Looking for a Lana Kane

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Jul 13, 2020
If you continued reading this after seeing the title you're probably super down to play as Lana, so let me tell you about the pairings I'm looking for and let's hope that those are to your liking, as well!

There were three pictures in particular which got my mind running:

The first one would be this lovely picture of Lana and Cyril. Obviosly there's the whole dynamic between them of Lana having left Cyril for Archer which could be fun to explore, oh, in addition to the unusual looking, fat cock he got equipped with!

Picture #2 would be this one! I always liked pairing pretty women with unusual matches and so Robert came as quite the nice surprise. Wouldn't it be fun for the two to be locked inside a sweaty room, potentially even with someone else like Cyril or Archer who will have to begrudingly watch as the two build up some sexual tension? With the pairing I also had some fantasies about the relationship when I heard that Robert wished for a child with Lana which she denied. Could be fun to explore that, as well!

Lastly there'd be this rather simple screenshot of Lana probably any guy who watched the show came to enjoy. Not much of a story to cling onto this one, but I'd love to see some luxurious Lana like that ;P

I have no problem mixing all of these things together either, so we don't necessarily have to be locked into one of the prompts!
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