Straight it's the end of the world as we know it [ z nation / the walking dead / original ] seeking something with a smuttier focus

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Feb 17, 2019
Anyone willing to run something Z Nation is gonna get some prime, special treatment right now. I feel like this fandom is dead and I'm just trying to keep its corpse going
I'm also really looking for OC x OC at the moment, surprisingly, even with a smuttier focus. As long as I think that fits the characters we developed

f-list. Please look at it. Sometimes people send me really long thought out ideas but they're based on a kink that I hate and I think we both come away feeling bad after that exchange is over.
Where I Roleplay: I'll roleplay over thread, PM, Discord (though the character limit is a pain in the ass), or email.
What I Seek: I'm looking for a literate partner who can spell properly, understands grammar, and can give me enough to work with. If you're someone who knows they regularly fall under two paragraphs, we're probably not going to be good matches.
Original Characters: real faceclaims only, and I do consider them a requirement for OC x OC - I have some suggestions at the bottoms of my Originals section (not that you are required to use those ones!), along with some ladyfaces I like to use.
Other: Please know that I may not be able to post every day, even with this whole COVID-19 thing.

If you don't wanna have to try and find every new pairing just look at my latest bump, it'll have the date and the new shit I've added~
I'll also do zombie AUs for Marvel/DC provided I know the characters and like the pairing

means craving
■ means like it, happy to do it
means I'm not really actively looking, but if my partner brings a good plot/character I'll be interested.


TV: completed seasons 1-5. Gave Black Summer a try but it didn't get me
comics: issues 1-6

Brittany x 10k/Tommy
• Brittany is the girl from episode 1.7 "Welcome to the Fu-Bar" who was as good a shot as 10k
Red x10k/Tommy
Kaya x Citizen Z/Simon Cruller
Roberta Warren x Alvin Murphy
• I've been enjoying the idea of these two more and more as the episodes go on
Roberta Warren x Charles Garnett
Roberta Warren x Javier Vasquez
Roberta x OC
• nobody much younger than her
Sarge/Lilly x 10k/Tommy
George St. Clair x 10k/Tommy
George St. Clair x OC
Merilyn Merch x Alvin Murphy
• in which she is in full control of her own mind
Addy Carver x Mack Thompson
OC x 10k/Tommy
• The westward-bound survivor group runs into the people who've been tagging monuments. 10k finds himself taken by the 'we are the new history, we make our mark' philosophy and by the youngest woman in the group.
• the survivor group comes upon a few men trying to make a profit out of human trafficking. 10k helps a fiery young woman escape, and she joins the group a little reluctantly.
• While the westward-bound survivor group is traveling, they briefly join up with a caravan. 10k meets a woman who's still strangely naive to the way the world works now. After tragedy, 10k helps her get back on her feet, and bloom into a skilled survivor. In return, she's the emotional support and compass he needs, someone who can help him work through all the feelings he hasn't had the time to deal with
• Season 3 AU - After the submarine explodes, 10k is fished out of the ocean by members of a beachside survivor group. Their leader is a woman his age, and 10k finds himself in a warm and friendly community with people who are perhaps a little unprepared for the worst parts of the apocalypse because of the safety they've built up. His skill and dedication would make him a highly valued member of the team. Eventually I'd like to destroy the community and move them on and reconnect them with his main group. We can either follow the plot of canon from there or go our own way.

OC x Citizen Z/Simon Cruller
• [based on season 2 finale] the last thing Simon sees before passing out in the ice and snow with his dog is a figure in a thick coat, seemingly faceless. When he wakes up he's in a warm bed, the dog lying next to him, a concerned woman sitting nearby. The NSA wasn't the only base up there, and Simon has moved from one underground cage to the next. I'm open to having a survivor who actually lives out there, though how exactly we'd have to figure it out. It might be fun to have him out there learning to ice fish or something.
• I'd love to do something where Simon is actually hallucinating the woman because he's going nuts from isolation.
• I have a plot I'll put more into later involving a group of scientists who were sent up to have a safe place to work. The plane crashes and she's the only one who survives.

OC x Javier Vasquez
• Vasquez saves a woman who was a young mother before SHTF, they bond over the loss of family and how hard it is to try and go on. I love protective!Vasquez, okay
OC x Murphy
• I've got a plot with a scientist incoming
• something involving a woman who was captured by men intending to sell her off to someone. She doesn't quite get his growing empathy for zombies, but she certainly understands his growing disdain for humanity. Season 1, 2, or 3. It would work with his new character direction 4 too, as he's taking a more... well not heroic but good guy role for the moment.
xx• I fucking loved Murphy in season 4 (that cane sword, holy shit) and would love to pair him with a woman who's on a futile quest for a lost child - either biological or apocalypse adopted.


TV: completed seasons 1-8.8.
Carol Peletier x Daryl Dixon
• This is my #1 thing. ♫ I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP ♫
Carol Peletier x Morgan Jones
Carol Peletier x Ezekiel
Carol Peletier x OC
• Nobody more than like... three years younger than her.
Michonne x Merle Dixon
Michonne x Rick Grimes
Enid x Carl Grimes
Maggie Greene x Glenn Rhee
• I love them but I'm feeling very 'meh' about the pairing right now. No baby.
Maggie Greene x Paul Rovia
• no pregnancy
Sasha Williams x Paul Rovia
Beth Greene x Noah
Beth Greene x Daryl Dixon
• just never really got into them like I do Carol and Daryl.
Tara Chambler x Rick Grimes
xx• she flipped him off once and I was like "I can ship it"
Tara Chambler x Glenn Rhee
Tara Chambler x Eugene Porter
xx• I can't help it, I'm weirdly fond of him and they get along so well
OC x Carl Grimes
• I have an Alexandria citizen who's been there since the beginning of the apocalypse and is pretty sheltered from how bad the world is, but doesn't believe that the way she lives is sustainable. She wants to learn to survive beyond the walls, but her dad doesn't want her to put herself in danger.
• While out hunting (or on a run with somebody) Carl ends up in a sticky situation She helps him and then ends up passed out, starving, dehydrated, and exhausted. Carl has to finish solving the problem and then decide if he's going to bring her back or not. He could argue with his dad about it or set her up somewhere nearby to spend time with her while she recovers.
• Paired with a teen from one of Negan's outposts who is captured by Alexandrians.

OC x Eugene Porter
• I have a woman who escapes from some men who were keeping her hostage and finds her way to Alexandria. She feels safe around him because he's an awkward nerd and she's pretty sure she could hurt him worse than he could hurt her (he agrees) and even though she tells him he's got a shit personality she still likes to talk to him. He's got a unique personality, she thinks he's interesting, and he wins her over.
OC x Daryl Dixon
• dude I want him to rescue a woman who was one of Negan's wives. Either rescues her after the attack on the Saviors or somehow brings her with him when he escapes because Sherry made him promise. Or something.
• paired with a sweet, seemingly proper woman who don't take no shit and has some great dogs. I want Daryl to have a strong, sweet girlfriend and som dogs to wrestle with, it's pretty simple.

OC x Merle Dixon
• just got the beginnings of an idea where instead of zombifying he realizes he's not going to be able to stay with Daryl a the prison but Daryl is better off with them than with him so he bails in the night or something.
OC x Negan
• Not necessarily romantic since Negan's probably not capable of that, but... he'll treat her well enough. After all if someone is earning their keep he's got no issue, and canonically Negan is very opposed to sexual violence. Smut heavy, potentially with some 'I don't want to feel this way but I do' from her. I want to compare a possibility for her to Harley Quinn but I don't particularly like Quinn so... sorta like that but also not?
Some people have pointed out that Negan has multiple women, and I know that. I don't have any interest in playing them, this isn't the story of Negan's adventures it's a story focusing on their interactions.
• I’m interested in a story where he agrees to monogamy with her based not on the fact he loves her or anything but because he thinks she’s interesting and hot and he’s willing to go for it until he gets bored. A weird, violent power couple who don’t love each other and both know it.

OC x Rick Grimes
• Rick picks up a nurse from the hospital where Beth was held (or she arrives at Alexandria after escaping captors for a later set story). She's brilliant, brave, and fantastic with Judith, but hesitant when it comes to forming her own opinions and speaking out and generally inexperienced when it comes to handling zombies and human enemies. I want a cute li'l romance where she blooms into a strong person who can stand as his second in command. She soothes his instability and helps keep him grounded.
OC x Shane Walsh
• I'd really like to have Shane slowly turning his obsession on another character. Maybe in the beginning she's into him but he's mostly using her as a distraction and then that changes? Aggressive and jealous, but with that layer of control and protectiveness that covers it up. Then he could live and probably continue coming into conflict with Rick or just leave and we go in a wholly original direction?

Michonne x Javier Vasquez
Addy Carver x Daryl Dixon
Addy Carver x Dean Winchester
• Z Nation + Supernatural. I don't think the later SPN mythology fits well, but things that looked human and turned like humans could be fine in his backstory!
Roberta Warren x Rick Grimes
Roberta Warren x Daryl Dixon
Carol Peletier x Doc
Beth Greene x 10k/Tommy
Maggie Greene x Simon Cruller
Maggie Greene x Sam Winchester
Supernatural + The Walking Dead. Currently kinda thinking that its more the SPN character without the monster hunting history since that's so very anti-TWD, but I'm open to discussion about it.
Maggie Greene x Dean Winchester
Supernatural + The Walking Dead. Croatoan apocalypse available as a setting.
Jessica Jones x Daryl Dixon
• Defenders + The Walking Dead.
probably not accepting suggestions
• too hard to know what will hit or miss

I prefer not to set things right at the start of the apocalypse (unless specified otherwise in the pairing). Always set in an original universe, not as two original characters living in a canon world. Listed as my role x your role unless clarified in the pairing.
survivor who's used to this shit x someone who just returned from an isolation job
• astronaut who just recently landed, Navy who were in a submarine, someone who'd been on an aircraft carrier, etc etc. Anyone who wouldn't know the full extent of the apocalypse and wouldn't be used to it. I'll play either role, but have a mild preference for the survivor who's been on the ground since day 1.
immune survivor x guard/escort
• especially if we can think of a good reason for her to be reluctant and not wanting to go, though this isn't a kidnapping story. Tough and gruff ex-soldier, ex-con, something like that for the guard? I would love for her to be able to walk among the zombies without them noticing her eventually as long as she's not bleeding or drawing attention to herself (wild gestures, yelling, etc).
immune survivor x scientist
• I would prefer this set 5-6 years into the apocalypse. Definitely gunnin' for an age gap here since I'd like her to have been in her teens when the apocalypse started (she'll be 19-22 now). I just put this flighty, fighty, and fidgety character together and am eager to use her somehow. She lives on her own, hasn't spent a significant amount of time with another human being in years and she needs a friend. He no longer has a lab, supplies, or any way to try and work towards a cure so it seems like the universe is taunting him that she appears now.
powered survivor x human
• or someone not quite human who's appeared to try and save the world. I play very minuscule powers - accelerated healing, maybe enhanced strength, the heaviest thing I'll do is a weak, sort of unreliable telekinesis. He can have skills that are superior in other angles to make up for it if you feel like things need to be even talent-wise (like being a skilled gunman or having a concerning level of training with a knife, etc). I'm only really interested in role swapping if you're into playing a canon hero.
ex-secret agent [Mission Impossible/SHIELD-esque] survivor x scientist or immune survivor
• Just because my character is more capable as a fighter doesn't mean she's also going to be dominant, the way you survive and your sexual preferences aren't related. She may be great at handling zombies but she doesn't know a thing about long-term wound care, nature survival, things like that, and she needs someone who can keep her from going... dark. She doesn't necessarily always sort out right from wrong properly. He has some of or may possibly be the answer to the end of the world, they just need to get him to the right place/people.
paid zombie hunter/scavenger x leader of a community (or community member)
• need somewhere cleared out or supplies from a city, but don't want to risk your own people? Wait for a cleaner to show up. Six to ten years into the apocalypse little societies have been established, with good borders and growing communities. This means that if you need something from the city, you either have to risk your people or send someone else. It would be good to have him go with her, and they'll spend a few nights in the city where the biggest amount of danger is. How we keep them together afterward is up for debate!
female survivor x multiple male survivors
• Between 2 and 4 dudes. I don't care if she's only with one guy at a time or if there's some group action. Polyamory!
telepath/empath x soldier
• she gets overwhelmed by the residual feelings of the zombies sometimes, but is real great at handling other humans. He's very good at fighting anything. May be willing to swap roles here
horror writer x fan
• I'd be willing to start this at day 0, at a comic convention or something? I'll play either role.
cynical survivor x priest/pastor/whatever
• I won't write a situation where my character would have to stomp boundaries to get him to sleep with her, or where he'll feel guilty and unhappy after sex.
I don't really have a whole lot of an idea but I'd like to play against a cute dude who's super awkward and easily flustered
• gimme a boy with social anxiety who will crack "at least I don't have to talk to people" jokes and then realize it's totally inappropriate and apologize. Explore some generalized anxiety in the apocalypse? Maybe he's a real amazing sniper who seems cool and aloof when someone first meets him but turns out he's a big awkward dork who can't deal with anything social.
are you willing to play a character who's just a Winter Soldier ripoff set in the apocalypse? Hit me up
• Tough guy who hasn't really managed to figure out emotions. A victim of brainwashing from a criminal organization? An enhanced experiment who's only found freedom because of the end of the world? No actual superpowers of any kind except some enhanced strength and stamina.
yet another half idea, where I only know I want to play a gourmet chef
• I think it would be fun. She'd have much higher than average food knowledge, which would be very useful in the end of the world. Real good with a knife, though her general life skills are pretty specific. There's a wide variety of character types you could play here, just suggest and we'll see if it seems like it'll work~
detective x thug/mob member
• specifically I have a preference for a guy who was like, doing bodyguard-y work or roughing people up on command. Doesn't have to be dignified, but he should be good at being... quietly intimidating as opposed to running off half-cocked and overconfident all the time. I'll play either role.
wild west as a setting?
• idk y'all. Desert and crappy guns and horses sounds pretty great to me.
survivor in a fallen community x first responder
• within the first week of the apocalypse. My first responder preference would be a firefighter.

For OC x OC I'm requiring faceclaims. So these are some irl faces I would particularly love for you to use, not that you have to:

These are some faces I like to use; feel free to request or suggest, but know that some gals don't work for some characters:
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