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Info about rps to keep in mind go here.

#5F9EA0 - greenish/bluish color

#6183A6 - steelbluish color
#A4618F - pinkish/reddish color
#917bbc - purplish color
#7F9A65 - steelgreenish color


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Quotes to remember...
i'll protect you with my life, trust me - kakashi
people's lives don't end when they die, it ends when they lose faith - itachi
violence, if it's not solving all your problems, you simply aren't using enough of it - kenpachi



* it's amazing what baking can do*

Write out the posts here. From now on change the colors of the words depending on what best matches the picture I use.

Lamia Redgrave
Latvia Litchfield
Kudo Kurosaki
Christopher Montrose

Your superhero name is:
The Wonderful Moustache

You were a humble worker at a chemical plant – but when an evil gangster accidentally knocked you into a vat of poisonous chemicals, you were transformed beyond recognition! Now, your powers will help you track down the gangster responsible for your strange new life!

Prehensile Moustache - You are able to manipulate and control the hairs of your moustache, extending them into separate limbs that can battle or even throttle opponents!
Now, you protect Otisburg from large gangs of worrying clowns, while also battling the evil plans of Jack Terminus!


The Moon in the Box - name of Akihiko's book that won the award in ChibiMonkey's rp with me.


Undercover rp ---
Celestial race/species where each celestial being has a certain 'being' they identify most with. Their powers stem from whatever being they make a connection with and they also obtain certain aspects of that being in their human form, should they want to make use of them.

Celestial Butterfly. Kudo Namikaze. When in his human form, he has butterfly wings that disappear into his back and can reappear at will, allowing him to fly. When he transforms, he becomes an actual blue butterfly.

Celestial Scorpion. Lana Namikaze. When in her human form, she can make her ears very pointed and sharp, which can be used as a weapon if desired. She also has a scorpion tail that protrudes from her butt when she wants to access it and this tail can be used as a deadly weapon and also carries poison that can be inflicted on an enemy should they get too close to the tail or if she tries using the tail to strike out at others. When she transforms, she becomes an actual scorpion.

Celestial Fox. Aoi Namikaze. When in his human form, he can make his fox ears, tail and eyes appear, which can be used at his discretion. They are much better than human ears and eyes and even allow him to see in the darkness and hear things from a great distance. When he transforms, he becomes an actual fox.

Celestial Fox. Lamia Namikaze. When in his human form, he can make his fox ears, tail and eyes appear, which can be used at his discretion. They are much better than human ears and eyes and even allow him to see in the darkness and hear things from a distance. When he transforms, he becomes an actual fox. But he does not realize he is a Celestial and not an actual human. He was kidnapped as a baby and found by a human and raised as their own. Apparently, someone from the Lab found out about him and kidnapped him from his adopted family to experiment on him.

Due to this, he has ended up obtaining a special power, aerokinesis, something no one else in his family has.

Test before text disappears...
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Elijah & Stefan
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊┊
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┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
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┊ ┊

✷    ✷        ·   ˚ * .      *   * ⋆   . ·    ⋆  ✷        ·   ˚ * .      *   * ⋆   . ·    ⋆     ˚ ˚    ✦   ⋆ ·   *      ⋆ ✧    ·   ✧ ✵   · ✵   ˚ ˚    ✦   ⋆ ·   * ✷        ·   ˚ * .      *   * ⋆   . ·    ⋆     ˚ ˚    ✦   ⋆ ·   *      ⋆ ✧    ·   ✧ ✵   · ✵     ⋆ ✧    ·   ✧ ✵   · ✵    ·   ˚ * .    ✷        ·   ˚ * .      *   * ⋆   . ·    ⋆     ˚ ˚    ✦   ⋆ ·   *      ⋆ ✧    ·   ✧ ✵   · ✵  *   * ⋆   . ·    ⋆     ˚ ˚    ✦   ⋆ ·   *      ⋆ ✧    ·   ✧ ✵   · ✵

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My post will go here.
After a nice dinner with his parents Eric had spent the majority of his birthday bar crawling with his friends. That was probably why- despite the spike of panic making him feel like he was sobering up- his first response to finding his apartment door unlocked was to go inside instead of calling the cops. The lights were off, but he wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing as he'd never been robbed before. When he flipped them on, bracing himself for the worst the best he could, given that he was still struggling to stand up straight, he breathed a deep sigh of relief when he saw that everything seemed to be in place. Slowly, he made his way through the apartment, flipping on each light as he went, and time after time the rooms appeared to be the same as they were when he left. That was, until he made it to his bedroom.

There was something extra there.

"What the fuck?" Squirming helplessly on his bed was what appeared to be a man, dressed in a latex suit from head to toe. Moving closer, he could hear a faint hum from the vibrator buzzing away inside the suit, but he didn't have time for his drunken brain to put that together before he noticed the note taped to the bound man's chest. Pulling it off, he scanned the words and while it answered some questions, he'd be lying if he said it didn't leave him feeling more confused. The letter was from his old roommate and best friend, letting him know that he'd snatched up that 'cute barista' he'd been eyeing all semester. From there, he explained that he'd hacked the bound man's email and gotten three weeks off work for a 'family emergency', and that he'd left 'all the toys he could hope for' as a secondary birthday gift.

End post here.

COLOR SPEECH KEY: Non-mains || Main Character Name || Secondary Character Name

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✷    ✷        ·   ˚ * .      *   * ⋆   . ·    ⋆  ✷        ·   ˚ * .      *   * ⋆   . ·    ⋆     ˚ ˚    ✦   ⋆ ·   *      ⋆ ✧    ·   ✧ ✵   · ✵   ˚ ˚    ✦   ⋆ ·   * ✷        ·   ˚ * .      *   * ⋆   . ·    ⋆     ˚ ˚    ✦   ⋆ ·   *      ⋆ ✧    ·   ✧ ✵   · ✵     ⋆ ✧    ·   ✧ ✵   · ✵    ·   ˚ * .    ✷        ·   ˚ * .      *   * ⋆   . ·    ⋆     ˚ ˚    ✦   ⋆ ·   *      ⋆ ✧    ·   ✧ ✵   · ✵  *   * ⋆   . ·    ⋆     ˚ ˚    ✦   ⋆ ·   *      ⋆ ✧    ·   ✧ ✵   · ✵


Oatmeal (3 days)
Cereal and milk (2 days)
Eggs, bacon and toast (2 days)

Lunchmeat sandwiches w/apples/bananas and yogurt (3 days)
Ground beef chili & chips w/apples/bananas and yogurt (1 days)
1/2 grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup w/apples/bananas and yogurt (1 day)
Velveeta Mac and cheese tunafish sandwich w/apples/bananas (1 day)
Ground beef, Velveeta Mac and cheese sandwich w/apples/bananas (1 day)

Pork Loin sandwich with mashed sweet potato/cauliflower mix w/apples/bananas on the side.
Pork Loin stew with sweet potato, carrots and cauliflower w/apples/bananas on the side.
Pork Loin wraps with sweet potato, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, beans and cubed pork loin w/apples/bananas on the side.
Smoked salmon stew with sweet potato, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli w/apples/bananas on the side.
Chicken sandwich with mashed sweet potato/cauliflower mix w/apples/bananas on the side.
Chicken stew with sweet potato, carrots, cauliflower mix w/apples/bananas on the side.
Fish sandwiches w/mashed sweet potato and apples/bananas on the side.
Bunless cheeseburgers w/mashed sweet potato, broccoli and apples/bananas.

PB and banana shake
Fruit smoothie (Blueberries, peaches, mangoes, bananas, pineapples)
Deviled eggs
Carrots and dip
PB & Banana sandwich
Banana w/PB
Apple slices w/cinnamon
Hot Chocolate
Orange Juice
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K O U J A K U aka F L A M E

* it only takes one spark to light a fire inside you*

Latvia sighed and looked out across the large city that spread out beneath him like a beautiful map with lights. It was currently night and he was currently sitting on the edge of one of the many tall buildings around him and gazing down at the city. He didn't care much for his power and wished he had a different one. Creation wasn't really all it was cracked up to be and although it could be convenient at times, he wanted something more offensive. Or for that matter, active. Like Night Storm's. Hell, that man could fly.


K U D O aka I C E

* sweet as sugar. hard as ice. hurt me once. i'll kill you twice.*

Latvia sighed and looked out across the large city that spread out beneath him like a beautiful map with lights. It was currently night and he was currently sitting on the edge of one of the many tall buildings around him and gazing down at the city. He didn't care much for his power and wished he had a different one. Creation wasn't really all it was cracked up to be and although it could be convenient at times, he wanted something more offensive. Or for that matter, active. Like Night Storm's. Hell, that man could fly.


Peachbottom's rp about College Student/Teacher/Vampire Academy ---

About Lore ---

There are portals that lead from Lore to other worlds and dimensions, including the human world. Lore is just like the human world but with the existence of supernatural creatures and powers within humans.

The ruling body in Lore is known as the Circle and is comprised of six beings, five of which tend to vote on matters to see what will pass and what will not. The Circle is made up of 2 powered, 1 human, 1 vampire, 1 demon and 1 angel. One of the powered is known as the Oracle and has visions of the future and as such is the one in charge. The others are the ruling body and vote on matters.

Powered are born and reside in Lore and that particular world accepts everything supernatural as being normal there. 50% of the population are humans and 50% of the population are supernatural beings. There are only 5 different types of species in Lore: humans, vampires, demons, angels and powered. Powered is a special hybrid of all the races combined (demon, angel, vampire and angel). They don't need blood nor get irritated with sunshine. They are strong creatures with unique magical abilities. They are also very rare. Even if your parents are Powered it doesn't mean you'll become Powered. Same thing if you're parents are vampire, angels, demons, humans, you might turn up Powered. No one knows specifically how Powered are created. Something to do with blood mixing.

Powered are the only halfbreeds that exist and are accepted within society, there are no other halfbreeds in existence. Not that it hasn't been done before. Usually any time that the bloods are mixed between the races mysterious beings are created. However, they always have short chaotic lives and never survive longer than a few years. Powered are the one species that defy this.

Demons are the main threat in Lore because they don't like to abide by anything and have their own agenda. The only place that is safe from them is the Circle as it is a neutral place. They abide by the laws of the Circle for now, since there is a demon within the ranks, but nothing/no one else can usually stop them.

Demons' end game? They want to abolish the circle and rule over everyone as they please with complete power. Or have the Circle be composed of only demons. They only agreed to the Circle because they wanted to see how it worked, so they can divert the power of the others over to the demon race eventually. They dislike being ruled more than being pushed into the shadows. The want to live their chaotic lives as they wish. They despise the angels and Powered as they've kept them at bay. They don't mind the humans much because they are weak and helpless against them. But angels and the Powered are their true enemy. Vampires are a sore spot as they feel like vampires should be on their side. They want to destroy all the angels, have the vampires cross over to their side and want the Powered and humans to be their slaves.

Also, anyone who gets in their way will be tortured and then killed.

The School System ---

The school system of Lore is comprised of two parts. The first is what is known as 'colleges' which everyone is inducted into when they turn 13, mostly because powers tend to get out of control at that particular age. If it happens before that, parents can inform the college and get their children accepted earlier into the place. There are different types of colleges parents can send their children to. The MultiCollege which encompasses all the species, the Vampire College that only allows vampires to join and the other species have their own private colleges too.

Once you graduate (in 5 years when you turn 18) from your college, you are put directly into the last level of education, known as the Academy. The only exception is if a student hasn't gone to the MultiCollege and wants to take a year to see what they can learn from that particular place. Regardless, once the year is up, they are put into the Academy. Or they are put into the Academy directly after graduating from a species college.

The Academy trains younglings in their appropriate skills for 3 years before sending them off into the world. It makes them select a path to pursue and then trains them accordingly be it as a bodyguard for others, a hunter, a peacemaker, a warrior or anything else. Once you graduate from the Academy, you are given a certificate signed in blood and considered to be an adult and officially able to start working for Lore and its residents and make a living on your own.

Characters ---

Aizen Suzumura:
Telekinesis & Creation.
Very skilled & powerful in Lore due to his studies, training and experience with problems.
He is part bodyguard & part hunter, having been at the top of his class in both types.
Is also the current best alumni from both the Powered College & the MultiCollege in Lore and is now a part-time teacher.
Main purpose is to get back to Lore.
Is a top.

Latvia Redgrave:
Vampire who goes to Vampire College but wants to graduate and go to MultiCollege to learn more.
Is a top.

*Copycat: If he's hit by a power from someone else, he absorbs it and is able to use it as his own power. If he's hit by the same power a second time, he'll take the normal damage anyone would take if they were hit by the power. But if he's hit by a different power, he'll absorb that one and lose the previous one. ETC. And if he doesn't get hit by any power within a month's time, his power will randomly change to something else, which he hates.

All vampires have super-speed and super-strength and can hypnotize humans and others for short periods of time as long as they are able to stare into their target's eyes for a minimum of ten seconds straight without their target blinking. But each vampire has a special power that no other vampire has that sets them apart and makes them unique.

Lamia Redgrave:
Vampire who goes to Vampire College but wants to graduate and go to MultiCollege to learn more.
Is a switch with a preference to bottom.

**Healing: Lamia can heal any injury short of death with his blood but the larger/worse the injury is, the more blood he needs to compensate and he can only use so much blood before he runs out or passes out.

All vampires have super-speed and super-strength and can hypnotize humans and others for short periods of time as long as they are able to stare into their target's eyes for a minimum of ten seconds straight without their target blinking. But each vampire has a special power that no other vampire has that sets them apart and makes them unique.

Peachbottom's Character 1:
Is a dhampir who is half human and half vampire who lives in the human world. Now, back at Lore, dhampirs don't exist.

Peachbottom's Character 2:

Plot ---

One day, the oracle Powered sees MC1 existing in a different plane from Lore but somehow is connected to Lore at the same time. The oracle Powered sees MC1 getting attacked by demons, which results in the devastation of the entire vampire population in Lore. Fearing the worst, the Circle decides to send Aizen out to rescue MC1 from the demons before they attack and bring him back to Lore. The Oracle puts a vision into his head as to what MC1 looks like and Aizen goes and finds MC1 and brings him back to the portal but he can't open it for some reason.

The reason is mostly because it's being blocked by the demons who reside in Lore to keep MC1 from getting to Lore. But those back in Lore don't know this expect Aizen to return soon with MC1. With no way to contact Lore and no way to get back to the world, Aizen has to find a way to get back to Lore with MC1 before it's too late. He starts trying to teach MC1 what he needs to know in the human world, so that when the portal opens back to Lore he'll at least have a headstart.

However, eventually the demons attack, although not as many as the Oracle had told him about and shown him inside his head.

MC1's best friend (MC2) starts to wonder what's going on with MC1 when he starts spending more and more time with Aizen. MC2 tries to get them to put some distance between eachother but when that doesn't work, MC2 ends up spying on MC1 all the time. Just to ensure he remains safe. When demons attack MC1 he tries to help but ends up getting hurt, although MC1 doesn't see him at the time. Later on he confronts MC1 when Aizen is gone, only to have TONS of demons converge on them. This is the attack that the Oracle foresaw. MC2 tries to protect MC1 and MC1 tries to contact Aizen. Aizen comes to help, ends up saving both of them and then the portals opens after the demons are killed.

Aizen realizes the portal was being blocked by the demons magic and now that they are dead, it's open again. He and MC1 go through after a goodbye to MC2 but what they don't realize is that MC2 has no intention of staying away from MC1 as he still doesn't trust Aizen that much. Or rather he does trust him now but he's jealous of his relationship with MC1, as MC2 has been MC1's best friend all his life and Aizen has only just come into the picture. Aizen and MC2 come out of the portal and head off to the main city of Lore, the capital called Karazhan. MC2 comes out of the portal fifteen minutes later and the portal closes behind him.

Aizen and MC1 head to Karazhan and MC2 tries to figure out where they went etc...

Eventually, Aizen & MC1 meet the Oracle & Circle, discuss things, it is decided that Aizen will look after MC1 and help him through the School System. They start this and meanwhile, MC2 has his own adventures, where he eventually meets Latvia & Lamia and ends up in the School System too. I'm thinking Latvia or Lamia saves him from something or someone in Lore.

Once we get to this point we can discuss what we want to do next. But this should give us enough material to work with for now!


Information goes here to store for posts that are logos....

The Lab:
Koujaku is going to try and get Takato but when Takato says he's busy, he goes for one of the other best. Marie is another person that has had great success with helping gifted escape from labs.

Takato Ono. Lifeguard during the summertime and employed by the government as a hacker during the rest of the year. He is a Powered who has super-strength & speed but tends not to use them unless he has no other choice. Part of him wonders if the government knows he's a Powered or not, sometimes he thinks they do know but other times he's not so sure. Regardless, he thinks even if they do know he is one, they let it go because he works for them already. Yes, it might not be as a Powered but the fact of the matter remains that he still works for them in some capacity. He loves the water and swimming is one of his passions. He is one of the best and top 3 of the Underground (an organization dedicated to helping gifted escape from labs) who help gifted escape from labs.

Marie Brown. He is a Powered who has control over all forms of light & darkness. He is actually a double agent and works for the main branch of the Lab and also for the Underground. The Lab that G, Keigo, Raven and Charlie are a part of is a supporting branch of the Lab that reports to the main Lab on a regular basis every month. He is one of the best and top 3 of the Underground who help gifted escape from labs.


Gay Power Among Us w/DeeShadium:

A powered with 10 different personalities, each one with a different power:

Marie Steele - The original personality that is playful and friendly but who usually doesn't come out too often. His power is telekinesis.
Blaze - Indifferent and uncaring. His power is electrokinesis.
Flame - Masochistic. His power is healing.
Ice - The main personality that usually is flirtatious and charming. His power is shapeshifting.
Mink - Arrogant and ambitious. His power is telepathy.
Akito - Serious and responsible. His power is mind control*
Yoko - Shy and insecure. His power is teleportation.
Aoi - Tsundere. His power is aerokinesis.
Noiz - Confident and aggressive. His power is truth***
Romio - Sadistic. His power is Time Freeze.**

*mind control - he must make a person stare into his eyes in order for it to work. the control is limited to one order and after the person carries out that order, the effect is terminated. its weakness is that it won't work if someone is blind, they close their eyes or they look away from him.

**time freeze - he can freeze time for up to an hour. but past that, time will resume whether he wants it to or not. he can also unfreeze time within that hour whenever he wishes. when he freezes time, everyone and everything also freezes too.

***truth - whenever he asks a question, people can only answer with the truth. its weakness is that if they choose not to answer, he cannot force them to. but if they do answer, they will always speak the truth to him.

Information goes here to store for posts that are logos....
Lamia Redgrave, Latvia Redgrave, Koujaku Kurosaki, Akito Harukaze, Minato Namikaze, & the names from The Lab...

The water...

Koujaku wasn't entirely sure how everything worked with the Divine Swords, as he'd only heard of the tales and had never experienced it on his own. But he knew enough to help ease Kosuke through the transition of being chosen. So, hopefully that would be enough for now. Koujaku glanced over at Falman as the man spoke, asking about who they were and if he was gifted like Kosuke appeared to be.

He decided to try and get some more sleep now.




Not to mention, the people were fun to be around and he liked doing their hair.


Ever since.

There’s no such thing as a painless lesson. They just don’t exist. Sacrifices are necessary. You can’t gain anything without losing something first. Although, if you can endure that pain and walk away from it, you’ll find you now have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle - a heart made fullmetal. -Edward Elric FMAB Episode 64 Journey's End.
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Information regarding rps are stored below these written words.

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[ Dee Shadium ]

Lamia's power is fire and ice but he usually only uses the ice part because he doesn't want to draw attention. He is naive when it comes to sex and sexual things, other than the things he's read about or seen on TV/on youtube. Lamia also is shy and doesn't know how to hold a conversation well, which sets him apart from others. Sometimes people think he's almost emo but he doesn't mean to be. He just doesn't know what to talk about or what to do when he's with other people. Latvia and Cade are the only ones he can really talk to with ease. And now that Latvia is gone, he's closing off a bit more. But he still goes down to the farmer's market to sell his ice creations every weekend and loves to interact with people. Even if he can't hold a conversation for too long but at the farmer's market he doesn't need to as he's a vendor not a talker. What he really wants is for Latvia to return home, as fending by himself is hard for him to do.


Latvia's power is copycat but it has its limits, he can only copy offensive powers or powers that can be used to hurt others. He can also only have one power at a time. The power he currently has is manipulating shadows, as someone froze him in place by grabbing his shadow and then tried to strangle him with it. He left Lamia a short time after their parents were killed and went in search of the culprits. He hasn't been in contact with Lamia ever since, but intends on returning to him after he gets vengeance for them. But one night, after running into a group of Gifted, he was attacked by them, blindfolded so he couldn't use his shadow ability and then gagged as the group raped him in a back alley. He tried to fight back near the end and they slammed his head into a concrete/brick wall and continued to rape him, even when he fell unconscious.

When he woke, he couldn't remember who he was or what he'd been doing, although his ass hurt a lot. He now has a fear of darkness, being surprised/touched and having his mouth too full, although doesn't understand why he fears these things. Ever since, Latvia's wandered about trying to figure out who he is and what his purpose is, not even knowing he is Gifted yet. Eventually, he was found by a restaurant owner and taken in to be given a job to wash dishes, as the owner thought Latvia reminded him of his deceased son who used to work with him. The owner hopes Latvia will develop a talent for cooking and eventually replace him as his heir if all goes well. Latvia likes helping the man out but still feels a disconnect with his blank memories.


Cade's power is shapeshifting, he can shift his form to resemble anything anyone wants, which makes him invaluable as a host at the host club Desires. It is why he is their top host and sought after by almost all their guests. After all, everyone's tastes are different but Cade can cater to ALL their tastes with ease. He also is flirtatious, charming and seductive, essentially he's the whole package. Despite his charm, Cade never volunteers personal information, as he likes to keep those things private. He might talk about what's going on in his life right now, but won't tell anyone any details about things like where he lives, his previous relationships or who his parents are. Those three topics are forbidden.

What no one else knows is that he has never known who his parents were. Cade grew up in a foster system and got kicked out when he turned 18. He took care of himself after that point in time and made a living for himself doing gay porn, which paid extremely well and fast and enabled him to actually survive for a time. It was during that time that he found out about his power. When he was scouted by someone and asked if he would like to become a host at a host club, Cade instantly jumped at the chance. He quit gay porn and started his career as a host and never looked back at his unwanted past. Some of his older employers continue to call him, hoping he will change his mind and come back to them, but Cade always ignores them.


Luke is special and has three powers which is unheard of up until his appearance. He has the power to heal, teleportation and also has creation, which allows him to create any non-living thing as long as he can focus and not get interrupted while it's being created. To create something, he has to have a visual picture in his mind of what the object looks like and also needs to be well rested and replenished (fluids/food). Unfortunately, he doesn't have an offensive powers, so in a fight he's pretty much useless on his own, against someone with powers. Thus, why he's taken up martial arts. But he's still relatively new to the sport and isn't that good at it yet. Luke is from an extremely wealthy family and yet he's not a snob like most sons usually are. He actually prefers to be quite frugal with money and pretty much everything, so no one thinks he's rich or has money at all, due to his personality and actions.

He doesn't even carry his credit card with him and only takes cash. His parents wanted him to have at least 3 credit cards with 100k limits on each of them, but they were only able to persuade him to take one. And he usually leaves it at home. They tried to buy him a mansion to live in or at least a fancy house but Luke instead bought a small house that almost looks like a shack instead, much to their dismay. They made their living off the stock market and became millionaires almost overnight, at least that's what it seemed like to them. Luke wants to become a doctor and is studying up to attend medical school. This is the only thing he will use large amount of money for, he doesn't want debt and so is allowing his parents to pay for his attendance. But he hasn't gone yet as he's still doing research on his own before applying.

Luke is quite friendly and has a very balancing personality, depending on who he is with at the time. He can be energetic and fun to be around with those sort of people. Or he can be quiet and reserved with people who don't like noise. He can be carefree and spontaneous, or can be serious and dependable. Those are the main types of personalities that he has but he doesn't have multiple personality disorder and is not bipolar. It's just that he can adjust himself to make whoever he's with feel more comfortable with him. He has a decent knowledge of everything in the world and is well adjusted socially. Luke's kissed before but he's never gone beyond that, although he knows what to do and is comfortable actually doing it.

Luke is actually Chase's younger brother and disapproves of Chase's obsession to chase boys around to get them to have sex with him. He believes Chase is a sex addict and has tried to get him to go to meetings but Chase ignores him. Luke is a recurring guest at Desires (his one vice in life that costs a lot of money) and is familiar with Cade/Ryu as the two have talked together quite a lot when he's there. Through Cade, Luke meets Daemon and the two end up becoming friends over time.


Eventually... Chase arrives, who is an aggressive guy that presents a problem/threat to Daemon. He's had his eye on Daemon for awhile and wants to have sex with him but can't even get into the club because he's always blocked by the bouncers of the club before he can get inside. This is because they sense an evil energy coming off him. But this evil energy only manifests itself at Club Rose because that's where Daemon is. When he's not obsessed with Daemon, Chase is pretty normal, at least with Luke. No one knows what Chase's power is because they don't take their time to find out and try to steer clear of him. When Daemon leaves the club for something sometime, that is when Chase eventually approaches him. Later on, Chase will end up kidnapping Daemon and Lamia & Cade will end up having to try and save Daemon from his clutches.

Chase's power is mind control but with a twist - he can only control someone's mind after he has sex with them and spills his seed into the other person. And when he does this, he can give the person ONE order (while looking into their eyes) and the person is forced to carry out his order, or is put through such pain they can't help but obey him just to get rid of the pain. It lasts for 24 hours. However, if they manage to resist the intense pain for 24 hours, the persistence to carry out the order is gone after that time. But it is extremely rare for this to happen and has only happened one time in his entire life. If Chase has sex with them again, he can give them an order again etc...
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[ kuroi koneko ]

11. Hands up and On Your Knees!(Dark, Gore, Modern)
YC is the leader of a well-known gang, but under YC's thumb is a police detective that has been friends of YC's for a long time despite being on opposite sides of the law. YC's gang is known for their violence but mostly to rival gangs, such as murder, etc which has gotten YC and YC's gang in much trouble over the years only to have MC manage to pull off getting YC out of hot water. One day, YC finds MC bleeding from what looks to be a stab wound to his shoulder, and written using MC's own blood is the symbol of a rival Gang having found out YC's means of getting away with what they do. YC takes MC to his hideout where YC treats and gets MC back up on his feet due the horrible wound that could have potentially ended his life due to it being too close to a major artery, this being only because YC has some medical knowledge that is used for YC's gang. What YC might find is a nice little pet to keep around and not just as a way to keep YC out of the slammer but maybe even much more the decision of how that is to play out however...totally up to YC.

This is Cade Foster who has brown hair with white streaks. Twin brother of Christopher Foster. Cade is older by five minutes. He has the power to heal and can also manipulate gravity however he wants. If he goes over the limit for gravity, he starts getting dizzy and if he persists he ends up vomiting non-stop. If he goes over the limit for healing, he gets a migraine and if he persists, he ends up passing out. He closes his eyes to visualize the wound internally and uses energy and focus to help knit the wound back together again so that blood can't escape. If he goes past his limit, he can use his life-force to heal but that is more dangerous as if he uses too much of it and isn't able to replenish his fluids and gain the rest he needs, he can die as a result. Cade keeps his abilities secret for the most part, with his followers and enemies believing he's simply using secret advanced technology. He originally wanted to become a doctor but got pushed into a life of crime when his parents were killed in a home invasion and he went out to get revenge. Cade is uke and the leader of the Moonlight gang, who are known to wear all white clothes (including a thin jacket with a symbol of a white crescent moon on the middle part of the back, outlined in black) and don a white earring of a crescent moon in their left ear. He is hiding a big secret though, being that he has masochistic tendencies and needs to experience physical pain to come.

This is Christopher Foster. Twin brother of Cade Foster. Christopher is younger by five minutes, a fact that annoys him to death. He has the power of teleportation and also of Creation, where he can create any non-living thing. He can take people with him when he teleports but that tends to drain him. If he goes over his limit for teleportation, he ends up getting diarrhea, so really tends to avoid this as much as possible and if he persists, he ends up getting sick anywhere from a day's time to a week. As for creation, he can create any non-living object but needs to know the name of it and what it looks like to create it. Creating smaller/larger objects that are simple takes less energy, and creating smaller/larger objects that are more complex takes more energy. If he goes over his limit for creation, he ends up exhausted and isn't able to think fast/well. If he persists, he ends up being unable to move or think at all for a full day's time. Like his brother, he keeps his abilities a secret from everyone else.

He originally wanted to become a model but no one thought he was pretty enough to become one. He got disillusioned by this and teetered on the edge of turning into a criminal but remained on the good side for a short time. But when his parents were killed in a home invasion, that was the straw that broke the camel's back and made him turn to a life of crime, just as his brother did. He is not in the same gang as Cade, as he didn't want to compete with his brother and be compared to him by others. His main goal is to make the gang he's in better than his brother's. Christopher is second-in-command at his gang and actually has come to love the leader of his gang, but hasn't told him. He's loyal to that man more than anything else and would do anything for him. Christopher is seme.


They got their power from a chemical accident.


Mateo. He has amber eyes and blond hair. He's part of the Moonlight gang, the second-in-command, who is trusted by Cade to take care of things in his absence. He is a seke with a preference to bottom when it comes to partners he actually cares about. But he has no qualms with using his body and sex as a weapon against enemies. He is very loyal to Cade and harbors a crush on him but has never confessed to him. He distrusts those who want to get close to Cade and does extensive research on them. He even stalks them for a time too. He cares about the members of the gang and is somewhat possessive when it comes to Cade. No one knows about his personal background/history as he is like a ghost and seems to have no connections/ties to anyone. He is obsessed with gold everything, OBSESSED with gold. He has the power of telekinesis and hydro/cryokinesis.

Parents are archaeologists and were the first ones to discover the bones of an ancient civilization, which made them into millionaires. Mateo disliked having to move constantly for his parents job and add to the fact that they were never at home or had time to spend with him... he started to act out as a result to get attention. But nothing he tended to do had any effect on them, they liked spending time with eachother and with their job more than him. So he ended up running away from home when he was 14. That caused a ruckus and he came home and for a few weeks life was better. And then it returned to normal.

So he ran away again at age 16 and this time stayed away, breaking all ties with them. He quickly learned how bad a life was on the streets without anyone and ended up getting kidnapped by a man who seemed to be nice at the time. But the man ended up raping him and kept him as a sex slave at his house for a year until the man let down his guard once, which allowed him to escape. He would have been recaptured and punished but Cade happened to see him being dragged off and kicked his captor's ass. Ever since then, Mateo started to crush on him and joined Cade's gang, loyal almost to an obsessive point when it came to Cade. After all, he owed Cade his life. He'd have been dead or still living as a sex slave if it weren't for him.

Because of what he went through, Mateo likes rough sex and his body enjoys bondage, collars and chains from his time with his captor. But he will never admit that to anyone. He can fantasize about this while fucking others, so has no problem getting hard to fuck someone. But when someone is fucking him, he can't get off if the sex isn't rough. If someone is gentle with him, he won't get hard and feels somewhat bored, although if he's using his body to get something from someone, he pretends he likes whatever it is they are giving him. However, he is not masochistic and does not like physical pain.

Akira is a cop on the force with Allen and Allen is his hero. He idolizes him and wants to be just like him. He is very friendly, energetic, bright-eyed, eager to please others, stubborn, childish at times when it comes to certain things and always looks on the bright side of things. His parents originally showered him with love at first and he was a happy child. But when they lost money and didn't have enough for the whole family, they gave him up to an adoption agency when he was 14 years old. At first, no one wanted him because he was too old. He was eventually adopted by a couple who wanted to use him for sex and kept him for 3 years until he turned 17 and got too old for them and then returned him to the adoption agency. The second set adopted him to use him as a work slave and worked him to the bone until he'd passed out. As punishment for passing out, he was whipped until his back bled and obtained various scars. They used him until he turned 21 and would have continued to use him if he hadn't decided to run away from 'home'. As a 21 year old, he was now legally an adult and was thinking about living on the streets when he ended up running into a gang. Right when they were about to beat him up, Allen showed up on the scene and stopped them. It was then that Akira made Allen into his hero. And he tried to join the force. Not wanting to be dark and emo, since Allen wasn't that way, he decided to go the other way and became the complete opposite of how he felt.

He is a seme, despite his appearance and personality, as he doesn't like to be on the bottom. It reminds him too much of when his first set of adoptive parents raped him every day for a full three years. He doesn't realize it but he was born with certain genes that essentially creates the power of nullification. Anyone within three feet of him can't use their powers. He doesn't know how to control it at the moment though since he is unaware that he has this 'power'. If he did learn about this 'power' and did learn how to control it, he might be able to rein it in or let it expand.

Kuze is one of the members of the Black Dragons. He is a descendant of the most powerful yakuza family that has ever shown their face on this earth. He has various connections to every major family in existence now. He is very good at blackmailing others and has amazing hacker skills. No one knows his lineage yet but even so many people fear him for his ability to blackmail and hack into things. He is an asset to the Black Dragons and holds the second highest position at the moment, which is the lieutenant position. He is quite sadistic by nature and enjoys bondage, BDSM and making/seeing people suffer/cry, which makes people steer clear of him at all times, unless they are feeling masochistic.

One would think he would be a seme, but he isn't. He is a seke, however he is a very particular one. He likes switching EVERY day and is rather OCD about it. He has to change position every day or else he gets aggravated and won't do it. What no one realizes is that Kuze's family line are all shapeshifters and can shift their shape at will to be that of anything or anyone.
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Interregnum rp:
Info here.

Immortality rp:
Alta - Boat ride to a mysterious isle of ruins.

Someone unknown contacted Niklaus one day when Elijah was out and told him not to tell anyone but that if he came right now to a particular location they were going to give him, he would be able to find out a clue as to where his family might be located. He was given the place and time and instructions on where to go once he got to that particular place. They told him all they knew was that there was someone who claimed to be a witch who lived on a mysterious isle of ruins located in Alta and she might have answers to his question. She was protected by a powerful spell that rendered her invisible to most people (unless she allowed you to see her) and protected her from any who approached by having an invisible barrier/wall constructed before the opening to her home that would only let those she allowed inside to pass through. She actually is more like an oracle and can see the future in small glimpses and calls herself Celeste. But is known as the Oracle.

Niklaus came to the resort island Alta and questioned residents about how to get to the ruins and eventually discovered how to get there, a boat ride. But when he got onto the island he couldn't find the area he was searching for. He went all over the island and still couldn't find it, until one day a long time afterward -months or years-, he finally came up against the invisible barrier/wall, which happened to be located deep underground in the ruins but inside one of the walls. A place where normal people wouldn't be able to access and only those with powers could do so, as if you place a hand on the wall in that particular spot, it would pulse and then open to reveal a small opening that would lead to Celeste's home. But the barrier/wall was in front of the opening and none could get into the opening to get to their destination. Normal humans, the wall would remain a wall and never open, only those with powers would make it pulse.

No matter what he did or said, he still couldn't pass through the opening and didn't see a sign of anyone or anything living inside the hole. He waited for a long time but no one ever came out either, as he would have known, being parked directly in front of the opening for days. He even slept on top of it to ensure she wouldn't come out when he slept and woke up in the same position. Eventually, Niklaus came to the conclusion that he was going to have to figure out a plan to attract her attention or to pass through the barrier somehow. Or perhaps break the spell. But he obviously couldn't do it alone. So he went back to Alta and started to integrate himself in all aspects when it came to those in power. It didn't matter what power it is, he needed to be part of all of them and with his ability, it was quite easy to do so. Delta Union and Star Signs had potential, so at the moment he was focused on those organizations. His true goal was to learn all he could about spells and how to break them and eventually find a way to get through to Celeste.

He would have contacted Elijah but his singular focus on getting to the Oracle ended up consuming him, so that he forgot to let his brother know he was fine. And it was kind of nice not being with Elijah all the time. Elijah tended to 'hold him back' in a way, as whenever Niklaus lost control and turned violent, Elijah would always be there to rein him back in. Now that he was on his own, he could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted without fearing he'd upset Elijah and get reprimanded by him. But he also missed him too.
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