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Feb 3, 2019
United States (EST)
Hey there, I'm JimothyKudos. Call me whatever you like from the username if it's too long for you. Just know, none of it is, in any way, related to my real name. Or even gender. I've got an Introduction thread with more about me and it involves my interests. I've also copy-pasted those interests into my profile too.

I don't do Smut RP until I get REALLY comfortable with whoever I am RPing with. I'm absolutely self-conscious of how I RP smut. I do have some friends I can do it with without them judging me but I'm a lot more wary when it comes to meeting new people. It took me about 1 or 2 years to get used to people I do RP with elsewhere so don't PM me if you're all about smut right off the bat. I don't like it.

On another, note: I don't play OCs or Canon/OCs. Nothing against OCs, but I'm not the creative type. In my past, whenever I did make OCs for myself, they felt too generic and boring to me. I'm sure everyone else's OCs are fine but I prefer just playing canon characters that I know against other characters in the series or even crossovers sometimes.

I don't want to make this long at all but I'll list down the anime/games/cartoon ships I'm more leaning to play but as I've probably mentioned somewhere or other, I'm not good at coming up with legit plots or storylines, so I'd definitely need some help. I'm more of a go-with-the-flow type of RPer if I had to describe myself. And reliant on others. People probably don't like that so I'm not really expecting quick PMs or replies to this. It's more of a just-in-case.

All Those Ships!
Red means Preferred Character I play
Blue means I wouldn't mind playing either/or


One Piece
Sanji x Roronoa Zoro
Sanji x Usopp
Coby/Koby x Helmeppo

Detective Conan/Magic Kaito (Aged up 18+)
Kudo Shinichi x Kuroba Kaito
Kudo Shinichi x Hattori Heiji
Hattori Heiji x Hakuba Saguru

Ranma 1/2 (Aged Up 18+)
Ryoga Hibiki x Ranma Saotome
Ryoga Hibiki x Tatewaki Kuno

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Aged up 18+)
Jounouchi Katsuya x Seto Kaiba
Jounouchi Katsuya x Ryou Bakura

South Park (Aged up 18+)
Stan Marsh x Kyle Broflovski
Craig Tucker x Tweek Tweak
Craig Tucker
x Stan Marsh
Kenny McCormick x Leopold "Butters" Stotch
Clyde Donovan x Craig Tucker
Clyde Donovan x Tweek Tweak
Clyde Donovan x Stan Marsh

Invader ZiM (Aged up 18-20+)
Zim x Dib Membrane (The drama revolving around this ship though. Big oof.)
Torque Smackey x Dib Membrane (I'm interested in Jock x Nerd/Loser dynamic)

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Aged up 18+)

Sokka x Zuko

Crossover Ship/s (Aged up 18-20+)
Dib Membrane x Dipper Pines


Kingdom Hearts (1/2/3)
Axel x Demyx
Axel x Saix
Axel x Vexen (sue me)
Luxord x Demyx
Vexen x Demyx (their dynamic in 3 was GOLD)

Team Fortress 2
Scout x Sniper
Scout x Rivaling Team Spy (meaning not Dad Spy)

Ace Attorney
Phoenix Wright x Miles Edgeworth
Larry Butz x Miles Edgeworth (Listen....Larry played Edgeworth's FAVORITE character once, so give me that)
Apollo Justice x Klavier Gavin

Persona 4 (not really in the mood but I only have one ship and here it is)
Yosuke Hanamura x Kanji Tatsumi


BBC Merlin
Arthur Pendragon x Merlin


Harry Potter
Ron Weasley x Draco Malfoy

Yeah, I don't really read too much books or watch much live-action TV shows to really have a whole list like I did with anime/games lmao and I haven't been in the mood for most of these. It'll take a lot of convincing to do to get me to consider. PM me if you have questions on which. Sometimes my moods change.
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Feb 3, 2019
United States (EST)
Rarely, I come up with ideas/prompts for RPs, so I'll be putting them into this post as I think of them while posts beyond this one will probably be bumping when I'm allowed to. I like to do AUs and a lot of these are based off of AUs but some COULD be done in Canonverse, depending on the fandom. Keep in mind though that these are more prompts than well-thought out plots. As stated above, I'm more the type to go-with-the-flow then I am at thinking ahead of time. I'd definitely need help and will do my best to be open to any ideas for the RP if it gets too boring.

Red Titled ideas means I'm Craving it the most


Modern Zoro/Sanji AU Idea
Zeff buys a building for Sanji to be in charge of by making it a sister restaurant on land (as opposed to the one he will still have on the sea) to rake in more money. The building USED to be a store that Zoro frequented but either the business wasn't doing well or the family that owned it moved so they sold the building. Zoro could start off skeptical and maybe a bit petty or something. As I prefer the Sanji role and would not be the one with Zoro's role, it'd all depend on you for what he does/how he'd act. It could start off either while Sanji is having the place re-modeled/renovated or about a week after the opening. In that time, Sanji would have rented out an apartment so he wouldn't have to commute from the sea Baratie to the land Baratie.

Angels/Demons AU
No plot. Could be thrown in canon-verse.


Merman/Human AU (2 Ideas: and I'd prefer to play merman Shinichi)
Preface: First off, this would likely be just the two characters unless we really need to use other ones. Magic exists in this AU and is somewhat based a little on Disney's The Little Mermaid. At least when it comes to human objects retaining their forms underwater. Like paintings, books that haven't lost their pages, etc.

The merfolk are wary of humans. The merfolk can also act as 'sirens' but mostly to defend themselves unless they're the type to like luring and drowning humans. Shinichi won't be this sort but will have a fascination with humans based on books (Sherlock novels lmao) that have been lost to the ocean's depths.

Idea 1:
Kaitou KID steals some jewel or other as he usually does on a cruise ship but via gliding away, a sudden storm hits out of nowhere, sending him to the sea. Shinichi saves him and brings him to a remote island's grotto. The island is 'shark-infested' (they live around that area so it's their home). Shinichi is acquainted with sharks so they don't bother him much though they'll be wary if Kaito treads the deeper waters.
The island has a beach side and a cliffside (where the grotto/cavern Shinichi brings Kaito to is located) as well as some greenery where foods such as coconuts, green bananas, mangoes, papayas and gooseberries can be found. Trees range and could be useful to build shelter or tools with, same with stones. Wildlife are sparse and mainly consist of birds, fish, crabs (mostly hermit), turtles and some lizards. There are bugs but mostly the flighty kinds and spiders.
KEEP IN MIND: Kaito has a fish phobia! Despite this, to 'help' Kaito, Shinichi will be the one mostly hunting the ocean for fish to feed Kaito lmao
This is the cavern/grotto I have in mind:

Idea 2:
This idea would require one of us to play a few other characters, but mainly Jirokichi. For a long time, Jirokichi has believed merfolk exist and at some point pays a willing group to hunt one down. He has an aquarium room built with a large tank in the center of it and eventually the hunters return with a rather hostile Shinichi in tow. They manage to wrangle him into the tank that also has assorted saltwater fish bought from stores inside it, Jirokichi believing that would be enough to make 'his' mer feel at home (spoiler alert: it doesn't).
Shinichi doesn't speak to his captors, but he is very watchful whenever they're in the room. Jirokichi does learn the hard way that Shinichi eats fish whether they be alive or not and gets a feeding schedule set up. About a month later, Jirokichi becomes in possession of an expensive jewel and wanting to lure Kaitou KID with it, places it in a case, then into the aquarium Shinichi is in before bragging about it to the world and outwardly challenging Kaitou KID to try stealing it. Shinichi will be hiding and nowhere in the shot of the video or camera, but he becomes the unwilling 'trap'.
Kaito will have to case the place so he probably dons a disguise and maybe he's hired as help (butler or other) at the manor. He'll meet Shinichi most likely since he'd be a new face Shinichi has never seen in the manor before. I haven't worked out too much more about this one.


Modern Day Continuation/Reincarnated Arthur
My Preferred Role: Merlin

Idea 1:

Merlin lives in a self-made cottage of sorts near the Lake. His 'family lineage' owns the forest property (meaning people cannot destroy it without his permission). The cottage has two bedrooms, one master bathroom and a regular bathroom, living room, kitchen/dining room, an attic that has a sort of telescope sticking out of the top for star-gazing. On the outside, there's a vegetable and fruit garden as well as an orchard of apple trees. Arthur had been reincarnated about twenty years ago without Merlin's knowledge and he has his own life in London, and many new friends (some of which are the knights reincarnated as well) None of them have any of their old life memories at all. It would be up to you what his father's occupation is as well as Arthur's own if he has any.

On a dare while on a camping trip with some buddies, he goes to spend a night alone deeper in the forest, past a No Trespassing sign. He comes across the little cottage and decides to have a look, finding the door unlocked. Depends on what you want his morals to be if he enters or not, but Merlin eventually comes home and finds him (unless of course, you decide to have Arthur hide for some time).

Idea 2:
Like above, Arthur is reincarnated without Merlin's knowledge, has his own life and new friends, etc. One summer, they all decide to go to a Renaissance/Medieval Faire where Merlin is working and playing....well the role of 'himself' from the believed-fiction Arthurian Legend. It's a small job he does when the Faire comes around and gives him a bit of money although he does other jobs around the city that don't tie him down. He also does a lot of art and has a stall he tends to while 'roleplaying' that have paintings, finely-detailed figurines like fairies/dragons/unicorns etc, clothes and plush magical creatures. One way or another, they meet there.


Dib-ducted! AU Prompt
It speaks for itself, really. An adult Dib gets abducted by a random species of alien known for abducting creatures from other planets and sold as either pets or slaves in a big, old shopping mall. Think like those pet shops in malls only with assorted kinds of species from different planets instead of puppies. Dib wakes up and finds himself naked and in a container, wearing not only a collar that would deliver shocks but also a speech blocker. These can be taken off only by the purchasers. In this case, it would be Zim.

Dib is not a happy camper, understandably. He's Naked & Afraid and also very angry even if he does realize he's out in space with proof of aliens existing. Partner can play Zim however they want him to be and whatever reason he decided to purchase a human. There will be heavy trust issues and Dib will not be submitting or friendly from the start.

While this sounds like a dark RP, I really don't want there to be forced/non-con sex or even Stockholm Syndrome. I'm not into that. It is a matter of trying to bond and understand each other. I do expect Zim to eventually take off the collar and speech blocker to do so and show Dib he could trust him. Slow burn is fine. I'm never in a rush to do smut so if you want smut off the bat, please look elsewhere.

My Preferred Role: Dib Membrane

Glamping in Gravity Falls
On a whim, Professor Membrane decides to go glamping (luxury camping) with his wonderful children as a means to show them the scientific wonders of nature without taking too much of their precious electronics away. Not from his daughter, at least since he knew there would be repercussions if he took her precious Game Slave systems away. His poor, insane son Dib on the other hand? That was another matter entirely. Clearly, Professor Membrane believed, that his son needed a well-deserved time away from that foreign child he kept accusing of being an alien.

Speaking of Dib, he was absolutely livid about the trip but begrudgingly caved and decided not to fight (too much) since it was a rarity his father took more than one day off from his own job. Maybe it could be fun? They were camping in the woods and perhaps Zim wouldn't do anything while he was gone for a while. He does find out while exploring that the town itself is connected to paranormal sightings and his interests are peaked even further. He finds his way to the Mystery Shack where he meets another boy, Dipper Pines, who has similar interests as him.

Note: I haven't watched all of Gravity Falls but I'm willing to if I actually get someone interested in this. But I'd prefer it being just two characters until I'm familiar enough to try my hand at RPing any others. Partner is, of course, welcome to play roles if they want to. I'd likely be doing Gaz and Professor Membrane if the occasion calls for them though!
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Feb 3, 2019
United States (EST)
This area is where I'll putting my RPs for people who are curious about how I write/play.
Red is my role.


Doom Rooming Rivals with gen101394
Pairing: Dib Membrane x Zim
Cartoon: Invader Zim
Genre: College/Slice-of-Life, Sci-Fi/Supernatural, Continued Canon (18+)

Into the Unknown with gen101394
Pairing: Dib Membrane x Zim
Cartoon: Invader Zim
Genre: Sci-Fi/Supernatural, Slice-of-Life, AU (based off this Tumblr idea)

Flawed Design with Dangerwolf1
Pairing: Dib Membrane x Zim
Cartoon: Invader Zim
Genre: Sci-Fi/Supernatural, Slice-of-Life, Continued Canon (18+), Dark/Grim/Sad Subject Matters
TW: Mentions of Suicide Attempts, Suicide Thoughts

Earth's End with Dangerwolf1
Pairing: Dib Membrane x Zim
Cartoon: Invader Zim
Genre: Sci-Fi/Supernatural, Continued Canon (18+), Dark/Grim/Sad Subject Matters
TW: Earth is Exploded, Dealing with Loss, Depression, Suicide Mention

Protect Me with Dangerwolf1
Pairing: Dib Membrane x Zim
Cartoon: Invader Zim
Genre: Sci-Fi/Supernatural, Feral Zim AU (Lands on Earth when Dib is Adult), Dark/Grim/Sad Subject Matters
TW: Depression, Suicide Mention

Dib-ducted! with Dangerwolf1
Pairing: Dib Membrane x Zim
Cartoon: Invader Zim
Genre: Sci-Fi/Supernatural, Dib Abducted AU, Dark/Grim/Sad Subject Matters, Space Travel
TW: Likely as Above

Two of a Kind with Kanra
Pairing: Kudo Shinichi x Kuroba Kaito
Anime: Detective Conan/Magic Kaito
Genre: College Life, Slice-of-Life, Crime-solving, Continued Canon (18+)


Will Butting Heads Blossom? with gen101394
Pairing: Ryoga Hibiki x Ranma Saotome
Anime: Ranma 1/2
Genre: Alternate Beginning

Conflicted Feelings, Destined Partners with kira
Pairing: Kudo Shinichi x Hattori Heiji
Anime: Detective Conan
Genre: Canon-Compliant

Homeward Bound with GinKitsune11220
Pairing: Roronoa Zoro x Sanji
Anime: One Piece
Genre: AU

Conquest For A New Realm with ideduce
Pairing: Arthur Pendragon x Merlin
Show: BBC Merlin
Genre: Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Continued Canon


Two Sides, Same Coin, New Era with Mathis
Pairing: Arthur Pendragon x Merlin
TV Show: BBC Merlin
Genre: Modern-Day Continuation/ Arthur Reincarnated

Kaito's Stranded Island Adventures with Sei
Pairing: Kudo Shinichi x Kuroba Kaito
Anime: Detective Conan
Genre: AU

Linked By Fate with Athena
Pairing: Shinichi Kudo x Kaito Kuroba
Show: Detective Conan/Magic Kaito
Genre: Continued Canon (18+), Survival/Escape, Mystery (Detectives & Criminals)


A Lovely Day For A Walk with partner who hasn't transferred
Pairing: Roronoa Zoro x Sanji
Anime: One Piece
Genre: Canon-Compliant

It's Been Centuries with partner who hasn't transferred
Pairing: Arthur Pendragon x Merlin
TV Show: BBC Merlin
Genre: Modern-Day Continuation/ Arthur Revived

Accidentally in Love with Ideduce
Pairing: Jounouchi Katsuya x Kaiba Seto
Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Genre: Slice-of-Life/College Life
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