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Apr 11, 2019
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So before we get started I just want to say, I am not as mean as this will make me sound.

* Only MxM writers. Your real life gender is unimportant. I am really craving writers that can match my style and create wonderful worlds and characters for me to enjoy. I will definitely return the favor.

* I love many genres. Fantasy-be it modern or not- is my first love. I will say yes to most plots in this genre if it interest me enough. Sci-Fi and Horror are my least favorite and I will almost always pass them up. Anything else is open for discussion.

* I am a multiple paragraph writer. The least you will get from me is three paragraphs which will be filled with details. Writers that do nothing but one liners and small paragraphs with nothing to them-yes, I will read your past post- will be turned down. It kills my muse so fast that it's not even worth it to say yes to a request. If you're able and willing to write more, then I'm open to talking. Long term partners only please and thank you.

* I love to plot and having a story heavy role-play. Plotting is just as important as the role-play itself. If I come up with everything on my own and all I continue to get from you is 'yeah that's great' and absolutely no input, I will thank you for your interest and close the conversation. I am an aggressive player. I will take control of the story- whether it's my idea or not- and not even apologize for it. This doesn't mean you can not or should not contribute nor take things over, especially when I run out of steam. If you're just going to sit there and do nothing it's best you click the back button.

* I am not perfect. This means some times I will misspell, miss words entirely, misuse the wrong words and or spell them backwards. And yeah, sometimes I will make up some word never before seen in the human language. It's rare these mistakes happen, but there are times they slip by me. Just point them out to me.

* Be warned. I will not post everyday and will not write with anyone demanding hourly/daily post. Sometimes you may get a few in a day. Though normally expect once or twice a week. If there will be a longer wait, I will try to inform my partner. I am a very patient person and you will need patience as well. I have a life and other rp's to tend to as well. However, if you make me wait more than 2 months with no communication, I will close the thread and move on. I will attempt to contact you before that happens. If I really enjoy the rp, I may be willing to reopen it. Just ask.

* I am a chatter. If you'd like to talk to your partner then great. We can talk about whatever you like. within reason, I'm not shy at all.

* There is a kink list link in my post below and my signature. It's best if you read it before you contact me. My no's are a strong NO and not up for debate. But to make it easy on you.

Discord{I tend to write a lot and Discord can not handle that}
Cunt boys
Abuse{sexually, mental, emotional, verbal}
Smut only
Under the age of 18
Real life pictures
Trying to pass a picture of obvious underage characters as an adult

The rest is in the kink list here

* When it comes time for the sex scenes, I like fast post: not to be confused with short detail-less post. I dislike dragging it out for weeks on end and I'm normally very detailed with these scenes as well.

* Positions. Top or top leaning switch writers are welcomed. Almost all of my guys are bottoms. I will write switch characters for the right plot. Bottom or switch they will jump your character when they are in the mood. They love heavy make-outs and foreplay. And yeah, even my bottoms will chain your guy up and ride him until he's too exhausted to do anymore than cuddle and sleep. Writing tops almost never happens so do not ask me for one.

*Character type. In general I like playing strong characters. They will stand on their own and take care of themselves. They may not really need someone to 'save' them. That's not to say they will not allow or appreciate it if or when they truly need it. They'd definitely adore a man who wanted to help them out and spoil them on occasion because they will definitely do this for their partner. I can play other types as well of course, but be aware that useless, ditzy, grossly weak, crybaby, painfully shy characters are out of the question.

Should also be aware that I'm not very good at completely submissive characters. What this means is, my guys aren't likely to let yours walk all over them. He most likely will not obey your character at all times. He definitely wouldn't let your guy force him into anything he doesn't want. If you want the type your character can rape, beat into insignificance, demean and humiliate at whim- or having this done to your character- and you can't do without all of this then don't bother messaging me.

If you're interested in partnering with me read the K-list and contact me through PM.
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Apr 11, 2019
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