Fantasy Lesbian LGBT Transgender Looking for Fiery bouts of passion [ FxF / FUxF ]


Mar 6, 2020

Hey folks, I go by Catharsis or Cat. Just returned from a slight hiatus/been a bit sick, but I'm now back more regularly. My pronouns are she/her, for those that care, and I work full-time, spending some of my evenings and weekends either in RP or in D&D.

If you check out my profile, you can get a pretty good idea on what I'm interested in RP-wise. My details below are meant to be an abbreviated version to get the conversation started.

What you aught to know about my writing style and interests:
  • I write in third person past tense
  • I'm most comfortable writing dominant/switch personalities (whether that's Male/Futa/Trans)
  • I prefer playing Futa/Trans F over Males, though I can do M x F.
  • Not into one-liners or a short paragraph. Neither am I interested in novellas. A sweet spot in the middle is where I tend to stay at.
  • I will always want some level of smut in my games, though the ratio can certainly vary and will depend on partners and story.
  • PM's over threads.
Looking for?
  • People willing to contribute and not expect me to narrate/think of everything. I'm not a GM.
  • Open-mindedness when it comes to kinks. I do have triggers (listed in my profile) but I also don't shy away from dark themes or taboo concepts. Let's keep it mature.
  • People that don't mind descriptive/explicit smut when the moment calls for it. It doesn't have to be smut-centric but I don't need people rushing out of a scene just to get it over with.
  • Someone genuinely interested to plot and create a story with. Smut is fun but boring if that's all it is. Let's get creative and twist our characters apart. Until my current craving curbs, I'm going to be pretty open to shorter smut-heavy RPs, so plot can be optional.
  • Players comfortable playing only female characters. If you can play a switch, extra brownie points.
Kinks: rough, passionate sex, risk of/impregnation, risk of getting caught, taboo/dark themes (only with mutual consent OOC), foreplay, some romance (though preferably with twisted elements), creampies, public sex, voyeurism

Limits: age play, daddy/mommy fetishes, scat, vore, gore, heavy BDSM

Plot options (some may have plot ideas) :
My character preference to the left for those that have clear roles. Asterisks (*) mean craving more than others.
  • Queen/Princess/Prince x maid OVERDONE
  • Siblings (step or blood) ****
  • College Roommates
  • Demon x Human
  • Goddess x Priestess/Human
  • Millionaire x Escort **
  • Cult Leader x new cultist
  • Free-use world (M/Futa x F) ****** - If you don't know what it means, PM me and I can share. The short of it is a world where sex isn't taboo in public society. This is meant more for shorter smut-heavy games where we can either focus on one scene or several.
  • Nerd (College) x Tease/Bag Girl (College) ***** - This will also need to be something we discuss in PM since I have an idea already. The type of partners I'm looking for this have to be very comfortable playing switch females, it involves cat/mouse antics, mixed messages etc.
  • Patient x Nurse **** - I do have a plot idea for this too. It is smut-heavy and will require a switch female main character, as well as a cum milking kink.
  • Neighbor x Married Neighbor *** - I've got a plot for this. Interested parties have to be comfortable with adultery, and smut-heavy content.
  • The Family connection ******* - disclaimer: this is a heavy-smut, incest, pregnancy, polyamory based plot. You must be comfortable playing multiple characters as I will be.
Those are just some ideas, right now (since my hiatus) I'm looking for pretty hot and heavy content, if there's someone interested to run through a few options (considering they may be shorter) back to back, then please PM me.

If you're interested, send me a PM, but please don't reply to this thread. Thanks!
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Mar 6, 2020
Looking for a partner for the "family connection" plot. PM for more. It does involve several key kinks: incest, impregnation, polyamory, and you must be comfortable playing multiple characters, I will be playing a few main myself in this plot.
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