Kabar Brannigan


Jan 3, 2019
East Coast USA

Personality: Kabar is best described as stoic. He never complains, he seems like he is made of rock. He seldom shows emotion and he only speaks if he feels it is important. Due to being picked on all his life he was by nature a loner. Seldom making friends or even seeking the company of others. He has a rather mercenary outlook. How does it benefit him. Even so he will do what he can to keep others alive. Simply because he hates to see people on his side die. So in his own way of thinking saving people is to his benefit, as long as the risk to himself is minimal. He has a sort of boyscout motto, be prepared for anything, especially things unexpected.

History: Kabar was born on a naval base, his father a Marine. Before he was a teen his father died in a training accident. His mother and him had to move off post and a couple years later she married a lawyer. She had two more boys with her new husband. Kabar had been named after a fighting knife and it had been no end of cause for harassment for him. His step father disapproved of all the fighting so Kabar never got along with the step-dad. Almost constantly being harassed at school or home he saw no reason to seek friends. On his 18th birthday he enlisted and a year later he was in a combat zone.

The Marines taught teamwork and a sort of brotherhood among the Corps. His name though continued to haunt him. He always seemed to be in trouble, so he did what was needed and did it well. Still he made no real friends. After his training he did his year overseas in a combat zone, he was shot at and fired back. He saw buddies in his unit wounded and a few killed. Even though he was part of a unit, he never really made friends. He pulled his own weight and often more as he was no slacker. It was fourteen months before his 'year long tour' was up and he was due to cycle back to the States.

During a stopover in Germany he heard of some new video game off post. In one of his rare moments of commandry he let his buddies talk him into going along to check out this new sensation video game. After signing documents and listening to some talk they were lead into a large room with dozens of other people. Lead alone into a sort of booth he was soon in some weird looking pod? Something was wrong with the air and he started to panic, he was unconscious within moments.

When he woke up, he was laying in a grassy field? He sat up to an awful headache, he remained seated for a while, slowly taking in his surroundings. This was so strange, the grass felt real, his fingers pushed into the dirt and the dirt felt and looked real? He at first thought he had been abducted but why toss him in some field. The trees were scattered and well they looked like Germany from what he had seen of it anyway?

He noticed a woman and two men South/West of him. He heard another woman? At least he assumed the moaning was from a female? All the people he saw looked about how he felt, none were his Marine buddies though. So abduction did not make any sense? He heard the sounds of a bubbling stream to the North/East. That was canceled out when he heard howls from the East, he had heard wolves before and those sounded like wolves?

A man's voices he had not seen to the North/east called out "I see wolves!" The fear in his voice was very real. Kabar stood slowly getting his balance, he saw the three people to the South run, the woman closer to him ducked under some fallen tree and was crawling back in among some boulders. The fellow who had shouted could be seen climbing into a tree.

Kabar figured that was the smartest thing to do, he yelled out "don't run! Climb into the trees." He himself moved away from where the women was hiding so as not to draw attention to her. The tree he moved behind though was covered in thorns so he wasn't climbing that!

The howls grew closer, he could not see much but he heard at least three wolves around the tree the man had climbed into. He saw four wolfs run past to the South chasing those who had ran. Ryder was looking for a branch he could use as a spear or club when he heard the woman that hid screaming. He hear clothe ripping and looked to see how bad off she was. That was a mistake!

One of the wolves had been circling around the woman to try and flank her position it saw Kabar and charged. Kabar spun away and threw a spinning side thrust kick into the wolfs ribs, just behind his front legs. It was a solid kick and the wolf whined as ribs had broken, a few poking through the fur! Kabar kicked him in the same spot twice more. Driving the broken bones into the lungs and heart. The wolf never rose after that.

Kabar found a mostly straight branch he could jab with and moved toward the screaming women. he saw one of the runners, a smallish man had climbed into a tree. One wolf was below circling. The other running man had two wolfs on his tail and was going to get run down soon. The woman who ran must have been fast because she was nowhere to be seen! Kabar moved toward the screaming women, keeping the stack of fallen trees between him and the wolf.

The woman had found some good sized rocks and was throwing them at the wolf. He had been hit at least once! The woman's jeans and shirt were torn though and she was bleeding as well. Kabar stabbed at the wolf's body from under the deadfalls, hitting him and getting his attention. With the women pelting him with stones and Kabar stabbing him with the stick, the wolf tried to just dodge being hit. He failed and died.

Kabar helped the woman out of her hole and they maneuvered to attack the wolf circling the tree-d man to the East. She pelted it with stones from one side of the tree and kabar attacked with his stick/spear from the other side. The wolf died quickly. The man climbed down and gathered stones himself. The three walked toward the other man in a tree. The woman leaning on Kabar who was in the middle. He suggested a plan, he would move slightly ahead and keep the wolf at bay with his stick as the other two threw their stones. It had worked before after all.

So the three approached the wolf noticed them just as horrible screams were heard from the West. The person was out of sight but those were blood curdling death screams! Someone had been caught. The man waivered but the woman was resolute. Kabar continued forward. The wolf was mildly intimidated by three people and backed away. The man in the tree dropped on the wolf's back and grappled the beast. Kabar jumped forward and jabbed the wolf with his stick.

Kabar introduced himself "My name is Brannigan, does anyone know where we are?"

The woman shook her head "Nancy Mulligan, I sure don't. I was playing a new game with my boyfriend and I woke up here? I don't even know where Paul is? She looked West where the screams had come from with a worried expression.

The man who had grappled the wolf stood "My name is Kevin, I am as lost as you, I got into that game pod and the world closed in around me. I woke up here. I don't remember seeing any of you getting into line?"

Walter, and those other wolves might return we should get out of her." He started walking South/East. Kevin followed.

Kabar spoke up, "Nancy here was bitten, we should clean and bandage her wounds before we move on. You two want to wait up a bit."

Walter kept walking, Kevin shrugged "She might slow us down, better to keep moving." That was indeed what they did as well.

Nancy was about ready to cry, "you best getting going, might as well save yourself as well."

Kabar didn't waste time answering her he took off his shirt and used a sharp rock to cut it so he could tear it into strips. He tore her pant leg so he could see the wound. I heard running water North of where we were. We should wash this out before we bandage it. It doesn't look to be bleeding anymore." he checked the claw marks on her left arm and nodded "Lets find that stream and clean these before we bandage them.

As they walked Nancy pointed out some plants "That is comfrey, collect some of that and I can make poultices to make those cuts heal faster. So Kabar harvested the plants as she kept limping toward the stream. The stream was fast moving but not very deep. It was clear though and they drank from it. After they drank, they cleaned her wounds. Nancy made the poultices and Kabar helped place them and bandage her leg and arm.

The next few days they moved North/East, hiding from some short evil looking guys (goblins) and losing the wolfs, using stinkweed to cover their tracks. With hurled stones they managed to knock down a few birds and small animals. Kabar found some flint and they managed to build a small fire each night. Cooking was a bit primitive but Kabar had been a boy-scout and Nancy had been a girl-scout so they were making out okay. At least they were finding water. Between berries and a few small animals they were able to get something to eat.

On the fourth day they entered a forest and soon walked upon a dead person! He had odd ears and was dressed like a cosplay elf? He had two nice looking swords and a canteen with some water left in it and some flaky soft croissants. Those tasted divine! Each of them took a sword and they took what supplies they could. Kabar used the sword to dig and they made a shallow grave, covering it with rocks from nearby. It just seemed the right thing to do.

Unknown to them they had been watched. More cosplay elfs closed in as they finished and those swords were taken back. The two were taken to a village of elfs and within time learned they were actually elfs. They were no longer home! This was a very different place. The elfs took good care of them and gave them jobs to do. Kabar proofed useless with a bow so they gave him an old crossbow. He went hunting with the patrols. Nancy got a job at the Inn.

When some traders came through Kabar hired on as a guard and Nancy hired on as a cook. The traders moved on North skirting Oline and going to Belasara. Kabar learned more about the world and fighting along the way. Once in Belesara He would hire out with groups to clear out dungeons, gaining equipment and weapons. Learning something about magic as well.

He Lost track of Nancy, she had begun dating a shopkeeper and they had parted friends. he signed on with Traders as a guard returning to Elwood. He stayed among the elfs a while and learned more of magic use. he had found working as a caravan guard and the occasional dungeon crawl with adventurer types paid well.

He was in Belesara when he heard of the demons showing up. he had made his way back to Elwood to warn the elfs. In all his time here, He had never made many friends, just moving from group to group. The elfs of Elwood though had helped him, not only teaching him many things but helped him adjust to this new world he had happened into. If he owed anyone here anything it was the elfs of Elwood.
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