Looking for 2 guys for DP or cuckold themed RP


Apr 15, 2019

Thank you for checking out my barebones thread.
I just joined today and couldn't wait to get in on the fun :)

I started roleplaying nearly ten years ago, and have always enjoyed a long term, storydriven plot with characters and relationships worth exploring.
Lately I have craved some action involving 2 men, which led me to joining Fiction Depot.

My style is fairly descriptive, I put effort into the 2-3 paragraphs I write. I always try to come up with as much detail as I can without godmodding you. I tend to stop when I feel like an action from your character is required. Give me something to work with, talk to my character, take action. I prefer PMs or threads.

So the 2 main ideas I have are:

- roadtrip or roommates. We get along fine and love to party, me being the only girl in the group, some of the guys make a move on me. I may even feel like playing it slutty, having been shared in the past. Either way, I would envision this to be a tale of multiple threesomes.

- the cuckold story would involve someone playing the cuck, and the other guy playing the bull. I am not a domme, my turn on here is the feeling of deceiving my partner. I would be sleeping with a more dominant guy and feel ashamed, until I realize that I am ashamed because I enjoy it. I would try to hide it as much as I can. Then my hubby/bf finds out and we have this big discussion, and it turns out that he is turned on by it, allowing me to continue seeing my lover, perhaps even other men...

If you are interested in similar stories, or feel like you can play both male characters, feel free to PM me.

Hoping to hear from you guys :)


Jan 12, 2019
East Coast USA
Greetings. I would be interested as well. I like the sound of the roommates line. I've never played a Bull but I would be willing to try to lay claim to you over your husband/bf
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