Looking for doubled up One Piece Roleplaying Partners![04/25/2020]

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Jul 28, 2019
Hi there! I am a young adult woman, and I've been roleplaying for quite the years now! I've only been doing it with one person comfortably, so its been a while since putting myself out there to others! Hopefully I find some that will work out with! I'm going to put some rules, though hopefully it won't look too intimidating! And no passwords for this one haha!

So here are I guess some rules or more preferably what would work with me!

1) Style:
Not a fan of script Roleplays. Sorry guys, I do paragraph format. Length wise I can range from a paragraph to a lot! But at the same time I dont' want to be typing a lot only to have my partner to hardly write any. So let me know how much! I would like a nice amount to work with; but I can be fairly flexible with this depending on the amount!

I'm looking for a double sided Rp. So I'm looking for my OC to interact with whoever her crush may be and other characters. And of course its only fair for you to want something like that on your side! I DESPISE those that expect just a single based Rp where they expect and get whoever to play who they want; yet they won't do the same; or will only play the safer gender. Its biased, and I'm not all about that. I'll do my best to play whoever I can! I can do OCXOC, OCXCrush, or maybe even possibly CanonXCanon for your end! Also, I don't mind you controlling small bits of my OC, as long as it isn't out of her character, or you're doing all the controlling.

3) OCS:
I've been just a bit, a tad bit more tolerant to people getting away with over doing their OCS, as in Mary Sues. But if I feel a OC is a sue, I'll be blunt about it. I don't expect you to be forced to change it, but at the same time if I can't work with it that should be respected as well. So lets try our best to balance them out as much as we can! Give them some flaws at least!

4) Replying time:
I'm fairly fast at replying! I don't expect the same back- but of course if you're not going to be able to reply for a while, it would be nice to let me know heads up in advance! So I won't misunderstand or assume you've ditched or didn't get the response.

5) Brewing ideas:
Please, also try to storm up ideas with me as well! I'm not saying I'm perfect, in fact, my partner that I just Rp with, shes the one coming up with amazing stuff always. But it will really bug me if I feel that theres no effort at all on your end if I'm the one being forced to come up with plot ideas and Roleplay ideas. At least if you know what you want to Rp with me, it would be cool to hear an idea or two when you message me so we both have things on the table!

6) If you want to quit:
Dude, I don't mind. Sure it may suck if we were having a great time, but you do you! But please, PLEASE just let me know! Its only courtesy to let the person know at least, right? Just be straight up honest; and it would be nice to know why you chose to quit. Lets be a bit mature about this.

7) Oh yeah, limits:
So far, the limits that I really have are certain fetishes like bathroom/scat, beastiality, and incest is not something I'm hot on doing. But other than that I'm pretty open to whatever! And PS; our RPS must have smut/sexual content; to me it wont' feel complete without it!

8) Love triangles, etc:
Now I'm a huge ass fan of this, the more the merrier as I say! For mine recently I've been having plot ideas involving triangles; so I would hope to find someone to be okay with that since its expected please!. Of course the favor will be returned of course! But if you have a problem with playing multiple interests but yet expect me to do it for you, well you're in for a rude awakening. Or, that you can roleplay two crushes only, but expect me to do four or five well too bad it should be fair and square. The more open you are the more open I will be you know? I think it should be fair no? Unless I'm feeling it which isn't too often.

And also! I'm not expecting a novel for a first impression haha! Just sound a bit enthuiastic when approaching me! I don't think I'll feel too keen when someone goes 'hey I'm mary wanna rp'. To me that doesn't sound appealing or something, just come to me with a positive vibe really!

Now that we have gotten past those boring but important rules! Now I can talk a bit about what I'm looking for specificially and what I know of the anime:

I am caught up with the anime, and know stuff thats happening in the manga, even though I hadn't read it but done some mild research on it. I am open to both canon AND Au, of course maybe AU is slightly preferred to make it easier. Since following strictly canon who knows what will happen since the actual canon anime is far from over!

Now, I am willing to play practically almost anyone for you as a love interest, and of course we share other characters at the same time. But, unfortunately guys I am not comfortable playing my preferred love interests for others! Sorry guys gonna be frank about that!

Love Interests

Portgas D. Ace


Roronoa Zoro[I am willing to play him for you if needed]

Dracule Mihawk[Also willing to play if needed]
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