Dark Fantasy Horror Straight Looking for 1 on 1 Discord game where Undead/Demons enjoy my heroines

Mar 28, 2022
As the title says, I am looking for some fun 1 on 1 roleplays in Discord (I can install other chat software if needed) for long, detailed roleplays that involve my heroines succumbing to vile supernatural creatures and allowing their bodies to be enjoyed by the beings for nefarious purposes. I can work in a series of one shots, or something drawn out over multiple scenes, etc. - it all depends on what we come up with.

I tend to favor innocent and naive characters who end up in the clutches of vile demonic or horrific undead creatures (Though every so often I play a bit more strong willed heroine.) I am specifically looking for undead and demon partners for my heroines - every so often I do get requests for more vanilla roleplays, but that is not what interests me.

I prefer things along the lines of: oral sex, breast play, impregnation, mind control, and multiple partners (one after the other, not at once). I prefer the monsters to be quite horrific in appearance (for instance I like any undead to be quite rotted, their bodies infested with squirming maggots and worms, etc.), and I also enjoy using dark magic during the sex (being taken upon an altar during some vile ritual, etc.) I like a dark, eerie, yet still sensual feel to the games as well. I enjoy long, detailed sex scenes with just a bit of story at the beginning to set the scene and give the sex some meaning.

My dislikes (a couple popular ones first): anal, lactation, foot fetish, vore, incest, transformations, she-males/futa, heavy bondage, pain, torture, mutilation, snuff, water sports, defecation...mainly the really hardcore stuff.

For the actual style of play, am looking for free form (i.e. no game rules such as D&D, etc.), but with a bit of a GM and player role - where I take the role of a player, i.e. my character, and you would be the GM, having the whole world as your sandbox to control other characters, etc. I write in the 3rd person and will usually give 2-3 paragraphs per post.

My discord is erc1971#9943 if you are interested, give me a shout there!

I have written several stories, and here are the links to them - it should give you a good idea of what I like and the feel I am going for. (Links contain no real life pictures and all characters involved in the stories are 18+ years of age)

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