Dark Fantasy Gay LGBT Original Romance [MxM] Seeking a Dark Knight (or Similar)

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Jan 19, 2021
Hello there, all!

I'm currently in search of a dark knight character (think the classic concept of a not-so-chivalrous knight compared to the shining armor archetype) to pair with my older (50s-70s) knight character for perhaps an enemies-to-lovers, mixed smut/story plotline. Age difference doesn't matter so long as your character is 18+.

While aggressive flirting and sexual tension is highly welcomed once our characters have gotten to know each other, I'm not looking for anybody to straight-up noncon him. There may, however, be some darker elements to the RP, especially if we mutually decided on some twisted fairy tale setting. We can discuss these things further if you DM me.

We could do the RP in conversations here, or on Discord. Those are my preferences.

[Limits: Non-feigned/realistic noncon, scat/watersports, incest, emotional/physical abuse, fatal harm to domestic animals, etc.]
Not open for further replies.
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