Marshmallow's Magnificent Manor of Mountainous, Majestic... Marshmallows! (Boobs, y'all)

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May 6, 2020
Those who absolutely require their character to have a penis and/or masculine features need not apply.

For everyone else: Huge, Milky, Bouncy, Wobbly, Jiggly, Squishy, Soft, Malleable, Heavy, Beautiful, Great Stonking TITS!

Also, since I've had a few people come to me about this already: I do not care what the gender of my roleplaying partner biologically is or what they identify as so long as they're eager and willing to play a character that fits my needs.

This section is only here for people who want to know about me as a person. Feel free to skip over it!

Hello, lovelies! I'm so very happy that you've popped into my thread to have a look around. I dearly hope that you'll like or atleast take interest in what you see, and that you and I have lots of boobiful fun awaiting us!

About Me - My name is Tori, I am twenty-three years old and have boobies. c: I would probably most closely identify as a lesbian, but I find appeal in all kinds of forms, from lovely ladies to all manner of other humanoids and non-humanoids, and have been roleplaying for roughly thirteen years now. I have only two real hobbies to speak of, roleplaying being my favorite of the two whenever I get the chance to do it. I also quite enjoy video games and have dabbled into tabletop roleplaying a few times as well. I enjoy a few cartoons, and have watched anime throughout highschool, though not so much recently.

I am absolutely obsessed with breasts, which is something that will become increasingly obvious as you read through. I find them, at their prettiest, to be objects of near perfection. In my mind, they are the most wonderful lovelies to holds, stroke, squeeze, taste, and interact with in any wonderful way our imaginations come up with. I love writing about them more than all else, and, in fact, if I'm not writing about them, then roleplaying becomes a chore for me. As the thread title implies, I would like both of our characters to be equipped with magnificent boobies and for them to function as their sole genitals.

I find appeal in much of the rest of the female form as well, and very, very little in the male form. (Nothing against guys, though, of course, they just aren't my cup.) However, I find myself completely uninterested in traditional genitals. I am apathetic about vaginas and horrified by penises. I, of course, roleplayed characters with vaginas as the only genitals originally, but after discovering the idea of erogenous breasts, I really can't see myself going back.

Roleplaying History - I've been roleplaying in a form similar to this since I was around ten years old. I started off on Neopets, drawn to threads that were about cartoons I watched and cool fantasy elements like dragons and monsters.

I discovered writing erotically in a very inquisitive, casual sense when I was around seventeen. I've roleplayed as both male and female characters in these situations, (males very much apprehensively, even back then.) until a bit later into it I discovered that some people were willing to roleplay same-sex couples. (Yeah, I was a bit sheltered.) I will admit to have never done mxm, but ever since I started doing fxf and fxmonsters, etc. I've been completely hooked.

What I Get From Roleplaying, and What I Wish to Share With You - First and foremost, I just absolutely adore being able to write about breasts being adored, cuddled, worshipped and pleased. That is the absolutely largest appeal to roleplaying for me, being upfront. I want to share my roleplaying experience with others that want to write about boobies being given the love they deserve, in exquisite, loving detail.

Secondly, I am very much an escapist. I love putting myself in a world that isn't my own, in a body that isn't my own, as often as I'm able to. This is also why I enjoy video games as my second favorite hobby. I am enthralled with fantasy, with worlds and characters that seem impossible with the logic we've come to know. The worlds don't have to be complex by any means, but I want to share the euphoria of playing in a world of our own craft with you.

About me section ends here. The rest is important!

The Ground Rules - I have a few baseline expectations for any roleplays that we share together. If we're going to roleplay, these are the things that must be adhered to, with no exceptions.

Things I Dislike/Am Iffy About/Hate
* = Not my thing, but not a dealbreaker
** = You'll have to convince me
*** = I absolutely hate this. No.

Penises *** (Although I do allow substitutes, see below.)

Penis Descriptors *** (Using words like "veiny, throbbing, erect, flaccid, wrinkly, etc.")

Masculine Features *** (Including, but not limited to: Muscular builds, big, man-ish hands, facial/body hair on a non-furry body, masculine voices)

Non-consensual ** (This includes sexual relations with someone incapable of appreciating consent, such as true-to-life beasts or children.)

Degradation/Humiliation **

Pure Lust/Friends With Benefits/etc. **

Male Pronouns and Descriptors *** (He, His, Boy, Man, etc.)

Strictly Human Characters ** (I just find it really boring most of the time, honestly.)

Vaginas ***

Plot-driven **

Bisexual or Heterosexual characters *** (Your character should exclusively be romantically interested in female characters, or whatever gender my breast-based entities would be called. This means please no boyfriends, husbands etc., even as purely background characters.)


An intense focus on huge, milky breasts. It's what you should be here for, and what I AM here for. If you want to play with my character, her breasts are going to be erogenous and her only genitals, and I expect you to almost exclusively play with, adore, and worship them. If you want me to play with your character, they are required to have equally huge, milky and delicious breasts that will function as their sole genitals, and you have to expect me to play with them almost exclusively. I may pay attention to other features from time to time, but DO NOT ask me to. I'm here for tits, ladies and gentlemen.

And in case it somehow isn't clear, when I say their breasts function as their sole genitals, it means they won't have vaginas. I'm not interested in them at all.

So now I'm hearing some of you saying "Pardon me, miss, but I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around these 'erogenous breasts' you speak of. Would you be willing to explain the concept in more detail?" And to that I say "Why yes, you beautiful, beautiful individual! I would love to do just that! And so I shall!" And thus we have:

A Thorough Explanation of Erogenous Breasts - So, what say we begin with that unusual word, "erogenous"? I can only imagine it's not a word that most people run into very often, so why not add it to your vocabulary? Put simply, it means "sensitive to sexual stimulation". Now what I do in the case of my roleplays is expound upon that definition by saying that erogenous means that whatever it is being applied to will function as genitals! What this means, in the simplest way I can explain, is that they will be very sensitive, and will be able to express a sexual release! Typically, how I detail this, is that their milk goes through changes that will announce when they're having an orgasm~ For example, their milk could become more viscous and tangier, maybe even change colors. It's a flexible prospect, and one we can work out together if you wish!

In addition to this, the boobies of our beauties will have what is essentially an "intelligent sensitivity". This means that breasts will be able to deduce the intent of any given touch and know whether to experience sexual pleasure or just comforting pleasure, as I am a huge fan of boobies just being held, stroked, doted on and gently nursed between the smut scenes. They need to be soothed after being put through a climax, sometimes, don't they? And sometimes they just need cuddly love in general, so their intelligent sensitivity accommodates. c: I hope this explanation answers any questions you have about erogenous boobies, though do tell me if there's something I could explain better and I shall make an effort to do so as I edit the thread.

Also, in case it wasn't obvious by now, I also need lactation. I desire milk available in infinite supplies at all times, and I have zero qualms with it getting really messy. ;3

I am also a writer that relishes in a high level of detail. I adore loving descriptions in general, but I will happily settle for all the passion being directed towards the boobie goodness, I myself sometimes tunnel-vision all of my effort into the breasts, but I tend to base my overall level of detail and passion on my partner's. I do need to have a fairly high level of loving detail in the breast descriptions and adoration, though, so if it turns out that isn't a strong suit of yours, we may not be a good match.

To give you an idea of what I try to strive for, I'll share some sample posts HERE. Please don't let yourself get too intimidated if you find my writing to be very good. (I personally consider myself as above average at best, but some people seem to really like it. I'm definitely not conceited about it, though, no worries.) If you feel confident in writing coherently and putting forth a decent amount of detail, there's a good chance things could work out just fine between us. This is mostly here for those who are used to writing one/two-liners or who struggle with forming sentences and spelling coherently, as I will admit that if you fall in those categories it probably won't work out between us.

Going along with that, I really have no intention of rushing through these scenes, I would honestly have no qualms with writing two lovelies just lavishing on each others' breasts for days, even if they almost never or never orgasm and just make a nice, milky mess the whole time.

The only thing that would really prompt me to want to change our characters would be if I have another idea for a character I wanna play.

I don't mind at all if you want MC to do all the pampering, you just need to make it yummy for me to read and respond to is all. Likewise, if you want to pamper MC endlessly or keep switching back and forth, we can do either of those as well. Just let me know.

If you've read and understand everything thus far, give me a message containing the phrase "milky boobies" when you contact me.

What I Love and Would Like To Include if Possible

Yuri, FxF - I don't care what your character looks like as long as they don't have the features I mentioned above. They don't even have to be feminine in appearance, but the knowledge alone that your character is female is incredibly comforting to me on a personal level. If you can't bring yourself to do it, I understand, but this is my preference.

I am also okay with your character not having a gender at all. "It" is a much preferred pronoun to any male pronoun.

Love and Affection - Make my girl feel absolutely adored. Let her know that she is so very beautiful and sweet. Praise the bigness, bounciness, softness and milkiness of her boobies. Make her feel that your character feels so very lucky to have her. I adore mushiness and loveyness<3 And yes, that means there can be plenty of smooching and cuddling.

Straying from Humans - Doesn't matter if it's furries, aliens, fairies, golems, or creatures that don't have a humanoid shape in the slightest. I just love being in a body that I'm not already in 24/7, and when my partner feels free to play such beings as well.

Simple Scenes of Boobie Bliss - I prefer to keep things simple and euphoric. I primarily roleplay for the joy of lovelies indulging in each other and the perfection of enormous, wobbly boobies, and I very much have a preference for our scenes to reflect this. I don't let logic get in my way, let's just enjoy boobs together!

If you've read and understand everything thus far, have your message ALSO include the phrase "pink boobies"~

You said something about penis substitutes? I wanna stuff something between your character's tits! - Yeah, I'm actually pretty okay with tentacles and other phallic-ish things as long as they don't aesthetically resemble a penis. I just find the look of penises to be absolutely grotesque. But really, if you can come up with a substitute that doesn't look like one, but perhaps has about the same functions, chances are I'll be cool with it. You can even make it all stretchy/growy and prehensile and stuff.

Our Scenes - Now, if you're someone who primarily enjoys a good story, rich with character development, action, drama, build-up, and good pacing... That's absolutely wonderful!

But I'm afraid that I'm just... Not.

I'm all about simplistic bliss. My passion lies purely in writing about lovey-dovey, cutesy, sexy, milky breast adoration and worship. I never really go beyond physical characteristics, capabilities, and overall personality for my characters. I almost never envision them as having "jobs" or "hobbies" or anything like that outside of boob snuggling/boob sexing 24/7. My characters almost always lack any degree of depth or complexity to their personalities, no great ambitions or motivations aside from desiring lots and lots of boob love, and if they do, 99% of the time it's because I've been developing how they are purely in my mind rather than acquiring depth through actual roleplay scenes, because how WOULD they acquire depth from the roleplay scenes I enjoy, y'know? I'm sorry if that's disappointing to anyone reading this, but that's just how I roll. It's what makes me happy.

Just something I'm sharing for all you lovelies to keep in mind when we come up with a scene together. It's gotta be simple, it's gonna preferably be cutesy and loving, and it's gotta get right to the point.

That said, you'll find that I can be fairly flexible in the locations/worlds/settings in which our roleplays take place, but I am most partial to worlds laden with fantasy and euphoria. This could be traditional fantasy with dragons, elves and goblins, or fantasy in plenty of other interpretations. Anything that goes beyond our known reality. We could have worlds themed on spookiness, worlds bathed in fire or ice, maybe even worlds made of candy! Just shoot your ideas at me and I'm certain we can work something out!

Our Characters - Again, as long as our characters are female and have erogenous breasts, you'll find that I'm very flexible as far as what they look like. We can play traditional looking humans, or humanoids such as elves, vampires, furries and the like. I am also totally into giving our characters completely bestial appearances, so long as they remain sapient. (Capable of processing human-like thoughts and emotions.) Dragons and other mythical beasts fall in this category, as well as creatures completely of your own design! Really, go crazy, my dear. c:

Characters I'm Craving Playing Myself- Sapient Non-Humanoids (With boobies), Sharks! Anthro or otherwise.

Useful Tidbits/Pet Peeves/Etc. - This is just going to be a section that I add bits of info to when it becomes appropriate. It'll give you some insight on the subtleties of how and how perhaps not to approach me with roleplay suggestions and stuff.

What Do I Do With These Boobies? - So maybe you're really interested in this thread and you enjoy just about everything you see, but you don't feel confident in your abilities to flesh out playing with boobies and keep it varied and interesting. Well, first of all, let me tell you that as long as it's pretty to read, retreading ground doesn't bother me at all. There are a good number of similar motions that I expect to go through in every scene, regardless of if you get any fun kink ideas to try out with it. I just really, really love writing about breasts and never get bored of it so long as it's yummy to read and write. ^.^ Maybe I'm weird for that~ Anyhow, in the hopes of bolstering your inspiration/confidence, I have a few examples of fun things you could do with boobs. Just take them as a vague guide, as I fully expect you to worship, love, and play with your own special brand of boobie adoration.

There's always the simple actions~ Lovingly stroking the breasts, running your hands and fingers along their soft, malleable surfaces, the sweet touches making them jiggle ever so slightly.

There's groping and squeezing, spreading your fingers over as much of those enormous mounds of bliss as you can. The digits would be swallowed by the heavy pillows due to them having so much mass and give as you squeeze down, making the flesh balloon out between your fingers~

You can taste them, perhaps similar to the stroking, but causing those blissful jiggles with strokes of your warm, moist tongue, which you would also likely and eagerly slide into her cleavage.

Speaking of cleavage, you could emphasize it by pushing those tits together, making them wobble as their weights press up against each other so beautifully. Maybe your tongue, tail, or one of your own breasts is squished between them as you do this.

Maybe you just want to watch them bounce. Perhaps while you're groping and squeezing them, you shake them around to feel the masses just jiggle away against your hands and fingers. Maybe you give them playful bops with your hands or tail, or maybe you just nuzzle at them to make them bounce away so hypnotically.

Maybe you put pressure in the cleavage to make those boobies spread apart, perhaps to better access those rarely attended to inner curves, or maybe you do such things to give one breast special attention.

They're so full of sweet milk, and there's so many ways of getting it out~ Any of the ways mentioned above could work, just through sheer stimulation. Maybe you're more assertive about this milk, though, and you want to grab them and just tug them or smoosh them down against her, or mix the two into a pumping, thorough milking motion. Then once that milk is flowing, or even just to get it flowing, you suck away on that silky, sweet flesh. Maybe you suck at just the breast to tease her, maybe sucking at her cleavage~ But eventually you start drinking down that milk~ Maybe you just hold one and nurse from it, or maybe you're really greedy and push them together to drink from both at once~

They love affection, and they're so large that you can literally hug them in your arms. They love being stroked and having their weight lifted, covered in sweet kisses and licks, teased at with playful hot breaths, nuzzled into and between~ Snuggle your tail between them if you have one, and even pump away with it if you're feeling especially naughty~

Really, you can take any of those principles and apply them in ways that your imagination desires. The potential just increases even more if you have fun things like tails, extra limbs, tentacles and the like. You've gotta see them for what they are! Huge, soft, malleable, bouncy mounds of flesh~! The ultimate objects of beauty, comfort and nourishment, as well as the perfect toys. c:

There's really not much of a right or wrong way to indulge in them, they are yours to have fun with in ways that delight you~ All I ask is that you deliciously detail the fun to the best of your abilities<3

Some Boob Size References - I sometimes get people who misunderstand exactly how big I expect the breasts of at least the sub to be, so I've got some pictures for you that should help you out a bit. Bear in mind that they're NSFW and are anime/drawing-ish, not only because those are my preferred kinds of images, but because it's much easier to find boobs of great size that are still beautiful in drawings. Imagination! Here's about the minimum size I expect from a sub. Here's around my ideal size, and what you can expect from basically any character I play unless we're doing macro. I do love macro as well, though~! So here will be my invitation to go crazy with it!

Pictures - I'm not a person that tends to use images to show what my character will look like. I sometimes take inspiration from images, but my characters are almost always constructed in my mind. With this in mind, I would ask that you pretty, pretty please not try to demand me to find a picture of my character if you can help it at all. I try to give highly detailed physical descriptions in my intros, and am also willing to attempt to cover anything I missed outside of roleplay if you would prefer. I'm just really not into using pictures, especially not photos.

My Thoughts on Humans - Mm... Humans are alright. In certain situations, it can be interesting to play a human or closely related humanoid, like opposite a beast or monstergirl or something of the sort... And I also don't ever mind if my partner would prefer to play human but lets me do my thing with my characters. However, I find a human x human pairing, especially in a realistic setting, to be incredibly vanilla. I am willing to do it, still, if that is literally the only thing you're comfortable with, but be aware that our roleplay will have a high probability of being low on my priority list. My creative juices flow more eagerly the more I enjoy the characters we're playing. Thus, I humbly request of you, if you're going to approach me with the intent of both of us playing humans: Please, please, pleeease at least try to rack your brain for some alternatives that you think you'd be comfortable with. Our roleplay will most likely be all the more enjoyable for it.

Business/School/Other Realistic Scenarios - Alright, look. I'm gonna be totally honest with you here? I really don't get out very much. I go out to do my necessities when I need to, and then I come back home to hide in the internet. On occasion, I'll go out to visit with friends or something for recreational purposes, but that's pretty much it. I know next to nothing about office setups or setups of different colleges or anything like that. I've never been in a college dorm. I am willing to try some researching if you feel the absolute need to do a scene like this, but don't hold it against me if I wind up sounding incredibly uneducated. Because... Well... I probably am. I prefer high fantasy settings to a huge degree, so it'll be much easier on both of us if we can work out way into one of those. Imagination worlds I can do.

My Thoughts on Nipples - Eh... Nipples are okay. The big, bouncy, squishy, milky expanses behind the nipples are what I'm really after, though! My biggest issue with nipples is that they steal the spotlight at times, and it's become bothersome enough that I would like you to consider either not acknowledging or simply not having them. I LOVE nursing and tons of milk, though, so we need some form of replacement if you do this for me, though! I'm personally a fan of flexible little holes in the middle of the breasts where nipples would be~ Perhaps they would be discerned by a pretty discoloration from the rest of the breast. The breasts could also just be one-way milk permeable in spots, or over the entirety of the breasts, so milk (or whatever sweet treat we're using) just kind of soaks through the bouncy flesh at will. If you also just like the look of nipples, perhaps consider having them, but completely numb. There will be virtually no reward for playing with them, as you won't really get a reaction from it. I've tried doing this approach in general, but it gets awkward when my partner practically ONLY focuses on nipples for posts... I'm also more than willing to hear out ideas for other alternatives to nipples! Perhaps I'll post them here if they're especially excellent. c:

If you've read and understand everything thus far, have your message ALSO include the phrase "bouncy boobies"!

In Closing - Thank you very much for taking interest in my thread and reading through it. I absolutely love being able to roleplay in this manner, and I will do my best to pour every ounce of my passion into each of my posts, and hope that you will do the same if you choose to roleplay with me. If, at any point, you decide that I am not for you, please do not hesitate to tell me. I wholly understand that I fill a very specific niche. However, if I am for you, I do hope you look forward to the infinite boobies that lie ahead of us. c;

Now that you've read everything, if you're interested in roleplaying with me, greet me in the special way I've described! Also, share any questions or concerns you might have about my rules. For example, if you'd be uncomfortable with either of us playing beasts, since that tends to be a controversial point with a lot of partners.

Also, if you're interested, have a peek at my F-list for ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions/Useful Extra Info And Ideas!

I know, it's been a lot of reading up to this point. Rest assured, everything below this point will be optional reading, and is primarily for those who still have questions or are merely interested in more information about what I'm into.

Are The Breasts Actually Genitals? Are They Capable of Reproduction?- Short answer: Yes! If you'd like them to be, at least. If my partner is up for some femme-preg, at least as a cute background element, if nothing else, I generally go with the cream they produce during climax being fertile. This fertile cream can work its magic either through the partner ingesting it, or, as my preference is, having it pumped directly into the other set of breasts. If we go into actual birthing, the process of that is up for discussion, as I'm pretty flexible in that regard. If you're interested in doing that, ask me about incorporating it!

So You Dislike Humans, Does That Mean I Have To Play A Furry?- I get asked this a lot, so I guess I'm not totally clear about that for some of you. I am COMPLETELY fine with my partners playing humans all they please. I, myself, just generally dislike playing human characters, unless I'm in a situation where I'm playing opposite a monster girl or something along those lines where being a human is actually interesting. You wanna play a human? By all means. My point is primarily that I would adore having as many creative liberties with my own character as you're comfortable with. And, of course, you're more than welcome to play any kind of character you can imagine that fits within my rather flexible boundaries as well. Cyborgs, eldritch horrors, unfathomable aliens, sapient beasts with boobs, whatever you like!

What Post Length Do You Require?- Honestly, I can't append a strict length I expect posts to be. I've thoroughly enjoyed partners who give me 1-2 paragraphs just as much as those who go 4-5+. It's not really length that sates me, it's delicious detail and passion, writing that is full of love and appeals to the senses at every opportunity, especially when dealing with the pampering of the precious pumpkins we're all here for. I have some example posts in this very thread, if you missed them. My intros are generally fairly sizable as I describe my character's appearance, what they're doing, where they are, what they're saying/thinking if applicable, etc. My actual posts, though, I generally just try to match what my partner is doing as long as they're giving me a good dose of yumminess in each of their posts.

Brainstorming Fodder- I definitely don't always have a specific scene in mind when you contact me. In fact, I very rarely do. So, unless you have some specific scenes in mind yourself, that means we'll have to do some brainstorming! This section will be here to help you get on the fast track to getting me very excited to play with you! This will more or less be a spitball list of things I'm into pretty much all the time and will be a fine basis or even fully sculpted idea for our lovely boobie bliss scenes.

Incest- I love this stuff to pieces, and I know a lot of you do too. Mother and Daughter is my favorite, with Sister and Sister a close second. Those are the most intimate, and therefore the most exciting, family relationships, but I'm perfectly willing to tread into less direct territory like cousins, aunts, nieces and what have you.

Pampered Pet and Mistress- The gist of this is that we have lovers that are equals both agreeing to a relationship of a loving mistress and pet. This is a very sweet setup for worry-free bliss where they have this eccentric little relationship just as an excuse to be even more cutesy and adorkable while they snuggle, nurse, and make boobie love all day.

Polyamory- This applies to all ideas above and below. One character being the sole mate of another is perfectly fine, and I'm all about it! However, I'm also definitely all about multiple lovers having so much love to give that they can have their madly in love bliss spread through a whole group! One or both of us can play multiple characters and just indulge in the euphoria that is forming a big snuggle mountain of boobs and love~

God Complex?- I often find myself disenchanted with this reality that I indulge in this very hobby to escape from as much as possible that I can't help but imagine scenarios where god-like beings make sweeping changes to everything or just create new realities entirely. As one might expect, this often spills over into my roleplaying when the situation allows for it. I'm super into playing all-powerful goddesses that have an unfathomable presence that far exceeds that of a conventional god crafted by mortals. Ladies capable of creating and destroying entire realities with the simplest willful suggestion. I sometimes play characters that create lovely realities where they can share their love with boobiful darlings for all of time. More often, I indulge in the catharsis of those who kill and destroy with reckless abandon, understandably thinking nothing of mortal or conventionally immortal lives, given that they're so insignificant that she can create and erase them in an instant. This kind of character would obviously be nigh impossible to balance in something plot-based, with actual challenges and drama that are supposed to be happening, but I find they work just fine for simple scenes of bliss, where their all-powerful and often destructive, chaotic natures are more or less just background fluff.

Horror- This is something that I get the occasional deep craving for. This mostly pertains to character design. I'm sometimes just really in the mood to either play or play opposite of a truly monstrous, terrifying, grotesque (but still adorable and gorgeous in my bizarre mind's eye<3) being. I'm talking Lovecraftian nightmares and beyond. Tentacles and random flailing body parts out the wazoo, horrific mixtures of flesh and machine or flesh and plant, flesh and other various things flesh shouldn't be mingling with. I'm also not opposed at all to some gory brutality, slaughter, torture. Ideally, this would be side characters and not between our lovers, but there are certain situations where we could make it work between our lovers, just ask me about that if you're interested and we'll discuss!

Human Humility- This sort of mixes the God Complex and Horror subgenres. I'll openly admit that I despise the majority of the human race, what we've done to the world and all the living things we're supposed to be sharing it with. I could go on for hours on this topic, but I'll just leave it there for now. Having said that, if you're up for integrating some ideas akin to, say, putting humans down a few pegs on the food chain or even just unabashedly ending their miserable lives by the thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, all while we still enjoy plenty of boobie bliss throughout that, I would fucking LOVE you for it. I get so sick of being recommended stuff like Attack on Titan or Promised Neverland, getting these early impressions that they're actually going to explore the idea of true human humility, only for it to turn into human underdog story number 500,000,000. As such, the idea of actually following through with "putting humans in their place" in roleplay is actually incredibly enticing. I'd even do something that has a bit more of a plot and/or story than I'm usually for to entertain this. Seriously, if this is of interest to you, if you're as cynical and jaded as I am, LET ME KNOW. Also, if you know of any good watches or reads that explores this concept, I'll take suggestions of those as well.

Fandoms! - I'm definitely not a fandom-only RP'er, in fact I seldom delve into them, but there are some I'd be willing to play out with ya if I'm currently feeling it! I've played my fair share of video games (mostly Nintendo, admittedly) and have watched some anime here and there, so just ask and I'll let ya know if I'm down! I will say Pokemon is almost always gonna grab my interest, I love me some Pokemons.

Why Don't You Like Story-Heavy Roleplay?- I used to. In fact that used to be all I did play when I first started roleplaying. And every now and then I do get hankerings to indulge in that kind of roleplay. The unfortunate truth is that, given how unusual and in some ways specific my needs are, and how these rules and needs are ALL I roleplay by, the bites I get on this thread are more often than not very few and far between. I can sometimes go days, weeks, even months without a single person so much as messaging me to try to get something started. And of those very infrequent bites, fewer still make it past the planning phase with me. Of those, fewer still make it past the first few posts, whether it's by me very quickly deducing that there's too large a gap in our writing abilities for me to get any enjoyment from it, me finding out that they didn't read my rules well at all and they didn't realize it either, or they just deciding to disappear into thin air. I can say with confidence that in the past maybe three to five years, I have less than five who stuck with me for more than a month, and two that have stuck with me for longer than a year. This is out of dozens upon dozens of people who have contacted me.

So, what this means for the original question is that I simply cannot even entertain the idea of trying to formulate a scene with a story to it when I know full well that 99% of my partners are going to bail before I can even get my first helping of boobie bliss. The most important thing to me is the boobie bliss, an adventurous and dramatic plot would just be something that would be fun to indulge in if I knew for certain my partner would follow through on it and give me my doses of cuddling and/or smut between the action and drama. Thus, if you play with me and we do a good number of scenes and it seems we have a long and fruitful roleplay partnership ahead of us, I would be willing to discuss doing something more story oriented if you would be interested. (The rest of my rules would still be enforced, of course, in terms of our characters and how the smut and cuddles will go.) Otherwise, we're going to stick with loving, milky bliss because honestly it's the LOGICAL thing to do from my viewpoint.

If Their Boobs Are So Big, How Do They Move Or Not Have Back Problems?- I don't hear this argument all that often, but I know a lot of people think about it when they come here and there are a few who have brought it up. The simple answer is fuck logic. I know there are very few women who could gracefully hold my minimum size requirement in the world as we know it, but in the world we're creating in our roleplays, our characters are all going to be fully comfortable with the scrumptious and massive endowments that is standard and natural for them to have. Simple as that, really. And if you /really/ insist on upholding some level of physics, there's always the concept of the breasts being able to adjust their size based on what the body is doing. If they need to be mobile and agile, they can shrink down some, but if they're just laying around, snuggling and indulging in breast-based bliss, then there's no issue with them being utterly massive, yeah? Come on, it can't be that hard to think outside the box a little, we're writing fantasy.
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