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Jul 13, 2020
First a few Infos about my style of roleplaying!
- open to play both female or male role (I'm female irl, but I like to play male roles, if I feel like it's unlikely that someone can match the character I have in mind without having to godmod!)
- long-term
- smut/story 5/95
- multipara or short replies, depends on the situations and how much there is to say!
- kink friendly
- try to at least get out one post a day, but if I have the time I can also do longer sessions
- not intrusive OOC
Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about my ideas! There'd be three of them to be exact, and they are quite different from one another, so if the former isn't for you, then maybe one of the latter are?

#1 I am currently looking for anyone interested in a modern setting, where my partner would play the role of a general practitioner's recently hired nurse who just got out of school and is now ready for the work life! I'd say she would be somewhere around 26 years old, having jobbed as a waitress after school before she decided to go into the med field.
I imagined her to be quite pretty, long blond hair, attractive face, fit figure, but average in intelligence. Not stupid mind you, but just someone who doesn't take her career to seriously, moreso enjoying what life has to offer beyond that, and that's where she and her superior will be at odds.
See, he'd be someone in his 60's, more old school in approach when it comes to living life, a rigorous worker, out of touch with the youth and always of the opinion that age means experience. In short, he's someone who prides himself with what he accomplished in life. That also means he's quite the strict boss, not a fan of bringing private life to work, seeing his employees on their phone, being of the opinion that they are doing things sloppily, them not treating him and patients with a smile on their face 100% of the time, etc.
His age also leads to some uncomfortable interactions at work, along the lines of unconscious sexism, insensitive behaviour, and whatever else there could be to make him a bother to deal with.
This isn't meant to be a mainly sexual story, moreso the daily life of a woman and her patronizing superior, possibly with him involving himself too much in her private life, as well. Obviously he sees her as attractive and all, but being flirty with her isn't the reason why he'd hired her, rather it's that having an eye candy assistant would be just another sign of status to make his friends and colleagues jealous of him, further boosting his inflated sense of self. He might take her to gatherings and lectureships to pose with his pretty subordinate, but he wouldn't go as far as trying to make moves on her or present her as his private company, he already has a wife his age at home anyway. Personality wise he just can't relate to her, but she's good enough for representation and stories he can tell his friends at the regular's table.
If there is any kind of smut in this story it would come from relationships with patients, doctors she meets at those events he takes her, or possibly some of his friends if they want to try their luck, but whether or not she can be convinced to anything is another question entirely. The one idea I did have fantasies about was something involving one of those other doctors. Maybe she is short on money one month and meets a handsome guy during an event, flirting with the idea of marrying a well-off doctor, but of course her boss wouldn't like the idea of his assistant being known as someone you could score, so he would put a wedge between them. Continuing this trail of thought she might then try flirting with her boss in desperation, only to be told that this is unacceptable and that he is a married man.

#2 I was looking to GM a modern scenario for another player, me in the role of the world and its characters, while you'd be the main character of the show. This would best work with you in a male role, since I really crave doing something a little more drama oriented along the lines of "jaded cop/cop who made a mistake that haunts him". Maybe he is someone who got suspended for some incident, or decided to leave on his own accord, vanishing for quite some time, until he finally decided that now feels like the right time to return home. What awaits him is change, a reminder that time doesn't stop moving even when you're not there. Things don't seem to be going all too well, until he meets that certain somebody!
Doesn't have to be a cop thing either mind you, this would work with other professions or dynamics just as well, just an example to get the mood across!

#3 Stranded on an island or seperated from our tourist group two people are now struggling for survival, an unlikely pair of a young woman and a pensioner who must overcome their differences and beat the odds of this desperate situation, building something from nothing while growing closer!

If by some chance any of this caught your interest in any way, I'd love to continue in PMs
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