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May 19, 2019
hi! my name is NekoNinja. i love to eat cookies while rping!
please don't feel this limits you. i am always looking to try new kinks or pairings or stories. this is just a baseline.
i'm really just trying to find new rps and friends. PM me any questions or requests. i'd love to chat with you!


Neko/whoever...any plot idea that lets me play a neko i'd be open to. not necessarily have to be a m/s rp.

-M/S...i'm looking to play a pet for Master. someone who to take me home and love me or punish me or play with me or whatever pleases you. it can be consenting or non-consenting or anything in between. i love fluffy rps and darker rps or both. i would love to play a neko but i am okay with play humans or other creatures, too.

:this is all about me:
-i've been rping a long time-
-i'm very active but also very patient in waiting for posts-
-i prefer a bottom roll...but i can double on occasions-
-i average 2-4 just depends on the rp-
(never less, sometimes more)
-ask me anything!-

:rps i love or like or curious about:
-master/pet- (any sort, normal or unusual)
-ordinary people pairings-
-everyday life-
-princes, pirates, peasants-
-high school, college-
-vampires, elves, NEKOS, demons, ect-
-medieval, historical, ancient, future-

:kinks i like or curious about:
-consenting, non-consenting and everything in between
-anything new
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