Fantasy Lesbian Romance Looking for Futa/F

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Jul 20, 2020
From a cold winter den
I am currently looking for futa's or herms to either use my characters
or to be used by my characters.
I love playing fantasy characters or modern is fine as well.

I mostly like to rp through Pms as they are fasters for
for me to respond.

Post will be limit to a paragraph or shorter.
Please be considerate if I pass on your idea.

List are kinks I like and don't
If you don't see any you like and want to try them
run them by me or if you don't like some
tell me as I am fine with not dying what
people aren't comfortable with.

Looking for:
Boss x Sectary
Demon x Angel
Werewolf x Shapeshifter
Elf queen x Human princess
Princess x Slave
Video Game Character x Gamer
Villain x Princess
Mother x Daughter or Sister x Sister
Virtual Reality MMORPG

Ahegao, Food Play, Foreplay, Ice, Interracial, Multiple Orgasms, Sex Toys, Sexual Exhaustion, Sexual Frustration, Stomach Bulging, Tail Pulling, Teasing, Exotic Cocks, Fangs / Sharp Teeth, Genital / Nipple Piercings, Knotted Cocks, Large Asses, Large Breasts, Large Cocks, Tentacles, Anal, Fisting, Anal Sex (Receiving), Anal Training, Anal Virginity, Fingering (Anal), Gaping (Anal), Prostate Play, Rimming (Receiving), Ass to Mouth, Cunnilingus (Receiving), Face-Fucking, Face-Sitting, Fellatio (Performing), Fingers in Mouth, Kissing, Oral Sex (Giving), Oral Sex (Receiving), Oral Virginity, Throat Penetration, Cock / Balls Worship, Cock Slapping, Cock Warming, Creampie, Cum Bath, Cum Marking, Cum Milking, Cum on Clothes, Excessive Semen, Internal Cumshots, Soft Cum Facials, Swallowing Semen, Unusual Semen, 3+ Penetration, Double Penetration, Gangbangs, Knotting / Tying, Nipple Penetration, Somnophilia, Tailsex, Vanilla Sex, Ass Worship, Body Writing, Breast / Nipple Play, Breast / Nipple Worship, Cuddling, Footjobs, Handjobs, Hotdogging, Lactation, Masturbation, Titfucking, Clothed Sex, Forced Clotheswearing, Leather, Sexy / Slutty Clothing, Socks / Stockings, Underwear, Underwear Bulges, Uniforms, Begging, Dirty Talking, Possessiveness / Jealousy,Aftercare, Blindfolds, Coiling, Crying, Flogging / Whipping, Gags, Hand Cuffs, Immobilization (Bondage), Leash & Collar, Light / Medium Bondage, Orgasm Control / Denial, Pleasure Control / Denial, Sensory Deprivation, Suspension Play, Biting, Hair Pulling, Roughness, Scratching, Spanking, Wax Play, Adultery, Affection, Consensual, Dating, Dub-Consensual, Exhibitionism, Inexperienced Partners, Nonconsensual, Photography / Videotaping, Prostitution, Romance, Very Experienced Partners, Voyeurism.

Abuse, pregnancy, breath control, death, gore, scat, mutilation, torture, vore, and watersports
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