Looking for a DM for a lesbian longterm on Discord.

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Oct 21, 2020
Me and a friend of mine are looking for a DM to control a lesbian monster girl dungeon for us on Discord.
We don't have too many limits but we can talk all about that in the Discord dms.
We will be doing this in a Discord server and we will be using Dicemaiden for this. (If you don't know what Dicemaiden is or what it works we won't have any problem with explaining it to you. It's simple)
The rp will be lesbian (futas are allowed but not as the norm) and the only people participating would be me, my friend and you as the DM.
If you're interested feel free to shoot me a message on Discord!

P.S. We don't care about your irl gender.

Discord: DarkDesires#8993
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