Josiah LeClerq aka The White Raven

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Jan 3, 2019
The Gates of Midian

Name: Josiah LeClerq aka The White Raven
Age: Late twenties, birthdays have no meaning to him.
Height: 5'10
Likes: Certain skins, anatomy, chasing his goals.
Dislikes: If he told you it would hours before he finished.

About: There isn't much known about Josiah's early background. He once mentioned his father was a preacher who was often nicknamed the Sinister Minister for reasons unknown.
A graduate of a well regarded university he is a talented pathologist but his fondness for it is far darker.

Josiah's main goal is to cheat death and create the ultimate race. His ability to harvest organs without leaving a mark aids him in this goal and if he does find a person who he feels is 'special' he isn't above taking their skin to create his own leather.
He can also teleport himself but due to the drain of energy he keeps that to a minimum.
Oddly he hates cruelty to animals and is highly supportive of banning fur and cowhide. A merge of acid and incense is a weakness, burning not only his skin but his insides also.

He is arrogant and doesn't like being questioned. He does however have a softer side, it simply takes time to find it.

His name comes from his passions and also before he has a pet raven named Lenore.
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