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Jun 27, 2019


I'm Kiri and welcome to my request thread!


First things first I suppose, I am ALWAYS open to new ideas and fun things to try. I love creating fun and unique characters, so sometimes they may be just a little out there. But don't get to scared, they don't bite...well some do but only if you're okay with that kind of thing ^.~

My Little Devil ♥
Devils are categorized by the amount of souls they collect. The more souls you have the higher the number you get. MC is a very low ranking devil with only a whooping 10 as a number. She has a love for humanity and tends to feel sympathy when it comes time to kill them. YC is the next human she's assigned to steal a soul from but this time it's not just her affection to humanity staying her hand. It's something more.

From Childhood till Now
Growing up together MC and YC were close. YC was 5 years older than MC and when you left for college it was a heartbreaking experience for MC. Now 10 years later they meet up again when they both come back to visit their families at the same time. What happens now that their both adults and any feelings they had can develop into something more?

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