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Jan 1, 2019
    This is where I will be posting my existing characters. If you have any questions or comments about them I would prefer you send me a PM rather than replying to this thread, as I like to keep these things tidy. Characters will constantly be added to this thread as I am the type to post each one individually as I finish them, instead of wearing my typing fingers out in an effort to get all their bios up at once.​

    Characters seen here will be the ones I specifically create to join particular roleplays, as well as the ones I create freely and am hoping to put to use somewhere. If you don’t see a character here that you like but feel that we would write well together, know that I’m totally up for the two of us creating our characters together, from scratch.  Occasionally, I will recycle my characters, a.k.a use them in multiple storylines with multiple users. Due to this, I absolutely do not appreciate people being possessive of my characters. Unless we are close friends or our characters are absolutely, incomprehensibly in love, I generally am not going to save a character solely for use with yours. Think... Romeo and Julian.  :imd:​

      My characters tend to be all over the place. Some of them are created for story-driven plotlines, others for more sexual scenarios. We have tops/semes and bottoms/ukes.  We have kings, vampires, college students, boys-next-door, mad scientists, priests, and more. With settings ranging from medieval to post-apocalyptic, there’s a lot going on here and I like to think, something for everyone.​

    As always, all art used here belongs to its respective owner/creator, unless otherwise stated. Additionally, all characters are 18+.​

Now I suppose I’d better get to writing.​


Jan 1, 2019

              Name: Owen Crawford
              Commonly Known As: Father Owen
              Age: 38 years old
              Birthdate: June 28th
              Star Sign: Cancer
              Occupation: Priest
              Sexuality: Bisexual, practicing celibacy
              Role: Top
              Applicable Kinks: religious themes/settings,
                    sexual frustration, chastity,
                    foot play, begging, scratching, hair pulling,
                    clothed sex, public settings, age difference.
              Strengths: virtuous, optimistic, committed, reliable,
                    honest, intuitive, charming, warm, accepting.
              Weaknesses: guilt-ridden, self isolating, stubborn,
              Likes: selflessness, herbal tea, riddles,

                  cleanliness,  woodcarving, origami,
                  caring for plants, soft music, spicy foods.
              Dislikes: public transportation, loud/crowded places,
                alcohol use, clutter, celebrity worship, bigotry,
                entitlement, stepping in bubblegum.


              Race: Human
              Build: Tall with broad shoulders, but lean overall.
              Height: 6’3”
              Hair: Rich chocolate brown, kept tidy at a short-
          medium length.
              Eyes: Unseeing. Always closed. Prone to dark circles
            if he’s up too late  worrying, praying, or both at
            the same time.
              Complexion: Beige
              Tattoos: None
              Piercings: While he no longer wears earrings, each
                  of his ears are pierced three times, a small
                  reminder of his younger days.

A Brief History:

    Owen hadn’t taken religion seriously growing up. It wasn’t until his teenage rebellion phase-and later a party, underage drinking, him offering a friend a ride home, a terrible accident that left him blind and his friend six feet under- that he met a priest for the first time, while lying in a hospital bed. Father Nicholas visited him daily while he recovered, and weekly while he served his time in a juvenile detention center. By the time of his release he finally realized there was a god, a god who’d protected and loved him through all of his misdeeds, a god he’d ignored for nearly 20 years of his life but intended to serve for all the years he had left. A god that’d given him a purpose, a rebirth.
    Nowadays, Owen himself works and lives as a priest. The majority of his time is spent listening to confessions, celebrating mass, visiting the sick and elderly, providing marriage counseling, performing funerals, witnessing marriages- you get the drift. He focuses on living sin-free while also leading, teaching and assisting his local community.
    Outside of services and other priestly duties, Owen prefers not to go out much. Not because of his disability- he’s adapted to his lack of sight over the years and has a service dog, as well- but simply because he still struggles a bit with choices he’s made in the past. He has a bit of emotional baggage -i.e guilt- that he’d rather not thrust onto other people, so while he enjoys helping others, he prefers to do it while keeping them at a distance.

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