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Lady Arachnia

Feb 7, 2019
Something Deliciously Dark.

Welcome to my devious lair, look out for the web. I'm Lady Arachnia, or Syd, depending on what you prefer and just like the title says I'm after the darker role-plays. So, a little information about me first then, I'm British, I'm Female and I'm twenty seven. I've role played for many years now and role-playing is a favourite hobby of mine. That being said I always love to try new things and I get bored of the same old routine over and over again. I don't mind normal vanilla erp from time to time when it fits the scene but too much of it does tend to tire me. I want a role-play that descends beyond the bounds of the vanilla and in to the darker underbelly of rp where domination, abuse, rape and bondage lurks. Horror is my wife and I want to see characters forced in to horrible situations and have to struggle just to keep going. I genuinely want realistic role-plays that don't have a a lovey dovey theme to them, I want good quality writing that really gives me goosebumps. Give me a good story, interesting characters and plot development and I will reply in kind!

I usually play both roles but really I am looking to play as the sub role though if I am really tempted I might be able to play the dom.

I am happy to RP over either discord, Threads or Pms

To add me on Discord my name is Spider Sidney#9542

The Kinks

Right, let me throw a few kinks at you that particularly appeal to me. This isn't every kink I like but just a few.

Forced Scenes - This ones a given, all this from a character being forced to dress as the dominant character wishes to all out rape.

Public Scenes - If a character is forced out and about dressed like the slut they are then I love it. I also love characters being made to perform or just being beaten where wandering eyes lurk.

Humiliation - My all time favourite, from characters being called degrading names to being forced in to revealing outfits or being used for something as simple as a foto rest.

Branding/ Piercings - What can I say? Seeing a character marked and decorated for their new owners use never gets old.

Violence - With any of my rps some of our characters will undoubtedly be thrown around, dragged by the hair, held around the throat and slapped, it's just going to happen.

Strong Characters - I love a tough feisty character, I'm not one for damsels in distress. I hate virgin helpless princesses and innocent little flowers, they just do nothing for me.


The only hard limit that I can think of is scat, none of that. There may be more but none are at the top of my mind.



Spider Hybrids (Could be in a modern day World of Darkness kind of setting, cyberpunk, sci-fi or even steampunk.)
Supernatural Monster Hunters
Something Cyberpunk or Sci Fi
Steam Punk
Super Heroes/Villains

Films/ Books
Harry Potter World - Major craving right now.
Star Wars

Mass Effect
Some kind of Devil May Cry style rp with OC's
World of Warcraft - Own characters are great but I'd consider somethign with either Jaina or Sylvanas!
Dungeons & Dragons - (Especially Drow)
World Of Darkness

Resident Evil

One Piece
Full Metal Alchemist

Your Setting

Closing Notes

Honestly what really interests me is some one who messages with a few ideas they had in mind. Don't just say "Do you want to do a demon rp?" Tell me what you might have in mind, what position you prefer to play and maybe an idea for a character you had. I tend to get a few messages but if they're short and bland I really struggle to find myself interested in them. Please, just put a moments thought in to it and entice me and you will have a good long term role-player willing to return that in kind through posts.
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