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May 9, 2019
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May 9, 2019

Andelia is the most technology advance continent there was and may still be as of date. A land that thrived in the expansion of an industrial revolution through steamworks; thanks to many Gnome inventions and Dwarven crafts. As such, most of the continent offers little natural beauty opposed to the known wildlands that the Empire pillaged through, enslaving those of the lesser Amazonian tribes on their way. Andelia was the last and only continent to been able to put up a suitable resistance to the forced aligned, conquered races under demonic rule with its advance firepower of cannons, and other manmade objects of gunpowder(flintlocks, bombs, and muskets.) In the end, that wasn't even enough to merit their fate like the many before them.

With the fall of Andelia, the Empire had turned it into their primary homeland. With the age of technology, those enslaved were allowed to continue to make contributions over the span of years and such has been used to slowly benefit the other continents for the sub rulers of such realms. Even through the following 500 years of 'peaceful' rule, there has been little to no further breakthroughs. Now the capital Old Warren serves as a centerpiece of rule, where shadows creep and treachery lurks around every corner.

Inhabiting Races: Originally: Humans, Barbarians/Amazons, Gnomes, and Dwarves. Now all sorts of races given the Demonic invasion and main forces of the Horde, along with the imports of slaves they brought with them.

GM Note: This is where the game is taking place.

The continent known as Respain is the homeland of the demonic factions. Once the lands were fertile and thrived with life, but through the centuries of warfare it has been ravaged and desecrated. Many creatures and tribes have become extinct and others were on the verge of similar fates. There remains a few forests and former fighting has been restricted in taking place in such as they are the only lingering hunting grounds to offer any source of food to the two largest of factions. To the north beyond the mountains and swamp lies the grand citadel of the Terahearts. To the south, in a plains between both forests, and close to the mountains, is the keep of the Cerabuhm tribe. One of the few remaining villages of the Beast Masters lies to east beyond the mountains and river that cuts through both forests. Valuable resources from both of the mountains are also near their limits and the Terahearts have even estimated that this continent will become nothing more than a graveyard in a short span of years to come.

With their alliance with the Cerabuhm tribe, the combined demonic groups have managed to escape the fate of potential death upon that dying rock of land.

Inhabiting Races: Demons

GM Note A known motherland to demons.

Gandona is wild, fertile, and brimming with life. The lands are untamed for the most part and idea for crop raising in the eastern grassy pastures. At first glimpse anyone can mistake it for paradise, but many dangers lie in wake; something the first human settlers have stumble upon from their explorations to new worlds. Deep within the northern most forest lives savage brutes known as trolls. Although they are not known to leave their habitat, much, they do not take kindly to any other races barraging into their territory. The villages close to the northern forest are proof to such, but some could also argue that they may of fallen to the other wild tribes that live within Gandona. Orcs who once live within the sandy plains have made their territory known after venturing to the south to claim the fertile land for their own. Their structures are not as well made as the human camps, living mostly in tents or hovels of houses. They have taken an aggressive approach to the human settlers, enslaving many into their ranks and some have sent out scouting parties to further explore the lands below. So far the three remaining human villages have avoided the radar of these raiders, and two still try to get by in farming as another makes their survival out in hunting and fishing. The goblins are one of the few that have not make the adventure below, finding safety in the caves of the mountains to the north, fearing the monstrous sandworms that lurk in the deserts below them. There are other brutish fiends that roam the lands and beasts that make their living within the forests, sands, plains, and mountainous terrain.

With the expedition of the Demonic Tribe, Gandona quickly fell under their control. The discovered human villages were the first to fall, most whom surrendered peacefully; and news of the primitive tribes led to them being targeted next. Of course, the Orc tribes united with other factions after seeing the threat of the demons; although through years of warfare, many Orc tribes became traitorous and soon begun to unite with various other factions seeking a similar immunity from the demonic fiends invasion. This marked the first step of a rise of power to an unified Horde.

Inhabiting Races: Horde, Rat People, Bearmen, Humans(through expedition), Demons(through conquest)
GM Note: A known motherland to the Horde.

Nividale is a continent that is connected within Gandona along the western region. Once it was filled with primal beauty; with the invasion this changed. Trees butchered, land seized, settlements built. Creatures of the forest and swamps hunted for sport and game, many humanoids being turned into slaves. This was where the first movement happened between the unified front of the Horde, they were the ones mostly responsible under the rule of the demons to bring Nividale into their clutches.

The wild tiger people, wolfmen and lizard tribes were the first to fall, either being enslaved or forced into servitude when their swampy or forestry terrain was invaded. The elves were next, the wild ones that dwell freely within the forest fell victim to the large army that occupied just outside their woodland habitat. The high elves were next, no manner of magic or finer weaponry saved them from the unbreakable legion. From there the Horde went about capturing and hunting other natural and wild species through the lands, they built homes within the forest, near lakes and streams and close to the mountainous terrain in the north. Similar terrain leading to caverns and underground home where the Drow made their living, such would be next to be overthrown when they refused to serve the demons.

Inhabiting Races: Elves, Drow, Satyrs/Fauns, Minotaurs, Lizardfolk, Tiger People, Wolfmen, Wild Humanoids, Horde(through conquest) Demons(through conquest)

An icy continent that few species dared venture to during the ongoing wars of an united front. Vendile has its set of icy forests where many elves and trolls make their homes within, mountains that driders and giants are said to dwell, planes, hills, and lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams alike. Some aged creatures had built cities, the known vampires for one whereas the lycans hold their own barbaric, smaller settlements. These frosty lands held many perils, a haven in which those that could survive its climate had to struggle from other dangers. At a time it was consumed in conflicted between vampires and lycans; though this changed with Xeo Teraheart's invasion upon those frozen lands. A demon leading an army of undead, who made sport of the lycans by giving them options to serve him in living or in death. Naturally they refused, their leader mercilessly slaughtered and revived through the dark necromancy arts. These poor hounds would not be the last of victims; the conquest would later force the vampires into submission and joining along with condemn many other natural residents of this continent into a life of servitude or death.

Inhabiting Races: Demons(Conquest,) Vampires, Undead, Lycans, Driders, Frost Giants, Frost Trolls, Frost Elves


May 9, 2019

Old Warren
Old Warren, the former capital of the humans, was once a large enterprise specializing as both a valuable trade district within the kingdom and that of entertainment. Now it is the center hub of the new rulers for the pass half millennium. This city is known as one of the largest within the continent of Andelia, easily filling up the size of three cities in one. It was never started out this way for that matter. In the beginning it was a simple fisher town like many others before it that may of been nestled close to the ocean; though through the course of years with the alliance from the dwarves and gnomes in the upper mountains from it and the inventions that followed, Old Warren was one of the first to achieve an industrial revolution and thus became the capital of the humans. It grew, it thrived, and inevitably it expanded. As the start of the technological cycle it drew attention from other human nobility, in time it was flourishing with all sorts of people seeking a better life; and for nobles, having whatever was new was always a game, to compete with others. Due to this, more housing were built and the city was greatly divided to compensate for the varieties of status.

Now it is ruled by the Empire and other races that had aligned themselves to the demon menace.It serves as the centerpiece where most negotiations go these days and where many of the sub rulers of various lands meet up to pay their contributions to the reigning Emperor. Now it seems to have grown more busy with visitors with the rumor of the ailing of the Emperor and the suspicion of who may take the throne next. Alliances are slowly being made as some eagerly wait in the shadows to make their move to be the next ruler of the world.



Market District
One of the centerpieces of the city is the Market District, it has not been touched much in the technology field, keeping a rather look of older, medieval craftsman buildings to it. Most of its streets are paved and one can find all sorts of shops and vendors at stalls; of course, maybe without humans maintaining them as the rulers over the Horde do wish for trade to continue. With the port, trade can be maintained with the other continents and thus various wares are continuously brought in and out of the city.

There is also an area where train tracks run through the Market District, most of which still being used to this day to transport goods in and out of the market place.



Auction House
This is where all the private and arena slaves are put up for auction. Thanks to the ports within the city, many slaves come in with ease upon vessels, from all sorts of continents. Those awaiting to be sold find themselves within the dungeons underneath the Auction House. The interior is rather simple with a podium for the merchandise to be show cast to the audience. Many seats are lined up for those seeking purchase to rest. Slaves can be acquired through coin or valuable trade and sometimes it isn't uncommon to see some trading slaves for other slaves.

Noble Quarters
This was where all the rich once prospered, greedy nobles seeking to promote their self worth. Their district is proof of that, many new inventions from light posts to more steam engines that aid the district with power along with the few fancier shops one may fine here. Of course, one will also fine plenty of smoke filling the horizon in this area from all the coal and iron being burned to maintain whatever amounts of power for those machines. Presently, it is not as bad as it may had been in the past, the only continuation of such use is merely made by those that seek to learn or care for such technology. Many higher society invaders now make a living here, given the life of luxury from former nobility that reigned in this portion of the city.

A place where many once flock to try to gain forgiveness for the many sins they may of committed. Today, the Cathedral has been ransacked and violated; now serving for other means of entertainment than that of a house of worship. Many public slaves are brought here, serving their duties to keep those that cannot afford slaves of their own entertained and feeding other soldiers morale for their services. Their handling is often over watched by that of a demon, to ensure that they may not become too tarnish to lose any value. Those that bite off more than they can chew are forced to compensate and if failure of such, well, their heads serve as examples on the many pikes outside from the Cathedral.

This district of the city had served the middle class, thus most of its buildings are well maintained but far from anything really fancy in comparison to the noble quarters. Many homes are fitted with fireplaces and the means of lighting must be maintained by that of candles given the lack of technology boom here or the inability for former commoners to afford it. Now this district is filled with many individuals of moderate social statuses and few of the other various outside races that may won any property here out of favoritism from demons.

The arena is the main source of entertainment within the commons and still used today after the invasion. The only things that had changed were the contestants, now various creatures and humanoids either fight to the death for the audience or other rules are established where the defeated may find themselves assaulted/violated before the crowds. The arena itself is pretty common as far as interior goes, many stands line the area and down below is completely sanded in. Two gates allow for the contestants to enter at either side. The arena also has dungeons below where contestants and beasts alike are kept, unless said contestants are also property to someone else.

The worse of places any can make a living within, the slums. This had been a common home for the riffraff of society and to maintain the population, that of an underground labyrinth had been made as well; connecting itself with the nearby caverns to the dwarven and gnome settlements. Now the slums are a home to the lesser races, goblins, drow, and vampires alike have made the underground portion and nearby connecting caves their homes after the fall of the dwarves and gnomes. Barbarians and wolfmen mostly reside within the city portion of the slums.

Clock Tower
The only real sight of present technology that the slums ever gained, the first of buildings really that the dwarves brought over along with the aid of the gnomes. The clock tower continues to work even today, the bells that chime loudly at every hour and can be heard dinging through all of Old Warren. For those living in the slums it is a nightmare and it isn't uncommon for some to wake from their slumbers at each hour. Worse, staircases leading to the top had crumbled with age making sabotaging it even harder to impossible to accomplish.
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