LittleTreeWolf's Request Thread (Seeking Slave/Pet/Mate)

Feb 9, 2019
Hello, I'm LittleTreeWolf. I joined this rp community when it used to be known as House of Eros. On that site, I went by the username of Akai. Here is a bit about myself.
  • I have been rping on and off for around 15 years or more.
  • I prefer rping through threads, but am willing to use PMs if an rp partner has a strong prefrence for it.
  • I prefer multi-paragraph rps with some shorter ones thrown in when they are necessary. I appreciate good imagery and descriptions of what characters are thinking.
  • I try to check in at least once a day and keep my rp partners up to date when something comes up and I am not able to reply daily. I appreciate when my rp partners do the same.
  • On that note, I like being able to talk OOC with my rp partners to develop a rapport and come up with ideas together.
  • I am comfortable with a variety of settings and scenarios, but I tend to favor reality or fantasy.
  • I don't have a kinks/interest list yet, but I'm open minded and am willing to accomodate or experiment with most things. I have only a few hard no's which are things like excrement/vomit, vore, and non-story-essential mutilation.
  • I am comfortable playing and playing with a variety of different characters: gay, straight, bisexual, dom, sub, neutral, switch, male, female, futa, human, were-creatures, furries, beasts, demons, etc. etc. etc.
Below, I will add my primary characters and specific requests as they come up. If you would like to start a dialogue, please PM me instead of replying to this thread. Thank you very much for reading!

Seeking Mate: The RP that my character Baelrah was involved in seems to have come to a abrupt halt. I'm interested in using him in an active rp once more. Please take a look at his profile below.

Seeking Slave/Pet: I'm currently on the market for a pet for my character Hector Brand (profile below). This character is part of the group rp Elysian, so it'd be great if any interested rpers were also okay with joining the group rp as well.
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Feb 9, 2019
This is information regarding Wolf, my main character for the group rp called "Elysian". I am currently not looking for anything specific for him but if you are inspired, please feel free to send me a PM.

Until very recently, Wolf doesn’t remember a life in which he wasn’t a slave. His earliest memories are of being owned by an abusive master, from whom he was purchased by Penelope Masters. At that time, Penelope was starting to build what would become a huge underground empire dealing in all kinds of illicit trade. Grateful to her for rescuing him from his former life, Wolf did whatever he could to serve his Mistress, proving his worth and working his way up until he was made her second-in-command. However, Penelope suddenly vanished, leaving Wolf not only suddenly without a Mistress, but also the head of the empire she built. Luckly, his years of experience working at her side helped him keep the empire stable and, once he was sure things were running smoothly, he even opened his own underground luxury club in Las Vegas.

However, having spent almost his whole life as a slave means Wolf has had very few relationships of his own choosing. Almost everyone in his life has been a master to serve, a client to please, another slave to take care of, etc. Now that he is the master, for the first time in his life, Wolf finds himself able to make choices about who to share time and intimacy with.

As a slave who sexually serviced both his Mistress and others, Wolf has been around the block, so to speak. He is comfortable being both the sub and dom, though, with his current job, he feels pressured to avoid being a submissive.

Character Name: Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 5’8”
Body Weight/Build: slim with subtle musculature
Hair Color/Style: black, short with layers that may fall over the eyes
Eye Color: dark brown
Skin Color: pale
Race: Korean
Typical Clothing Style: modern, sleek, stylish, professional.

Additional physical appearance details: Wolf has two piercings on the lobe of each ear, usually wearing tiny silver hoops that hug close to the lobe. Until Penelope’s disappearance, Wofl never took off the collar he wore as a sign of his loyalty to her. Once she disappeared and he decided he had to step up, he finally removed the collar. However, he still wears the silver PM charm that used decorate the collar. The charm now hangs on a long silver chain around his neck, usually hidden under his clothes.

Position Desired In RP: Hades, owner of Elysian, head of his inherited underground empire.

Personality: Wolf is usually patient, collected, and observant. He was unshakably loyal to his Mistress. Even now that she is gone, loyalty is still the value he holds most strongly to. He is loyal to his Members and his Staff, doing what he can to look out for their best interest, and he expects the same in return. However, Wolf has been a slave since he can remember, and he served for a long time under a Mistress who was brutal in her retaliation if anyone ever crossed her. Because of the life he’s lived, Wolf has acquired some ruthlessness himself.

Prefered drinks, food, etc: Prefered drink are whiskey, soju or something else smooth and flavorful for slow enjoyment. If it’s a mixed drink, make it strong but not too sweet.

Sexual Orientation: Flexible.

Sexual Preferences: Originally, Wolf’s preference was for females. However, because of his androgynous beauty, both male and female Clients desired his services. Wanting to serve his Mistress to the best of his abilities, Wolf learned to be with and enjoy lovers of all kinds and genders. Even though he is no longer a slave, Wolf retained this openness and flexibility. However, he does usually prefer to be the one in control, especially if his image as the boss has to be upheld.

When it comes to sexual appetite, Wolf actually viewed sex as an activity he did enjoy, but one that he engaged in for the sake of his Mistress. Whether he was pleasuring his Mistress herself, taking on clients, or training slaves, sex was another part of his job. However, while dealing with Penelope’s disappearance and setting up his own business, Wolf didn’t have much time to engage in sex. He didn’t think much of it until he suddenly found himself feeling something akin to withdrawals. What this means, he’s not entirely sure and is still figuring it out.

Age 13-15
Around age 13, Wolf was owned by a small time pimp in Koreatown. Wolf has no memory of his life before this. He does not know where he’s from, who his parents were, or even what his real name is. Even his age is a guess as he does not know his birthdate. The name he goes by now is derived from a derogatory nickname his previous owner referred to him by, which was basically a demeaning way of saying “wolf pup” in Korean. Instead of hating the nickname, Wolf decided to own it. During this time, his only friend was a girl named Tannis, who was the only person who treated him like a human being.

When Wolf was 15, Penelope saw him and, feeling he had potential, acquired Wolf from his previous owner. This was just before Penelope began building her empire, so Wolf was with her practically since the beginning of her career. She treated him well and he was so grateful to her for bringing him into a better life that he vowed his undying loyalty to her.

Age 15-18
Since Penelope is against underage prostitution, Wolf spent the first few years of his new life being shaped to be the ideal all-purpose pet. He learned skills such as dance and acting to one day please clients, and was also trained in armed and unarmed combat to serve as her guard. When he was 18, he was trained in pleasure before taking on clients. Wolf did everything he could to excel in every aspect of his training so that he could be of most use to his Mistress. He even began taking care of her other slaves and pets as she acquired them, both to make himself more useful, and because he felt empathy towards them. Even though his primary motivation was to repay his Mistress, Wolf was also driven by the desire to gain earn as much respect as possible so he would never again be used as he had been before he’d met Penelope.

Age 18-21
Around the age of 20, Wolf was finally rewarded for his dedication and became Penelope’s right hand and overseer of her slaves and pets. During the time he had been with Penelope, Wolf had not seen Tannis. When he suddenly changed hands, he was not able to tell her goodbye and he thought he’d never see her again. One day, Tannis just so happened to show up at the Masterful looking for work. The two quickly rekindled their old friendship. At age 21, Wolf also became head of security. Because of his many duties, he was rarely given to clients except the occasional VIP who made a special request.

Age 21-25
For a while, things went smoothly. Wolf himself was technically no longer a slave, but stayed faithfully by his Mistress’s side. Business was booming, and Wolf finally had a chance to start finding his own identity in a leadership position. Then, without warning, Penelope disappeared, and Wolf suddenly found himself as the head of her empire. After working incredibly hard to keep the empire from collapsing, Wolf finally felt everything was stable enough for him to get a little change of scenery. He moved to Las Vegas and started up a business venture of his own.
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Feb 9, 2019
This is information for my character, Baelrah, who is of a yet unidentified species.

Baelrah does not know much about what he is or where he came from. He was raised by a human mother who told him that his sire captured her and used her for breeding. His mother got away but not before the monster had planted his seed in her belly. Some time later, she produced an egg from which Baelrah hatched. His mother hid him and raised him, teaching him what she could about fending for himself before taking him to an isolated area and bidding him farewell.

Baelrah lived alone thereafter, keeping away from settlements as his mother advised. However, after reaching maturity, he found himself struck with the urge to mate. From what little his mother was able to tell him, Baelrah understands that his species does not mate in the same way other creatures do. He must find a host into whom he must deposit his egg. His egg will then take nutrients from the mother/host until the egg is ready to be laid.

Reference Images:
Disclaimer: these images are not my own and full credit goes to the original artists.

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Feb 9, 2019
I'm currently looking for a pet for Hector. By "pet", I mean a slave whom he can train in the ways of pet play. The pet would be taught to walk on a leash (sometimes on all fours), to eat and drink out of bowls on the floor, sleep in a crate, etc.

Character Name: Hector Brand

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Height: 6'

Body Weight/Build: Muscular but not bulky

Hair Color/Style: Pale blond, worn in subtle waves that fall past his shoulders.

Eye Color: very light green

Skin Color: light

Race: mixed white

Typical Clothing Style: Hector enjoys wearing soft fabrics that feel good against the skin. Whether dressing casually or more formally, he always looks put together.

Additional physical appearance details: Hector doesn't go heavy on the jewelry. But he likes to be prepared. So, he wears a special belt that, when removed, turns into a leash and a leather wrist cuff that can turn into a collar. You know, just in case.

Position Desired In RP: Hector is a professional trainer of slaves and pets. Although he works for other clients as well, he has recently begun working primarily at Elysian. He trains slaves owned by Elysian as well as slaves or subs brought in by Members.

Personality: Hector loves his work and particularly loves making peopel submit to him. He doesn't have a shy bone in his body and will say and do pretty much whatever he feels like. Though usually cool and collected, he can have a unpredictable streak.

Prefered drinks, food, etc: Hector enjoys luxuriuos delicacies, especially french pastries served with champagne.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Sexual Preferences: Whether it's for work of purely pleasure, Hector enjoys being in control. His particular passion is turning a sub into a pet (as in acting like a dog, cat, etc.). On the rare occassion though and with the right person, Hector may be inspired to be the sub, but only with a partner that especially piques his interest.

Bio: Hector has been a professional trainer and breaker for years. Although he was based mainly in Las Vegas, catering to the rich and famous, he did do some work for Penelope Masters in the past. Therefore, once Wolf moved his base of operations out to Sin City, Wolf contacted Hector and asked if he'd be interested in working for him on a more regular basis.

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