Looking for literate 1 to 1 m preg

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Jan 3, 2019
Manipulative Demon 1 to 1 Search thread,

Hello all, I'm Manipulative Demon you can call me Demon, I'm in my late twenties, revamping my request thread because it was a bit of a chaotic mess. I work full time as retail check outs assistant. My job is a sinking ship and very stressful with all the changes related to the pandemic. I'm in my late twenties approaching 30 next year I have been writing for nearly 15+ years so consider myself pretty semi-advanced literate. But, their is a hitch. I suffer with a neurological disorder that affects the brain, it is like a glitching system. I'm Autistic, deaf have memory issues/ small tension spam window of opportunity. I am working on to improve all the above. But feel free to ask questions!


  • I am a flexible partner, I value communication which will aid your case if you need longer time to respond. Whether you're into a new idea or lost interest in the current. I will not be offended if that is the case. Long as you're straight with me I'm straight with you. I'm not a mind reader and don't appreciate false promises.
  • I do not ghost, I appreciate if you do not either. I would rather you let me know that you intend to drop the story if you are comfortable with having that conversation. This will reflect on me writing with you in the future I have a good memory and unfortunately I hold grades unless they're understanding reasons.
  • My typical post length will be 400-600+ words, although my flexibility allows me to effectively write more or less, depending on my partner's comfort.
  • I tend to respond every day, but I understand that you cannot do so. Please don't feel rushed, pressured, I'm generally understanding just keep me in the fold if it's going to be longer. I have developed over time role playing anxiety. I'm trying to control that need to ask.
    • As promised, I am laid-back and set no expectations of how frequently you reply or what length your replies are.
    • I write in third-person, past tense
    • I understand that life happens.
  • In the past, I have written more smut-heavy stories. I am still willing to do that, but I am hoping to explore more plot-focused stories with ratios closer to 70/30 plot: smut ratios.
  • You can expect me to show enthusiasm about our stories and characters. I am also willing to take initiative in the plotting and writing process. It would be wonderful if you could do the same. I actively encourage and welcome input from my partner! [This tends to happen after a couple of posts I rely heavily on connection with the character]
  • Please do not be rude with my writing. I know that it's not to everyone's cup of tea. I can assure you I am English. If you need clarification I will not be offended as I'm more than happy to edit/or re-do. Don't let it stew.
If a role play hasn't been touched in over two weeks with no communication I will assume the role play is dead if I have seen you online. If you have communicated then that's fine it's fair game the waiting time is longer/more flexible.
Craving personally but not essential

I am on the hunt for the rare breed of people that understand my love for weight gain and male pregnancy. I find both go hand in hand but I know that it isn't for everyone and for that I will never, EVER, put it on you or spring it on you without your consent. This can be a thing or not, as I know that only a handful of 5% of people enjoy it. But for those 5% I would love to write a scene where potentially your character is a stress/foodie eater. He enjoys extra snacks before tea, thinking his partner (whatever relationship) knows he does. Due to the job that your character does, maybe that is one of the reasons in the past that they've never gained weight before. They could retire, due to an injury, or change occupations for a normal job and the binge eating is more like out of habit. He slowly starts piling on the pounds...

My character finds out he's pregnant, "out of sympathy" he starts to be careless with his risk-taking on his food-in take. He starts to put on some pudge how much is up to you. (I have no limits) just putting it out there. So. I'm hoping that maybe one day your character over does it with eating, where my character couldn't sleep maybe the kid is kicking waking him up, so he comes in to find your character with a belly ache and sleeps on his partners belly despite his discomfort both secretly enjoy the aspects. Instead of getting mad at your character mine enjoys the extra love handles.

Wants ,loves, Desires

Character + world development,
Sexual tension,
Slow burn,
Weight gain,
Male pregnancy
Alpha x Alpha
Unusual pairings,
Unconventional partners,
Size differences,
Love/Hate relationships
Angst, Drama, hurt & comfort
Sad beginnings & Happy Endings
Walls of text,



Attack on titan
Assassins creed
Assassination Classroom
My hero academia
Naruto Shippuden
Seraph of the End
Seven deadly sins
Ancient Magnus's bride
Yuri on ice!
Beck Monoglian chop squad
Blood blockade battle front

Alpha x ex Alpha (omega)
Omega x Omega
Dragon shifter x Dragon shifter
Mermaid x Pirate
Vampire x Vampire hunter
Ancient grumpy vampire x Rookie vampire
Angel x Angel
Fallen angel x Human
Demon x Angel
Archangel Demon x Archangel
Hero x Fallen hero now villain
Monster Witcher x Mage/priest
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