Fantasy Lesbian LGBT Transgender Lost Land of the Amazons

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Oct 31, 2019
A galaxy far far kinkier than this....💦🌟

Beyond the veil, is a continent of diverse lands and beasts. Here, the Amazons reside. Divided into seven lands. The beautiful archipelago of Playa of the fair Sea Amazons. The blasted volcanic range of Yogan of the mighty Fire Amazons. The desolate desert of Arena of the Nomad Amazons. The lush tropic forests of Senlin and numerous Jungle Amazons. The frozen ice fields of Glace and the secluded Frost Amazons. The high peaks of Olympia and the wise Mountain Amazons.

In these wild lands, there is danger arising every day. This is where the final land appears. Themyscira, a massive city in the middle of the continent, where diplomacy is made, goods are traded, and warriors are trained. The highgaurd is tasked with keeping the Amazon lands safe. They charge head first into any challenge. This is where the story begins.


Okay, so this is meant as an adventure rp, with exclusivley feminine characters. This includes women, futas, transwomen(preop), and traps(if you see them that way). While I participate, I will also be like the game master. This is not a dice game. i'll have a quest set and you will react. If anyone else has quest ideas, send them to me, and we;ll see about having you in charge next time. This also has the potential for monster girls, but theyll never be main characters.

Amazon Traits(Nothing is concrete)

Fire Amazons: Taller, more muscular, dark skin, typically fire affinity

Sea Amazons: Lithe, fair skin, typically water affinity

Nomad Amazons: Tanned skin, well built, typically earth affinity

Jungle Amazons: Athletic, dark skin, typically healing affinity

Ice Amazons: Vuluptuous, fair skin, typically wind affinity

Mountain Amazons: Tall, fair skin, typically lightning affinity
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