Looking for omegaverse/male preg

Jan 3, 2019
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❤ Manipulative Demon Introduction thread: ❤

Hello all, here are a few things if you'd like to write to me:

⫸ I am a multi-paragraph writer that normally writes between 300 to 1000+. I start to lose interest if it's anything less. I love getting to the heart of the character, expressing what they're thinking how they're feeling, and basically becoming the character's mindset. I never have a fully fleshed-out character at the beginning because I learn new things every time throughout the role-play.
⫸ I'm more than happy to do E-mails or threads only,
⫸ I love getting to know my writing partners and discussing potential ideas of the direction and hearing your thoughts about it.
⫸ Please treat me like a human being and I'll do the same in return. Feel free to tell me you're no longer interested in the rp.
⫸ I tend to post 5 to 7 working days. I am a key worker and it varies between


Attack on titans
Assassins creed
Blood blockade battlefront
Death note
Dragon ball z , Gt, super,
Naruto Shippuden
Ouran host club
Yuri on ice



- Turn on -

Weight gain
Male pregnancy
Food play
Height differences
Size Differences
Alpha x Alpha


Jan 3, 2019
Please do not post here personal message me

{ » Sticks and stones will break my bones
But whips and chains excite me « }

Authors note:

Hi lovelies, just a quick note before I begin. I am currently grieving for a lost of a very special person in my life. She was a second mom to me. Unfortunately my mental health took a drastic nose dive I am learning to cope with the loss.

Also, I have a Neuroglial disorder that hugely affects the brain . I get good days and bad days and hugely affects how I think react and respond. If I'm not careful it can dip to the point where I have amnesia, yay for sticky notes! I am doing what I can to get by it's more just getting my thoughts on paper which I tend to struggle with. My writing is like marmite you are either love it or hate it. If it becomes an issue, please let me know. Clear communication is needed for me to think straight and also asking questions in regards to the plot during the foundation process. Once that process is done hopefully the rest should come naturally if we click.

Don't be an ass I can take criticism and trust me my English is my first language. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you simple as that. We're all adults here. IF I GO AWAY FOR A DAY PLEASE DO NOT PANIC.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Manipulative Demon 1 to 1 search thread

Status: Open: Discord: Just ask [not for roleplaying; Platform: Forum/Google docs only Position: Bottom Seke: Posting rate: 5 out of 7

Hi all, My name is MD, .I have been writing for over a decade now I have been a member on here since the dawn of time of it's creation and it's previous name under Yaoi-haven Days back in the day. I have a habit of restarting/changing my name because I felt like a ID crises but then realised people can't find me who I used to write with so back to that. (Fun story) I work full time as a retail assistant, my job is very stressful during the panic buying and the seasonal periods. So I used writing to escape. I am a proud owner of 5 doggos, my pride and joy is one of them which is my three legged noisy staffy who is my everything. Without him in my life I don't think I would've got through this year. Which so much has happened, a fire that destroyed all the sheds/garden, loosing my grandmother, loosing another of my family to terminal cancer, another one lost to us, still finding the diagnoses, so yeah it's been a stressful year.

Here's what I can offer you as a writer:

  • Someone that can respond every day.
  • Someone that is a long paragraph/multiple paragraph writer.
  • Someone that contributes to the role play.
  • Can play seme/seke/uke my preferred role is Bottom but I can play a variety they tend to lean Dominant Uke types but not Bratty.
  • For those that I trust I'll happily top if you'd top for me.
  • I am very patient with replies, I do not hound you for a message every 5 seconds or if I see you online.
  • Someone that contributes to the Role play I'm not a lazy partner by any means.
  • Someone that loves multiple characters.
  • I do research if it's uncharted territories.

What I want from you as a writing partner:

  • Someone that contributes to the role play/
  • Enjoys OOC
  • Someone that can write multiple paragraphs, please don't give me one liners.
  • Someone that is very patient.
  • Who is equally understanding in terms of my difficulties with writing.
  • Great communication.
  • Any role plays that hadn't been touched after a month with no contact or via information about you. I do check status.
  • Contribution to the role play.
  • Loves talking OOC
Things I love role playing:

Male pregnancy /Omega verse I do prefer being the one pregnant
  • Detail
  • Multiple paragraphs
  • Character development + world development
  • Angst & Hurt and comfort
  • Imperfect character flaws
  • Weight gain
  • Male pregnancy
  • Vore
  • Chubby characters
  • Real character reactions,
  • Consistency in the characters
  • Size difference
  • Love hate relationships
  • Angst/Drama hurt & comfort
  • Omegaverse
This is only for those that will love it.

I am vastly deep interested in weight gain stories, on your character, how much is up to you. I understand that is not to everyone's taste. But I thought I'd put the feelies out their for the 5% that might. I would like to one day in cooperate food play. My character ends up getting pregnant, your character has been hiding his chubbiness in secret, but then my character gets pregnant he finds it's okay to let go a little or doing less work, then my character tweaks on that he likes his chubbiness and they share of the love of your character getting fatter with the hope of sympathy weight gain.

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