds
  • Adult toys
  • Bondage
  • Spanking
  • Edging​
  • Forced orgasms​
  • Exhibitionism​
  • and more~​
I am willing to do both fandom and non-fandom rp.

My characters are usually very submissive (even when they fight they lose) and fairly emotive. All very pretty (of course) and all fairly small and thin. I am adaptive to change and willing to go along with whatever the story calls for.

Even though I like non/dub-con I do not enjoy outright torture. If my character doesn't feel pleasure from the experience I don't either. Forced pleasure is a big kink of mine. Force them to like it even if they're supposed to hate it and we'll get along nicely. I also don't enjoy overly "gross" stuff. No blood, no scat or watersport, ect.
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