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Mar 23, 2019
Hanging on the rafters
Hi everyone,

I have been roleplaying for some time now, although haven’t done any in a while. I try to match the writing intensity of my partner. I can write with anything from a few sentences to a few paragraphs.

In the post below are some pairings that I have some plots in mind. If you are interested in those or have a story or pairing of your own and you looking for a writer, please send me a PM. Further, please note that I only roleplay through the forums.

I am looking for a writing partner:
>Enjoys playing a dominant; preferably male, character.
>Can speak English fluently and with minimal grammatical and spelling errors. Not looking for perfection.

Some stuff I like, not an exhaustive list:
>Oral (giving and receiving)
>Anal (receiving, giving vs female characters)
>General body worship
>Uniforms and/or costumes
>Clothed and semi-clothed sex
>Rough loving passion and love fueled roughness
>Tall, well-built men
>Older woman x younger man pairings (not ageplay)
>Fantasy and sci-fi settings

Things that are always no-no:
>Scat, vomit, blood and other undesirable fluids
>Sex involving drugs and mind-control
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Mar 23, 2019
Hanging on the rafters
Plot Ideas - Fantasy:

Noblewoman x Captain of the Guard
Huntress/Hunter x Shapeshifter/Other supernatural creature
Captive x Pirate
Queen x Barbarian Warlord - already doing a similar RP to this but I want to do a different take on it. My partner seems to have disappeared.


Thief x Smuggler - Two rivals forced to work together - In talks to do this one.
Settler x Ship Captain
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