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Sep 6, 2022

Hello! Welcome one and all to my humble little thread. You're reading the search thread of Quetzal, and I hope you find something that piques your interest here.

So, let's get started, shall we?

*I am a 21-year-old male who uses He/Him pronouns

*I exclusively roleplay MxM pairings in the third-person.

*I typically play the submissive role. But I don't play femboys or other characters that could be mistaken as a woman.

*I typically respond at least once a week. Possibly more if the mood strikes me

*I typically write 3-5 paragraphs per reply, more or less depending on how much wiggle room I am given. I don't have any requirement for length, but I just ask you to give me a bit more sentence. Capiche?

*I LOVE talking with my partners OOC. It could be for worldbuilding for the roleplay, talking about our characters, or even goofing off. I don't need to become friends with my partners, but it makes for GREAT frosting on top of the cake. Or whip cream on a pie.

*I don't have a preference for where we roleplay, whether it's in pms or threads, so you get to choose.

*Romance. I really like it.

* As far as kinks and limits go, you can get a good idea in my f-List. It doesn't contain everything however, so don't hesitate to ask about something. Overall, just know I'm a kinky motherfucker, so feel free to be weird and degenerate alongside me. But I do have some common limits.

*If there is anything else you would like to know, you can always contact me. Also, please tell me all your interesting little details, limits, and things you're interested in when you contact me! It just makes things easier.

*Also, bonus fact: I love dinosaurs and birds My favorite dinosaur is the Spinosaurus! and my favorite pterosaur is the Quetzalcoatlus! (Hmm...a bit familiar that name is...) If you like dinosaurs, I will totally be your friend.

So, if you can pretty much match what I can do, I'm sure we will work out just fine as partners. Now onto the real meat: The roleplaying!~

Quick note: I do not roleplay as or against canon characters. I prefer OCxOC. Not popular, I know, but I prefer not to worry about whether or not I am writing a character correctly. Plus, I just think that gives us more room for story writing and some(?) world-building.

*Horizon: Zero Dawn/Forbidden West
I love the world this series is set in and I would love to create a roleplay in this setting, especially since the sequel seems to have added some...interesting aspects.

Personally, I don't know how I'd make a roleplay based on this movie, but I loved the movie and I love the idea of playing a gay monster boi, so who knows?


*God of War

*Jurassic Park

A possible idea would be a group of saboteurs sent to the about to open "Jurassic park" to prevent the opening of the park. However, due to a hurricane, the team ends up on Site B, which has long since been abandoned and is teeming with free-roaming dinosaurs.

*How to Train Your Dragon
I fucking love dragons.

~Plots and Cravings~
If you couldn't tell from the title, I have a craving for monsters. Monsters of all kinds. Let's get a little into detail about that.

-I haven't done an omegaverse roleplay in...well...years! If you know what that's all about and you are interested in roleplaying it, I'd love to add that aspect to our world in a roleplay!

*I have been craving something along the lines of a sort of hivemind or eusocial species thing lately, and I have a plot for that down below.

-A bit cliche monster-wise, but hey, they say there are two werewolves inside of us and I know exactly where I want mine to be...

-I love pirates! I have a plot down below for this.

*I'm craving a knockoff brokeback mountain: gay cowboys. neo-western, lovin' and fuckin' while all alone on a ranch

With cravings out of the way, I do have a few pre-made plots to show.

Plot 1
(Warning: Oviposition/Rapid Pregnancy, Breeding, & Size Difference)
I would like to play Character A
Character A is a human man currently down on his luck and wishes for a life on the sea. there's just one problem: He doesn't have the skillset required and he doesn't have the money necessary to get training. Worst of all, many ships already have enough workers and their captains aren't willing to take on a newbie at the moment. Just as our hopeful is about to give up, he meets Character B. Character B is a rare siren/human hybrid who is able to walk on land and transform to swim in the sea. Not only that, but he happens to be a rather infamous pirate, known for...eating captured crew. Seeing Character A, the siren decides to take the human on, signing the human up. However, Character A learns a bit too late that he didn't sign up for the job he was expecting. Being the only siren of his kind, Character B is unable to reproduce with others of his kind, meaning he needs the help of other species. In this case, he wants to turn Character A into his breeder. Thus, Character A is now responsible for laying the eggs for the captain, while learning to live with a crew of sea monsters while also dealing with the captain's past sins. AKA, a boatload of other captains, survivors of past attacks, and normal sirens wanting Character B's heads over their fireplace.

Plot 2
(Warning: Oviposition/Mpreg, Hivemind, eusocial stuff)
I would prefer to play Character A
Character A is a rookie engineer sent to repair a satellite orbiting a quarantined planet currently being researched. Unfortunately due to plot reasons, he ends up crashing on said planet while attempting to make repairs. Character B is the reason for the quarantine. Character B is an alien species who, through a forced queen, create hives to colonize planets, even reaching the stars if the hive gets big enough. because of this, Character B was forced on the desolate planet without a queen to be studied and researched. They were all alone until Character A shows up. Crashing on a quarantined planet means that Character A won't be getting rescued any time soon and could face death. Character B, finding A decides to set a deal: Become their queen to create a new hive and B will help them get back home. Character A hesitantly agrees. However, this pact will cause them strife as the researchers will do anything in their power to keep the hive from prospering. Will characters A and B ever be able to escape the planet? Who knows?

I'll add more plots in the future!

See Ya Later!
Thank you for reading if you made it this far! If you are interested or have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot a PM at me!
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