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Nov 21, 2021
HI HI! I'm Tae. 21+ years old.

I’m looking for RP partners (MxM) ! Looking for a long-term RP with plot and NOT JUST SMUT! Some world building and complex characters and all that jazz to go with the smut! Lets say 60% plot and 40% smut. Give or take a few depending on the plot. |This is for M/M only (that’s male/male in terms of romance). Advanced-lit level 3rd person writing. At least 2 paragraphs per post and good descriptive writing ! Again, adv-lit so good length and quality please! But quality is always most important so don't fret length too much. ^^ Tend to do 5+ paragraphs for longer posts and at least 2 for shorter. Looking for someone to play the dom/top/whatever you want to call it (I’m a sub male looking for a dom male only). I only RP with adults so please be 18+ if you contact me.
I have plenty of plots to share, but would love to see yours as well or come up with someone new together. : )


---M/M only!!
---I play only uke/bottom/sub. They tend to be on the more sweet elegant side. Think...Sweet soft spoken 50s housewife. I will also play female/male side characters of course.
---VERY IMPORTANT: VERY IMPORTANT: I am looking for someone who will play manly and masculine men! I like my tops acting and looking like real men. I like them dominant and able to make a move. Sue me. I DO NOT want some perfect pretty boy emo guy that is skin and bones and is somehow super strong and emotionless like out of some anime. Not looking for someone who is going to have to ask for permission 10 times just to kiss someone. So please masculine realistic tops only! Someone with some charm and not some super cold emotionless anime stuff. Masculine doesn't mean muscles and all that physical bit. Nothing wrong with a dad-bod. My point is just no tiny scrawny dudes basically. You get it. Not necessarily muscular (though that’s fine too lol.), but at least just bulky. Rugged sort of guys.

---I tend to write 1-10 long paragraphs (Depending on what the RP calls for at the time). Please be able to write at least 1-3.
---3rd Person writing in past tense.

---No God modding! Do not write for my character! Their actions/words/and reactions are not for you to control. It's no fun when people take over your character without permission. : (
---Please reply at least once every few days. I will do the same.
---Be friendly and lets at least know each other a little.

---I love drama and romance and am not a fan of comedy though a little bit never hurts.
---Open to darker themes if the plot is good!
---Have no problem with cussing, violence, blood, and gore, yada yada. Smut is also all good, but plot and story comes first : )
---As for pics I will do real life face claims only (Usually models or actors used). Descriptions only are also an option though a reference pic is preferred. You may also use realism style drawings/paintings. Not an anime fan so no anime stuff!

As for fandom RPs...
I personally only play OCs so looking for Canon/OC or OC/OC. Here is a list of TV shows I know well and am looking to RP! Open to multiple characters for you to choose from (from all the shows) so just let me know who you wanted to play and I’m sure we can work something out. : )

-Once Upon a Time
-Wynonna Earp
-The Walking Dead

Open to RPing on Discord and PMs on here! Just send a message my way if you are interested in any of what I had to say. : )
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