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Feb 23, 2019
Hello there. Welcome to my role-play ideas and scenarios index. This is where, more-or-less, where I will post more in-depth RP ideas outside of my normal request threads. I know it goes without saying, but I will state this regardless; all ideas down below will only contain characters over the age of 18+. Please also keep in mind that this index is likely to be a constant work-in-progress, so errors might be around.

More Fluid Ideas:

Friendship RP Idea - We have known each other for years, one of us is starting to like the other more than a friend. Will it be revealed, or will it be kept in secret?

Random Meeting RP Idea - Our characters can meet in a variety of places. Bars, clubs, stores, in public, on the bus, at a school, etc. If you have a place or idea to expand this, feel free to suggest it.

High School RP Idea - Either one of us falls for the other because of something that happened, or a situation.

Long Lost Friends - We were separated as friends when we were younger. Will we find each other again?

Co-Workers - We are co-workers. One of us has feelings or have had feelings for the other for a while. Will one of us reveal our feelings and explore them?

Law Enforcement - My character works in law enforcement. In some way our characters meet through a stressful situation, normal situation, or some other way.

More In-Depth Ideas:

These ideas are more detailed but can be fluid just like the less detailed ideas above.

Blind Character RP Idea

A while back I had seen a character that inspired me to do a certain kind of role-play, to kind of get out of my box. I made my character be a blind one. I'm sorry, but this type of role-play means quite a bit to me, so I will only do so with one person, and I must feel like I can do this role-play with this one person. One thing I am wary and am worried about is how an individual would react and deal with my character, as each and every character is different. This RP would entail either YC or MC being legally blind with zero vision.

One day in some way we meet. Being blind I have no idea what you look like. What kind of compassion will you be felt? Will YC feel pity, care, love, or something else? Will they want to baby MC, pamper them, or care for them? There are many roads this kind of RP can take, so it is up in the air.

The Outsider
This idea was inspired by a RP on a forum called FurryRPHaven with a RP having to do with a human and a lynx. The human crash lands in what I assume is Alaska in a plane, the pilot killed. He is rescued by the lynx who is a Sehnali that has been lost from his tribe. The first human he met was Jacob (pronounced by Ky as Yacob) who sadly died. The lynx licks the human's wounds to heal him but starts a transformation process which as later explained, can only be started with seed and blood.

The two do fall for each other but the human is scared. Now, the RP can either be done with transformation (which I am not used to), or without. The preferred species I can see this working with is Wolf, Fox, Otter, Deer, Lynx, and most forest species. Now I can play as either the human (or as my own fox species), you can play as a human, or, we can both be anthros. However, I am not really for the more alien species, so this will be Earth species only.

The Trip
There is an idea I recently developed via a story I read (On the way to Milan - NSFW - http://tinyurl.com/odfonk3 ) where an Otter named David Neuer meets a Fennec Fox named Jan Fichtenholz on the train he is taking a vacation to Milan. David is from the United States, Jan from Germany. In the story, the two characters talk about many things, growing close. David, being a fur who is not used to homosexual things, gets hot on the train and has to take off some clothes.

He gets uncomfortable, but slowly accepts things as the story moves along. What I want for a RP like this, is someone who is genuinely like Jan, a character like Jan's personality which is shy, sly, manipulative, smart, wise, open minded, and just an all around good fur. If you want to know more what I would like, read some of the story.

Broken Soldier RP Idea

World War III/Invasion of the United States RP Idea

Post-Apocalyptic Idea

Broken Soldier RP Idea

My character, who is a soldier in the United States Army, has come home. His wife is dead or has left him, his kid(s) are dead or are with his wife who left him. He has no one to welcome him back home. Will you be able to welcome him home?

World War III/Invasion of the United States RP Idea

America is under attack. Our shores have been invaded. My character, or yours, can be a soldier in the American Military, Enemy Military, or a Civilian. Somehow our characters meet in this time of war. Perhaps one of us is injured and taken in. Perhaps one of us is the enemy but wants no part of what our country is doing.

Post-Apocalyptic Idea

Our world is in shambles. Whether it be related to a nuclear attack by a specified country, blackout of the grid, or some other situation that may have caused a apocalyptic world. The RP most likely would take place years after it happened. This idea is not to be related to the Fallout Universe.

Hare-Usagi Animus Idea RP idea
What is an Animus?

Animus is a direct answer to human desires for cheap yet efficient labor. The Animus are the combination of various types of animals and humans own physiology. Each species of Animus has an unique set of abilities based on the specific tasks they designed for. They are also came packed with modified “Asimov 3 laws” imprinted to their genes call “Deep Protocol”. The life expectancy of an Animus are around 120-150 years and during their time Animus never physically “Getting Old”.

As for Lapine Type or Series One Animus *aka the Hares/Usagi

They are the backbone of human civilization during their Golden age and they're still are even now in the age of Animus. They are the most demanded type of Animus in every branch of industry and also the most populated one as well. Individually Hares are not as strong nor fast as any other type of Animus. Their strength factors are at 1.5 or only 0.5 times stronger than human. But Hares are fast learner. They are most intellectual type of Animus in Xennos. Plus they have virtually limitless pool of stamina and only require ⅕ of what human supply needed to sustain life. Hares also breed extremely fast as all new born Hares are guarantee twins with opposite sex.

Hares are only specie of Animus that are capable of inbreeding without any unwanted defects. It's the function that human designed them to be as self sufficient as possible and cheap to reproduce.

The Next version of Series One Animus “Albino”

There are little to no information about any “Next” physiology recorded for general public consumption. The only thing that we knew for certain are the facts that there are only Military variants of their kind. And they are incredible strong desprit of be a “bunny”.


=Classified Sensitive Information= : Authorized for certain group of users only…..

A hidden function of Series One Animus

Beside for the needs of cheap everyday labors and housemates..All Hare are also included with a secondary function for much darker purpose. Born with the knowledge of sexual services and needs imprinted to their DNAs. Hare are designed to be a professional servitude at any age. With the function to naturally birth control with sexual organs capable to withstand oversized usage and completely immune to all sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Hare single handedly reduce all sexual related crime committed by human to human to all time low. As human never considered Animus anything more than a mere tools. So the worse crime human could committed against Animus is “Damaging Owned Property”.

A Elf And A Prince
Two kingdoms arrange a political marriage of sorts for continuing peace, an arranged act of diplomacy from the elf nation or even as tribute from the lesser kingdom to the dominant one, because the elf is the 'black sheep' of their royal family, or another reason altogether. The elf… is given out to make his/her kingdom proud of his/her effort. The other kingdom who is receiving an elf gift would be a good place to be in terms of this idea.

A prince, servant or guard to whom the elf is bestowed, that happens upon the elf and love blooms can further expand the idea. Courtship is preferable, since it is arranged. The elf, if male, could be dressed up like a proper lady too. Modern day or fantasy is fine, but modern may be interesting. Maybe a different world or alt history. Perhaps even Earth or a different place.



Brother/Sister or Brother/Brother - For brother/sister, or brother/brother. There are different variables, but one scenario could involved the older sibling has taken such good care of the other for years, defending him/her, and the younger begins to like his brother/sister more than a family member should, will it go further?

Father (with son or daughter) - My wife, your mom is gone. I have taken care of you for a while, and this causes you to grow close, maybe too close. Will either family member make a move?

Cousin/Cousin - Can involve a long vacation with family, or spending the night at a family member's house. This one is more open-ended.

Adoption or Unrelated Family Members RP - Just like the brother/sister or brother/brother incest idea with the differing fact is that our characters are not blood related.

Long Lost Siblings - Can work like long lost friends, or in many other ways.

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