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Jan 3, 2019
The North
All characters listed here are 18 years of age or older.
All faceclaim photos used depict individuals who are 18 years of age or older.

Interregnum {x}
with Kira | {modern, crime drama, supernatural - vampires}​

Quid Pro Quo {x}
with Mathis | {modern, crime drama}​

A City, Darkly {x}
with Wick | {modern, crime drama, supernatural - ???}​
All That Glitters {x}
with Mathis | {modern, crime drama}​

The New Stormcloaks and The Second Rebellion {x}
with Mathis | {fantasy - the elder scrolls}​

The Spider's Web {x}
with Blood and Jokes | {modern, crime drama}​

Vacation to Zombie World {x}
with Wick | {modern, sci-fi - zombies}​
Moonlight {x}
with midknightblue | {modern, supernatural - werewolves}​

Rendevous at Roanoke {x}
with Wick | {modern, sci-fi - zombies}​

My Brother's Keeper {offsite}
with AlistairMajorelle | {modern, crime drama}​
Bound in Blood {offsite}
with Knit_orious | {modern, crime drama, supernatural - demons}​
Nathanielcest: Nathaniel Dies at the End {offsite}
with Wick | {modern, sci-fi - zombies}​

Upcoming Threads:

An Apocalypse, Dorkly {x}
with Wick | {modern, sci-fi - zombies}​

On Hiatus:
If a thread has been autolocked then I'll assume it's on hiatus for the time being. :)

Magic of The North {x}
with SweetNecroholic | {fantasy - homebrew world}​

Dark Riddles {x}
with Giant_Meteor | {modern, crime drama}​

Grieve Not for Your Loved Ones, But for Yourself {x}
with KagerouWolf | {modern, crime drama}​

Hey There, Demons {x} | The Reboot {x}
with Prox | {modern, supernatural - angels and demons}​

The Guild of Assassins {x}​
Monsters, Murder, and Mayhem {x}​
The Supernatural 'Verse {x}​
Homebrew Fantasy:​
The Empire of The Four Kingdoms {x}​
With Wick:​
A City, Darkly {x}​
Worlds with Wick {x}​

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