Fantasy LGBT Romance SciFi Looking for Feminine types roleplays(fxf, fxt, txt)


Oct 31, 2019
A galaxy far far kinkier than this....💦🌟
Hello! I am Aqua Star. For starters, I'm not used to the paragraph style you guys use. That seems to be a big deal for you guys, so I thought it best to tell you that off the bat. However, I'm trying to adapt so I can accomodate all of you. So, if your willing to put up with hiccups, I'm sure we can works something out.

I'm a very fluid person, this my main one, but you might also see something pop up over on gay thread. So I can be any position you need. I prefer feminine types, so thats what I'd like to get out of this. FYI, I consider traps feminine.

Here's my F-List star/
Within you will find my faves, yes, maybe, and nos.

Space Opera
Special Option: Furries. They can be anywhere.

This can be anything. It can be a team thing, a specific ship, or an anthology of ships. As long as it involves marvel and dc. I’m also okay with genderbending characters

Note: Most of these are more like I like the world and wouldn't mind doing something within it. Not that big on canon use, but I can be convinced
Star Wars
Disney Princess
Assassin's Creed

In this world, each mage is born with only one type of magic. Two rivals at a particular academy find an ancient book that reveals away to gain more Magic’s. It requires others to submit body and mind and become part of their harem. Doing so would allow the owner to use their magic. So, the two rivals attempt to one up each other with this spell. However, this much accumulation has the potential to spell disaster.

Can include, but not required: Trap, transgender, futa, furry, anthro, and fantasy races

Potential Kinks: Group, bondage, and corruption.

A thief in a fantasy world steal the won’t treasure and is cursed. Now, monsters are drawn to her and instinctually try to breed with her. Now she must find a way to break the curse before on of these encounters destroys her.

Welcome to a world where man never existed. Instead, the elements themselves rule the land. Everyone here is an anthropomorphize being of a certain element. This can range from natural, metal, stone, or even chemical. However, due to their volatile nature, Elementals must be careful of the company they keep. The outcome could be explosive.

Can include, but not required: Trap, Transgender, futa, exotic cum

In Hell, Imps are the lowest of the low. They have no status or power, even look like common humans. As such, they constantly kicked around by higher denizens of the fiery realm. Only a few ass kissing Imps are allowed to rise, while all others suffer. This is the story of some Imps that have had enough and decide to do soemthing about it.

Can include, but not required: Trap, transgender, futa, furry, anthro

Potential kinks: Corruption, group, bondage

The age where metal and magic is finally upon this fantastical world. Now, alchemists have gone from common potion brewers to creators of horrifying weapons. One team of alchemists are sought the world over for the might their weapons can produce. these are the Huldra Sisters(Our characters)

Includes: Fantasy races

Can include, but not required: Trap, transgedner, futa, furry, anthro

Some people are called to adventure, but before they can get to that part, explorers have to go out and map the place out. That's where the explorers go in. They go in blind and they love. They fight monsters with no idea what they do, encounter naatives with no way to communicate, and go into the wilderness with no map back.

Includes: Fantasy Races

Can include, but not required: Trap, transgender, futa, anthro

To keep things from spilling over from the supernatural to the natural, the forces of nature create bizarre bings from the dead. These are called Muerto's, the undead who were denied peace and are now forced to keep the balance with their unique powers. MC is a veteran Muerto who takes YC under their wing after YCs untimely death

Can include, but not required: Trap, transgedenr, futa

Will include: Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Demons, and other such supernatural races.

I will add my plot ideas periodically. Keep in mind I'll add them on the gay thread too. But whichever side gets it first, both will disappear. No copies. And, don't be afraid to offer your own plot ideas.
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