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Oct 29, 2020
Hi guys! I recently joined FD because I've wanted to start one or two more "fun" stories. For a while now I've been avoiding certain wants and kinks of mine so I could find more partners and stay away from possible cliches. But now I'm kinda bored! I have some basic plot ideas I'll link below. But I'm also up for ideas you may have!

•About Me•

I've been RPing for many years now, over a decade. I write in third person, past tense, omniscient. Currently I'm looking for m/m RPs, and I'll play subs or switches, though I prefer certain ones for certain plots. My minimum post length is usually around 500 words and more often I write around 1500 or more. It depends on the scene, really. Recently I've been leaning toward wanting a 50/50 plot to smut ratio, though I'm also fine with going a little more one way. I'm an artist and work from home, so I can usually get in at least one reply a day or more. Sometimes it may take a couple days, but I'll let you know if it will be longer. I love to talk ooc, gush about characters, and plot!

Fave Kinks•

Dirty talk

Rough Sex

Light Bondage


Large Cocks


Multiple Orgasms

Power Struggle

Manly Characters

•Absolute No's•


Toilet Anything

Bloodplay, Intense Pain, Gore


Underage Characters




• MC is a guardian angel originally sent to Earth as a test: make your assigned human's greatest wish come true, or be cast out from heaven and become a demon. When he realized the test was nearly impossible to complete and that he actually didn't like being an angel that much, he gave up. Now, while waiting for his time to be up and slowly losing feathers from his wings, he spends most of his days hanging around demons. These demons are fun loving, wild, and sent to Earth to cause chaos. YC is one of these demons, whose taken an interest in MC.

Maybe they already know each other, or not. Maybe MC finds out he has a chance to actually complete his mission and return to heaven, and has to decide whether or not to do it. Maybe YC tries to help with that mission. Or maybe MC starts helping the demons with their chaos spreading. Maybe there's a bigger conspiracy going on, involving both heaven and hell. There's a lot of options! I'm also down for having more characters, be they demons, angels, guardian angels, humans, or anything else!

• Enemies to lovers, hate sex, power struggles, awkward moments as genuine feelings start to form. A detective and a criminal? A cop and a prostitute? Rival musicians? Rival students in a dark academia setting?

• A detective (YC) is put undercover in a seedy part of town and meets a surly ex-med student running a shady business (MC). They start up a strange, informant-with-benefits relationship while unravelling a dark mystery in the city.

• A drug addict (MC) looking for a new lease on life ends up striking a deal with a wealthy businessman (YC), who is an ex-addict himself. He’ll help this poor guy get clean and allow him to stay at his place, as long as he does whatever he tells him to along the way. Maybe this charming tycoon isn’t as proper as he seems to be on the surface.

• A futuristic, cyberpunk type world. A futuristic Robin Hood ends up falling for the son of one of the city’s wealthiest men, who he was trying to rob? A delivery driver unwittingly gets pulled into a complex plot to overthrow the government? Two hackers electronically rob big businesses to supply their own wild lifestyle?

• Original superheroes and super villains! Or anti-heroes, anti-villains, vigilantes, etc. Basically, people with superpowers doing cool superpower, action things.

• Original characters in the Star Wars universe! We could do something action oriented with high stakes, an epic space adventure, or a simple slice-of-life story that just so happens to take place in the universe. I'm up for anything!

• Horror/crime. Two friends/a group of friends reunite to solve an old mystery that still haunts them? An elite college is plagued by murder after gruesome murder, which our characters are caught up in and must solve? In a small town, weird things keep happening and our characters try to find out why?


If any of these plots sound interesting, shoot me a DM! Tell me a bit about yourself and your likes, any ideas or characters you may have, and we can start plotting!
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