Contemporary Gay M for M - "treat him how he treats women"

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Jan 12, 2019
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1 - Read rules, links, profiles, etc.

2 - If we RP and you have trouble responding to one of my posts, let me know what you're having problems with. I would rather get constructive feedback than for someone to just disappear without saying anything.

3 - No one-liners. I'm not an expert so I'm forgiving to people who are new, experimenting, or aren't native English speakers so long as effort is made and the typical post length is 1-3 paragraphs. More is welcome, but I cannot consistently match more than that.

4 - Obvious shit applies: no under-18, no godmoding, no auto-hitting, don't reply to the search thread, etc.

5 - I'll RP in forum, DM or Discord.

6 - Anime reference pics are fine, but my style is "Western" and hyper-realistic. I don't do anime themes/tropes like Japanese highschool, childhood-friend love interest, harem, strict seme/uke, personality based on blood type, Yandere/Tsundere, etc.

7 - I'm not a huge fan of anal. It's not a hard limit, but I prefer to RP pretty much any other form of sex.

Writing Style, Strengths, and Weaknesses

I don't write purple prose with sesquipedalian loquaciousness, heaving bosoms, or My Immortal-style multi-paragraph outfit descriptions, but the best way to describe my style is "atmospheric". I like generous descriptions of things, people, places, emotions, sensations, etc. -- I like to do it and I like when you do it too.

My RPs tend to be extremely low-concept. So long as details and events are congruent and plausible, and we're generally proceeding from point A to point Z, I'm not extremely picky about the plot, pacing, character arc, etc. If the plot looks less like a straight line and more like a meandering squiggle, I actually enjoy the subtle spontaneity, provided it's not heavily retconned and out of harmony with things-that-already-happened.

I suppose this is best described as "Lit-Fic" or "100,000 words where nothing happens".

Mainly, I prefer hyper-realism. Supernatural or magical elements aren't unwelcome, though, and I like when mythology or Lovecraftian-style horrors cross over with the real world. I'd like to do comedy, satire, burlesque, and crack-fic style, but it seems difficult to find these RPs or people who want to do them.

Plot ideas

I like to play power disparities, and the bigger the difference the more I like MC to be a bottom. He's no wimp and isn't totally clueless, but I'd like to imagine he's inexperienced with men, and intimidated and socially awkward around powerful ones that remind him of someone who would have beat him up at school in 1998. Treat MC how he treats women - affectionately but ultimately like something to masturbate with - keeping in mind he's strong, durable, and kind of likes pain.

Settings are modern/realistic unless noted otherwise

F-List and character description

Psychiatrist x patient
MC had a nervous breakdown and checked himself into the mental hospital. YC is his doctor with many tools at his disposal to have his way with MC.

Parishioner x priest
YC is one of the biggest philanthropists to the church, but when he confesses, he leaves very little to the imagination. MC, the priest, tells him he needs to tone it down, not saying it's because he's secretly turned on by the confessions and doesn't want to sin. YC uses the potential of threats and allegations by someone of his reputation and wealth to pressure MC to accept his advances.

Priest x warlock (ver. 1)
MC is a self-styled "satanic warlock" known around the neighborhood, and YC is a zealot priest of a nearby church with a plan to shock MC out of doing "witchcraft".

Warlock x priest (ver. 2)
MC is a priest and YC is a "satanic warlock" who thinks it would be hilarious to sexually assault and humiliate a priest.

Client x psychic
YC is bereaved of his partner and hires MC, a psychic medium, to help have contact with the partner. MC wakes up in the middle of YC starting to have sex with him-as-the-partner.

Boss x employee
YC is MC's boss and they go on a business trip together. MC thinks nothing of sharing a room to save money.
"Get me that...sysadmin!"
"B-but sir, sir! You're married!"
"Get me. That. Systems Administrator."

Cop x criminal
MC committed white-collar crime and got arrested. YC is the cop interrogating him and finds he can exploit the situation toward his own sexual ends.

If you want to RP or have an idea that's not here but is something that might appeal to me, DM me
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