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Jan 3, 2019

Hello there. You may call me Ita. I first want to thank you for taking the time to read through my little thread here. Here you will find my listings, plots, pairings, and even a link to my personal site. I hope you can find something you are looking for. I am not picky about a person's gender. Male, female, or all in between, the body behind the computer doesn't matter to me. I really do hope we can work something out to ad a little fun to our lives. Also, my Discord name is ShatteredSoul@7587, so feel free to add me there. If you are interested in an idea or have any questions about them, please message me through pms. I would like to keep the thread clean for updates.

1. When role playing with me, please use proper English. I am talking about "Text Talk".

2. Please no one liners. I understand writer's block. All I ask is at least one paragraph, but try to stick to under two.

3. While I can play many races, genders, and roles, I don't play sluts. I also don't like them.

4. Don't try to force anything that isn't approved through OOC first.

5. Don't just ghost me. If you are not happy with the role play, or wish to stop it, then please tell me. I will do the same for you.


First will be my more detailed plots. These are set up for female leads and are meant to be 1 vs. World ideas. They are suppose to have a single person driving the main story while the other is just along for the ride and surviving in the world that has been made. I may be willing to change this, but it will take some convincing. I am only posting finished ideas, but will provide a link to all ideas. Kinks listed under each idea are expected to be in the idea. It is not limited to just those, but those are the main ones that I am expecting and will only be changed under special cases.

I will list some simple plots, and below that some more detailed plots. I hope we can work something out. Thank you for reading this far.

Insight into the Mind of Ita - Personal site with more info.


Simple Plots
A woman finds herself lost in the thicker part of the forest and is unable to find her way out. She ends up in the den of horny wolves, who proceed to rape her and turn her into the pack bitch. She will learn over time that they will not let her leave, and will protect her, as long as she sticks to her role. She would venture out into the wild from time to time, only to end up the plaything of another animal, but always ends up with her pack in the end.
A farm has taken in a new dimi-human (sheep, neko, inu, or animal girl), but she would soon find her role isn't just to feed the animals and keep them watered. Among being the play thing to the farm hands and farmer, she would be forced to be the stress release for the animals of the farm. Horses, bulls, goats, pigs, and even dogs. Along with any other you can figure out how to use.
A police woman is investigating a crime spree in the city. She finds her way into the hideout of a street gang, only to end up captured by them. Now, she is at the whims of these me being forced to service any member when they want. She is also made to 'take care' of the gang's dogs that they use for fighting, often leaving her with them all night. They also sell her body to raise money, prostituting her out to anyone who will pay.
A young angel is send into the the depths of hell. Her mission? To recover lost relics from when the universe was made. She was trained in the art of combat, and had become fairly strong. When she was sent down, and unforeseen event took place. As she passed through the gates of Hell, she was stripped of all of her angelic powers and strength. She was now nothing more than a human in an eternal prison. Even her elegant wings, and golden halo have faded away and vanished. Now, on top of her mission, she must find a way to survive and escape from hell.
A young woman, living on her own, just finished her last say of work before her two week vacation. She plans on spending that vacation at her home all alone. Those plans change though when she is attacked in her back yard by a large dog who proceeds to show her just where her place in. From there, she is stalked by the dog, and anything she is alone, he attacks again. In an alleyway, in the part, on her way home at night. It doesn't matter. It even finds its way into her home, leaving no save place anymore. Over and over she is attacked, raped, and made its bitch. Soon it stops being the single dog, and more start showing up with him. It is like every large dog in the city is after her.

Detailed Ideas
The world is under attack by monsters and beasts from another dimension, who wish to feel of a special energy found on Earth. This energy if released during sex and can be gathered through many kinds of sex. Their world runs on the energy produced and they plan on making Earth their own personal power supply, though a complication arose when they found that human being can't survive in their realm. The solution was pocket dimensions around the city that they could take the humans to and extract the energy. The invaders are split into four classes. Master class are very powerful and command all others. General class are humanoid monsters that act as commanders in the human world. Soldier class are common and mass produced creatures that follow the orders of the higher ups with no regard to their own lives. Finally the beast class that acts consist of tainted Earth animals and humans controlled by a parasite and animals from the other Dimension. On rare cases these beings can even implant a seed in the wombs of a human that can gather vast amounts of energy. When the see is full, it is pushed out like and egg and can be consumed by the creatures to drastically boost their own powers.

But all hope is not lost. From that same dimension came another being. One that seeks to put an end to the evils of its own world while defending this new one. Though it was mortally wounded, it was able to pass on its powers to a human girl. This girl was able to use this power to take on a form that could fight the invaders. This new form was given the name Junenu after the being that gave her the powers. Unknown to her at first, her powers stem from the very same energy that they are trying to gather. However her energy can only be gained from willing sex with someone that cares deeply for her. As she gains more energy, new powers and abilities will be unlocked for her. A fail-safe blessing was also placed on her. If, at any time, she becomes unable to fight back, her body will start to charge an retreat power, though this takes 20 minutes. When fully charged, she will be warped to her own little pocket world where she can heal. This world can not hold a being that isn't native to the planet Earth, so it is completely safe to her.

Though all is not without its flaws. The power can not activate if she is in direct contact with a being or creatures from the other realm, this includes anything controlled by the parasites, and will result in an over charge. The over charge takes 30 minutes and causes a small, but powerful shock wave to knock her attackers from her. A creature of any class which power is greater than hers by a degree, can delay her charge for a full hour and leave her helpless. To make matters even worse, while inside a Pocket World, her charge is delayed a full 24 hours. On top of this, if the for-mentioned see is planted in her, she is unable to gain any new energy until the seed is removed. Should she fail, the world will be nothing but a power source for an invading race. However, is she should prevail, it would mean the safety of not only Earth, but countless other worlds.

Desired Kinks: Rape, Bestiality, Public, Gang-bangs, Force Orgasm, Tentacles, Monsters, Possible Oviposition,
"Strange reports of large bugs have been flooding in from district three. These reports seem to place the all girls school of Hoto Academy at center of the sightings. The school has been quarantined as local officials have confirmed the reports and the existences of these bugs. All attempts of contact have failed and this proves especially troubling as none of the students or faculty have been seen in nearly a week." As the news reports end, a lone female agent was already being prepped and briefed to head into the school. She is a member of a special task force made to deal with things like this. Monsters and creatures of the night. This job just happened to be over sized bugs. The fate of the girls inside was unknown, but it was her job to kill as many of the things as possible, and recover any girl still alive.

The idea here is very simple. I looking for someone to play the female agent and a few victims, or everything else. This would include the bugs and the other people she interacts with. Several other ideas I have to go alone with this, is that the school would have around three or four hives around the campus. These hives would house a queen that would have to be taken out, but the the races of the queen and bugs inside the have is up to whoever plays the bugs. The rest of the campus would just have random bugs scattered throughout, with some in more fitting locations. The campus would have several buildings on it, like the main school, a storage building for sports equipment, and club meeting buildings as well. It could even have a building for say a few animals if you wanted. I have seen schools with these special buildings for like a riding club or something.

Desired Kinks: Rape, Bestiality, Oviposition, Gang-Bangs, Forced Orgasms, Birthing, and Unbirth.
After the incident in Raccoon City, the Umbrella Corporation had moved all studies to a chain of islands that was set off in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. There are seven islands in all. Each one used for a different studies. The islands are set up with three labs and a few smaller towns. They are not large, but house plenty of families. Each family works for Umbrella, leaving only Umbrella operatives to take the blunt if something happens.

As bad things tend to happen, it is only a matter of time before the labs started to break down, and the outbreak started all over. One by one, the islands failed, and was over run by the viruses and parasites. Unlike the first time though, they had a fail safe. Every sample, experiment, and subject had a fetal defect. This defect made salt water act like sulfuric acid when they came into contact with it.

With the islands ensured to be cut off from the world, they could easily just nuke them and no one in the world would be the wiser, but that would mean the loss of all the research data. This was something that they could not let happen. Instead of sending in a whole team, they decided to just send a single person. She is top agent in Umbrella's defense force. She is skilled in many kinds of weapons and combat techniques.

She is sent in to recover the data, and will not be picked up until the job is done. She is not taking the data, just opening a connection between the computers in each lab, and the computers at the main Umbrella location. She was given permission to take anything that she deemed needed from the lads, homes, and other buildings around the island. Though her job will not be easy. She must go against the worst creatures Umbrella had ever made. However, an unforeseen side effect of genetic tinkering had left the virus with a very strange urge. Though they hunger for human flesh, it seems that, when a female is near, they are overwhelmed by a more basic need of breeding.

Desired Kinks: Rape, Zombies, Groups, Public Sex, Tentacles, Monster, and Bestiality
In the year 2299, man had finally won the battle with disease. This was only possible with the work of Dr, Norman Blain and his Nanos. The Nanos are microscopic robots that seek out and destroy the illness. Inside each Nano is a database of DNA coding for each species on the planet. The Nanos were not only designed to fight humans illness, but also the in perfections that plagued every thing on the planet. Planets, animals, people, and even the small bugs that crawled over the ground. Each one was now cured of any aliments. Nearly twenty years of perfect health, until the "It" arrived.

On July 15, 2319, a large stone fell from the sky and crashed into the City of Alizon. The impact left the entire City in ruin. Millions died from the resulting shock wave, but what happened next was what nearly ended the world. The stone had brought something with it. A parasite. Since there was nothing in the Nanos about the the parasite, they didn't fight it. This killed millions more. The parasite started to evolve. It bounded with the Nanos and a new creature was made. The Nanosyte.

The Nanosyte was worst than anything the human race had ever faced. Unlike the parasite that just drained the life from it's host, the Nanosytes could mutate the host. The Nanosytes was able to spread from host to host through sexual contact. They literally raped the human race to the brink of extinction. Those that wasn't infected, was impregnated. The mutation ranged from increasing stamina to an unlimited amount, to full body modification. It would even reanimate the dead. The parasite didn't only infect humans, but anything it came in contact with. It now knew everything that was stored within the nanobots, and quickly spread out, infecting EVERYTHING. Humans were nearly wiped off the face of the Earth.

A large number of people were found to be immune to the parasite. It was these people who started the Hunters, and took back the planet. Though the Hunters were immune to the parasite, they were still prime targets for breeding. They would never mutate from the parasite, but could still bare the offspring. Now there are fewer and fewer Hunters, but they were still there. They could never fully wipe out the parasite because of its make up. Four Hundred years later, the world was finally looking normal. The Hunters have a main office in what was once Alizon, and smaller outposts all over the world. They spring into action, the moment a new outbreak of the Nanosyte is reported.

Desired Kinks: Rape, Bestiality, Monsters, Tentacles, Groups, Public, Possible Oviposition, Possible Unbirth
Monster lake is said to have been dug by a creature of unimaginable size. In the center of this massive lake was an island. It was known as Convergence Island, because despite its location, it was home to many kinds of terrains and landscapes. Plains, swamps, forests, mountains, jungles, and even deserts dotted this strange island. Many races had taken up home on the island and the mountain in the very center held a dark legend of its own.

Nearly a thousand years ago, the Demon Lord Ryunos ruled from the castle at the mountain's peak with his seven unholy generals. Though Ryunos was finally defeated, his power lives on, locked away in the deepest tomb of the castle and sealed behind a magical door. On this door are carvings of his generals. Their very lives where used to seal the door way. It is said that if they are revived, then the seal would be broken, and Ryunos would rise again to rule over the island.

Now, a dark aura has fallen over the island, and it has been over a month since anyone has made contact with those that call it home. The last letter that was received spoke of demons and monsters attacking and requesting help from the church. The closest church has no one that can deal with the problem, so they have hired a mercenary to deal with these so called demons. She should be arriving at the island today and they hope that no one was stupid enough to try and revive old legends.

Desired Kinks: Rape, Bestiality, Demons, Tentacles, Monster, Groups/SPOILER]
It has been a year since the Red Mist started to show in Kanto. The origins of it is unknown, but there are a number of reports on its effects. It has been speculated that Team Rocket is behind the Mist, but no links have been found to date. It seems that the Red Mist only effects Pokémon of a mature age. (18+) This is relative to age and not evolution. Pokémon that are unable to breed, or those classified as "Baby Pokémon", seem to be unaffected. This has led to many trainers never letting their Pokémon evolve. Pokémon with a strong bond with their trainers are also unaffected. Or at least the males are.

Wild male Pokémon or male Pokémon with a week trainer connection are fine, unless they are around a female of breeding age. When a suitable female is near, they frenzy into lust driven beasts that will stop at nothing to mate. A captured Pokémon may be broken of these effects with effort and hard work. Female Pokémon are not the only target of these effected males. Reports of humans being attacked and raped have been pouring in. This has led to more precautions about letting someone become a trainer. They must be made aware of the risks they are taking on. They are not permitted unless they are eighteen to take their trainers exam. Even though there are no reports of Pokémon attack children, the league still wants to be careful.

Female Pokémon on the other hand, are effected differently. Wild females show no changes at all, from normal Pokémon. Female Pokémon with a strong bond with a trainer, may, but don't always, under go a strange mutation. Their bodies take on a more human shape, with some being little more than human looking females with slight Pokémon features. This is not considered an evolution, since it is random if a female Pokémon will take on this mutation.

Desired Kinks: Rape, Bestialty(Pokemon), Tentacles, Groups, Possible Ovipositon(I have and idea)
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