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Jan 5, 2019
Previous Plot Requests:

These are all plots I have followed before and would like to follow again with the same/or similar characters. The plot can and will change!!it doesn't have to be the same, just the same concept!

I sadly lost an rp partner on the move over and we had just gotten into an rp that I was very into. The storyline is a fantasy-time period plot with lots of angst/hurt-comfort/abuse/etc.

The writing platform is third person and 4+ paragraph chucked full of detail.

Basic plot:

Two princes are in an arranged marriage, the seme is angry he has to marry and the uke is not opposed to marriage. He is trying to make the best of their situation but with negative Mother in law influence and the other princes pessimism, life isn't easy for the uke.

I'd really appreciate it if you gave it a read and see what you think, PM me if you’re interested with an example of your work or if you just want more details.







This plot is anthropomorphic/fantasy/time period with lots of angsty past situations. It is a very new rp with only a couple replies. I'm looking for a very noble seme, with lots of Dom/fatherly characteristics. The rp is third person, 4+ paragraph with lots of details like the last one. If you've got any questions pm me, or if youre interested send me a pm too.




Jan 5, 2019
Writing examples:

These are all snippets from previous writings I have done on this site, all stories are available to read still if you would like to see more.

Beau was definitely not the quietest of alphas, he was a breathy, wordy mess most of the time, but Ashley had stolen most the breath from his lips. However he couldn't resist this opportunity to tease and ruin his other with sinful expressions, "Hmmm..such a hungry little omega..." The alpha purred low in his throat. "I would sell my soul to knot you any day of the week Ashley.." Beau hummed, honey tones dripping off his tongue. He planted fire against marble skin, all along Ashley's neck and cheeks, before finally finding himself back at those ruby lips. His tongue dipped into the omegas mouth, tasting sweet saliva and skimming porcelain teeth. With a groan he pulled away once more, nipping at a supple bottom lip just before.

"Of course it technically doesn't count...but what kind of alpha would I be to reveal my cards during the first game." Beau teased with a light chuckle, adjusting so Ashley's legs were spread over his thighs, his hips dropped and ground gently into his youngers warm pelvis. "I'm sure you can feel what investments you're making..." The alpha cooed. He really wouldn't go farther than this, Ashley was to be his, and his alone. He had to lead the omega on a bit to keep him coming back for more. Not that the alpha had any doubt if he were to go all the way right here and now that he would'nt get Ashey back into his arms.
After the horrifying attempt at a normal dinner, Kai had finally sought refuge in his room. Alastor had helped him change into his night gown, a rather thin fabric and a long, tuuled, baby blue silk robe to help cover his exposed figure. The two now sat at the princes vanity, his companion gently combing the rich strands and he himself removing his makeup. Kai supposed it was nights like these that would keep him sane, the crackle of the warm fire, the big and bright moon shinning through his windows and his bestfriend helping to sooth him. It was silent for a while until the lilting tune of Alastors native tongue soothed the prince further, his companion sung low, cascading over the words foreign to everyone's ears except Kais. Finally the prince felt at ease again.

The hungry street rat following his angel had almost reached Sasha with those dirty fingers, Lucy just couldn't have that. A cool anger ripped through the boss and he stepped forward, closing those ugly fingers between his foot and the ground. Without hesitation he shifted his weight and crushed the hand below him, a shreik of agony ripped through the pathetic man, causing some of the crowd to shrink back. Lucy's lackeys stepped forward to help Sasha up from the ground. "Dont worry my love, you've found me again, youre safe now." the alpha cooed, but his tone lilted a threat, reaching for his omega once he was finished punishing the stupid alpha writing on the ground. Taking the smaller male into his arms he made his way to the door, the small crowd a bit stunned. Leaving in a much smaller group of guards he stepped into his limousine. There was no way he could keep Sasha at the club in such a condition.

They made it to the castle hidden among flurries of snow and jagged rocks in no less than three hours. Kai swiftly reached over and grasped his mother's hand as the carriage jerked to a stop. His breath began to speed up and he wanted to sputter words of no comprehension, but he sealed his mouth shut. Lelani held Kai's hand back and gave him a reassuring smile as the door opened and the large white pillars of the castle came into view. The sun nearly blinded kai as it bounced off white-upon-white, the snow seemed a massive ocean of color-less glitter and it took kai's breath away. The chill only set in as he stepped out after his parents who were helped before him. They all now stood, embraced by the beautiful scenery set deep in the mountains, Kai glanced at the covered wagons that held all of his things and he let out a small sigh of relief upon noting nothing was missing. The servants rushed forward to meet with the servants of the other household and devise a plan for moving all of Kai's things. Alastor brushed against Kai's leg and the family moved forward to greet the allied one.

Kai was breathing so hard the mist coming from his mouth came in thick and visible clouds. His lithe body trembled under the attack of the fierce air, even though he was thickly layered. He was so nervous his palms were clammy and he rubbed them off so as not to make his partner uncomfortable when they joined hands. He could feel his throat tighten as his elegant feet made an audible clicking sound against the stone steps, and he now wanted to turn and run away, change his mind. This was more nerve wracking than their wedding day, this felt more permanent, and Kai wasn't even positive on how Darian felt about him. He knew Darian didnt feel the same and that was it. The moment finally came when the wide, elegant doors squeaked open and Kai drew in a sharp breath that was equally heard from his mother, the allied royal's were presented and the royals of Banghaza stepped into the warmth of the castle.



Jan 5, 2019


Demon x Witch

Vampire x Demon

Alpha! Vampire x Omega! Human

Omega! Vampire X Alpha! Human

(“blood bank” is a major inspiration for the omega vampire pairing)

Alpha! Human x Omega! Human

Mafia boss x College Student

Prince x Prince

Native x Outlander

Knight x Prince

Traveler x Brothel Member

Cowboy x Farmer

Pirate x Mermaid

I am into everything under the sun, minus these few items:




If you're unsure please PM me with the kink and I will answer to the best of my ability

I love horrific themes, blood and torute, disturbing things of that nature are fine as well as they are accurately placed and proportioned.

Plot Cravings:
Time Period
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